A Simple Goal Setting Exercise To Complete On Your Birthday

Birthdays are always an incredible time to reflect on the past — all of the memories made in the past year, what you’ve learned, what you would repeat in the future. It’s also the perfect time to set goals + begin to manifest the next trip around the sun ; ).

If you have a birthday coming up, we encourage to grab a journal, play chill music [we love this playlist], + take time to complete this simple goal setting exercise ++ reflect on your goals for the upcoming year!

PSA! Want a printout for your bedroom mirror? Download this!

Take a moment to imagine what your life looked like a year ago. Who were you living with? What did you do for fun? Where did you travel? What goals did you pursue? What was your relationship with yourself like? Try to get a clear picture of the person you were a year ago. If someone asked you: in what way did you grow the most in this past year… what would you say?

Now,  shift your focus to the future: a year from now. What do you want your life to look like a year from now? Who do you want to be? What do you want to experience? Take a few moments to imagine your life a year from now.

Based on what you reflected from your future, decide on 1 goal in each category. Below are some questions in each category to inspire you:

#1] Physical — This category is probably the easiest for all of you! Do you want to run a marathon, build muscle, focus on sleep, clear up your skin?

#2] Mental — What’s a limiting belief that you want to let go of? What does self-care look like to you? Do you want to get into meditation or journaling? 

#3] Career — Do you daydream about switching your major? What does your dream job look like like to you? What volunteer opportunity would get you super excited

#4] Relationships — What friendships do you want to nurture? How do you want to show up as a partner, daughter, or sister?

#5] Experience — What’s something you’d love to do this year? How do you want to spend your weekends/vacation time? 

#6] Self-growth — What’s one quality that you want to focus on? What self-growth book has been on your list? What does it look like to be your highest self?

Why is each goal important? How will it enhance your life? What is one action that you can take every week [or every day!] towards each goal?

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