Self-Love Vision Guide

This vision guide was designed to give you insight on where you currently are on your self-love//self-growth journey, where you’d like to go, + how to make that happen. Grab a cup of coffee or [...]

What I Do With My “Used” Journals

I posted on instagram story yesterday about how I filled up my entire journal + how SATISFYING it was. Ashleigh [@busybee.inthecity] asked: “What do you do with your finished journals.” + that [...]

Intentions vs Resolutions

I find myself struggling to set New Year’s Resolutions. For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to successfully achieve any of my resolutions. Whether it’s because I forget about [...]

Grab Your Journal: New Year’s Prompts

It can be overwhelming to realize how much happened  in one year, + even more overwhelming to think that another year of events is ahead. Life is so fast paced [especially in college] + often we [...]

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