How to Find Your Yoga Flow at Home

One of the amazing things about CHAARG [+ FitPlans like the #CHAARG35!] is how each of us has the opportunity to find our fit, even if we can’t make it to the gym! It can be difficult to make it [...]

CHAARG FitPlans Don’t Fail

“Diets don’t fail. We fail at diets. Saving plans don’t fail. We fail at saving plans. Exercise routines don’t fail. We fail at exercise routines. Relationships don’t fail. We fail at [...]

2018 Trend to Watch: LISS

CHAARG girls are huge fans of anything that keeps us on our toes + gets our hearts pumping! That’s why so many of us love HIIT workouts [high intensity interval training]. However, as the New [...]

Poolside Plank

This is another great workout to do outdoors — you don’t even need a set of weights! : ) Complete the circuit 3X, paying attention to the rest after each superset… it decreases throughout [...]

Power Pedal

  This will be an endurance cycling workout. You will start at a high resistance [75% max]. If you can pedal at the *highest* resistance on your bike [on mine — it’s Level 20], do 75% [...]

Sweat Sesh We Love: Boxing

One of the most amazing things about CHAARG girls is that no two of us are alike — we are a group of 6000+ women with diverse backgrounds + interests. But there is one thing we have in common — [...]