Fueling For Performance

Fueling for Performance: A Guide To Being Your Strongest Self It’s no secret that exercise, or really any form of movement, is good for your health. However, if you’re not fueling properly, these [...]

Strong Core Circuit

Get ready for a lot of obliques… your side abs are going to be feeling it after this sweat sesh! Feel free to break up the 1 minute planks into two 30 second planks, rest 15 seconds in [...]

Lower Body Burn

Today’s sweat sesh consists of supersets — you will complete two exercises, back to back, with no rest. Once you finish the second exercise, you will take 30 seconds rest. You’ll be [...]

Fuel Fly

This sweat sesh is an uptempo circuit focusing on BIS + TRIS. Reps are a little lower, so if you feel like you can bump up the weight, go for it! BRING. IT. ON. EXERCISES Complete 4X, 1 minute [...]

Full Body AMRAP

This workout is set up AMRAP style — “as many rounds as possible.” Complete each AMRAP as a circuit, resting for 0-30 secs between each exercise. *Rest 1 minute after each [...]

Pre-Race Tips To Race Your Heart Out

I’ve been running + racing for over 15 years now — so I know all too well the feeling of jitters you get before running a race! Here are my tricks to beating the pre-race jitters + being [...]