10 Ways To Spice Up Your Run

Most runners (if you run, you are a runner!) know that it can be hard sometimes to get out + do our workouts — we feel like running will be too hard, too time consuming, too boring, etc. I’ve [...]

Full Body AMRAP

This workout is set up AMRAP style — “as many rounds as possible.” Complete each AMRAP as a circuit, resting for 0-30 secs between each exercise. *Rest 1 minute after each [...]

Going Plant Based: My Experience

I have always thought about going vegan… How could I do that? Where is the protein? Don’t vegetables get kind of boring? What about Chick-fil-a?! SO many questions, + it took some convincing, but [...]

Poolside Plank

This is another great workout to do outdoors — you don’t even need a set of weights! : ) If you are looking to make this workout harder: decrease your rest! Also, add a 1 minute plank after [...]

15 Minute Squat Burn

If you are short on time, do this quick 15 minute workout — perform for your dorm… or as a “bonus burn” after a run. If needed, take a 20 sec rest in between each [...]

Arm Pump

Who doesn’t love a good arm workout ; ). After you complete this workout, take a sweaty selfie + flex for us! #inCHAARG *Want more? Complete the circuit 4X! All exercise demos can be found [...]

Cardio Circuits

This quick at home workout will have you sweating faster than you’d expect. Want to make it harder? Every time it says *1 minute plank* — do: 1 minute plank, 1 minute side plank [...]

30 Minute Poolside Punch

Looking for a summer workout? Grab your dumbbells + join us by the pool ; ) Not familiar with the exercises? See below! 2X — 40 sec Single Arm DB Punches + 20 sec Rest 3X — 40 sec [...]