Mint Chip Smoothie

I’ve been craving mint chocolate chip lately, + this smoothie gives me life. Side note: if you live in Columbus, please visit Native Cold Pressed + get their “peppermint chip [...]

Nighttime Hormone Balancing Tonic

The co-founders from FARE were on The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!] + Britni shared that her most recent wellness obsession is ashwagandha. She’s been drinking a tonic every night, + loving [...]

4 DIY Nut Butters That You Need To Make

We know nut butters can get expensive, especially if you’re looking for natural ingredients. Luckily, they are super simple to make + the ingredients are much cheaper than buying premade jars.   [...]

Intuitive Eating 101

With the recent rise in intuitive eating popularity, it’s easy to wonder, is it just another ‘wellness fad?’ In truth, intuitive eating is the opposite: it’s our innate way of interacting with [...]

Dessert Nachos

Dessert nachos are an easy [+ healthy!] treat that you can make + share with loved ones during the holiday season… trust me, they will for sure be a hit ; ) INGREDIENTS 2 Small Apples or 1 [...]

Sweet + Salty Caramel Corn

This caramel corn recipe is the perfect snack to make + share will watching a holiday movie or binging the newest Netflix series ; ) INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil [could use olive oil if [...]