From The CHAARG Community: Habits To Keep + Habits To Drop

Habits — we all have them! Some of them we love + others… not so much. A habit is defined as, “a routine or behavior that is repeated regularly + tends to occur unconsciously… ++ typically hard to give up.”

It’s so important to be aware of what our habits are, + what role they play in our lives. Yes, it may be hard to sustain or drop a habit — but it’s possible. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is “why do I want to build or drop this habit? In what ways will my life be changed because of the presence [or absence] of this habit?”

Also something to note — let go of the *all-or-nothing* mindset when it comes to habits. It’s really, really hard to change old patterns + conditioning! + it will take time! Start small, share on instagram or with a friend to keep yourself accountable + get support, leave yourself reminders, + only focus on one item at a time. You got this!

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We asked you on instagram:

  • What is one habit you started this year that you want to keep?
  • What is one habit of yours that you want to drop?

@caitlynleahy.23: Making a to-do list every night for the next day

@hannah__clark45: 5 minutes of stretching every morning

@gabirosenblatt: Journaling

@theashamarie: Going to bed early

@ashllley.smith: Keeping in touch with my distant friends

@magizavalova: Setting boundaries for social media, mindfulness + fomo

@sydneypfit_inchaarg: Making my schedule the Sunday before the week begins

@gma2309: Trying to focus on staying in the moment

@sarahkatekenney: Loving the way I look

@kaylas__fitness: Working out daily

@Paige_in_chaarg: Drinking 2 liters of water everyday — hydration + so many other benefits!

@malloryann_chaarg: Better skincare routine

@msu_inchaarg: Apologizing less + thanking more

@lizmv_inchaarg: Flossing

@sarahdwyerrrr: Going to support group

@larnkeith: Meditation

@shudspeth8: Working out regularly

@maddie.0wens: Making personal wellness my #1 priority

@madelinethompson_inchaarg: Making my bed EVERY day

@wobblefabel: Packing a lunch

@_fitnessjunkie7: Being conscious of what I eat but not restrictive

@Megan.nygaard: Reflecting on my anxiety + what triggers it

@Kimberly__inchaarg: Being super organized!

@g.benecke: Running! Thanks to CHAARG Run Club!

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Check out habits to drop here! ; )

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