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CHAARG’s Guide to Bend

Boulder used to be my “mountain town of choice” — but, Bend, Oregon recently took the lead. I fell in love with Bend so hard — it has the most beautiful hiking trails, a river to float… AND surf in, zero noise pollution, THE TREES, + the spirit of the people. I always thought I would move to the ocean… but, Bend is giving me a run for my money. As my friend said about Bend: “it’s a VIBE.” You need to explore it for yourself!

Coffee + Cafes

#1] Thump Coffee: A classic establishment, ++ every Friday they have live music + pizza — check out the schedule here!

#2] Backporch Coffee Roasters: Get the salted chocolate chip cookie with your coffee — wow.

#3] The Sparrow Bakery: OCEAN ROLL! OCEAN ROLL! OCEAN ROLL! Also, it does amazing breakfast croissant sandwiches — highly recommend.

For Next Time: Fix And Repeat, Kanona Cafe, Looney Bean Bend, Palate, Companion Coffeehouse, Spoken Moto, Wild Roots Coffeehouse, Bend Mountain Coffee, Strictly Organic Coffee Bar, + Megaphone Coffee Co [I clearly need to do a #CappyHour].


#1] Mother’s Downtown Kitchen: So good, we went twice in 12 hours… + got the exact same thing: the sunrise wrap [pictured], #drool.

#2] El Sancho’s Taco Club: Tacos, enough said. The brisket + carne asada tacos are a must. + Make sure to get the corn, rice, beans, + guac! The margs are also amazing.

#3] Humble Beet: Perfect place for takeaway picnic food to bring to the river… AND, they have… OCEAN ROLLS! ; )

#4] Market Of Choice: Another go-to for picnic food — the bulk section is incredible, Whole Foods on steroids.

For Next Time: Spork, The Lot [food truck heaven], Laughing Planet, Active Culture, Poke Row, Bo’s Falafel, Valentine’s Deli, The Lemon Tree, + Primal Cuts Market.

Drinks, Shops + Cute Places

1] Go To A Brewery: There are no shortage of breweries… aha. I was obsessed with Crux [they had tons of food trucks + live music, too! ++ VIEWS, pictured]. Other breweries I want to check out: The Riff Taproom, Boss Rambler Beer Club, + Avid Cider.

2] Shopping: The “main area” of Bend is adorable to just take a stroll + pop into shops that interest you. Shops that I loved: Found Natural Goods, Jubeelee, + Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe.

3] The Workhouse: Right next to Sparrow Bakery. Amazing selection of jewelry, paintings, candles, food + artsy thangs… all local! Random but — get the curry chips if they have them, so good.

4] Art Walk: If you happen to be in town for the first Friday of the month, there’s an art walk! Check out the details here.

Outdoor Adventures

#1] Float The River: It’s very “touristy,” but it’s a must — it was so cool to see all the houses on the river… + watch the surfers!

#2] Deschutes River Trail: FAVORITE TRAIL. 5 miles one way [or 10 miles, out + back] — I would walk/run here every day if I could.

#3] Tumalo Falls: 7 mile loop with multiple stunning waterfalls — decent elevation gain, or so it felt like… I ran most of it, + was struggling on parts of the climb. [Then again, I’m used to zero elevation gain in Chicago, aha.]

#4] Elk Lake: Hiking, paddle boating, boating, hanging… the works.

#5] Phil’s Trailhead: This is the place to go if you’re into mountain biking — I didn’t go [I’m too scared!], but Isaac went + loved it.

#6] Breitenbush: We didn’t go during this trip, but OH MY GOSH — favorite hot springs ever [+ I’ve been to a bunch!]. If possible, try to spend the night here… but it’s also worth it for a day trip. So funky + beautiful. It’s two hours away from Bend.

For Next Time: Green Lakes Trail, Smith Rock State Park, Climb South Sister [*if you’re a serious hiker — 5,000+ ft of elevation in 6 miles]… literally, the amount of outdoor adventures are limitless.


We stayed in two places — this incredible cabin with Isaac’s family [amazing for 8 people], + The Oxford Hotel. The Oxford Hotel is in a perfect location in town, + right next to two of my favorite spots: Mother’s + Thump. Also, they give you bikes to use for free, + wine//cocktail vouchers : ).

I’LL BE BACK! Did I miss anything? Let me know!

++ Elisabeth

Bacteria for Your Face — All You Need to Know About Probiotic Skincare

We’ve all heard the benefits of taking a probiotic for maintaining a healthy gut — they balance the good + bad bacteria in your gut’s microbiome, aid the immune system, + help digestion. Taking a gut probiotic regularly can help with acne + other skin issues like rosacea, but the new wave of skincare is incorporating the same beneficial bacterial strains found in your gut probiotics into your facial cleansers.


Putting bacteria on your face may sound counterintuitive, but the ecosystem of the skin benefits from good bacteria just as much as your gut does. Our friends at Mother Dirt taught us that over the past 100 years, our skin has lost a natural bacteria called Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria [AOB] due to a shift to an indoor lifestyle. This bacteria is important in the maintenance of a healthy skin ecosystem, + without it, our skin is more sensitive than ever.

By adding this strain + other strains of bacteria back to your skin’s ecosystem through probiotic cleansers//sprays, the bacteria will benefit from its host [your skin!] leaving your skin glowing + healthy. 


Due to the removal of AOB from our skin’s natural ecosystem, more skin issues, such as sensitivity, dryness, irritation, + acne-causing inflammation, have been reported in the past 100 years than ever before. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, your skin’s microbiome may be suffering. We recommend speaking to a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician before changing your skincare routine too drastically, but if you’ve tried multitudes of products with no luck, probiotics for your skin might be the answer! 

If you’re a city dweller, you’ll want to dive into probiotic skincare, as well. Due to the higher amounts of pollution, the skin is under more stress in city environments. As the good bacteria helps your skin’s ecosystem thrive, it will also act as a barrier to external threats. 


1] MotherDirt AO+ Mist 

This spray is our favorite way to return stripped AOB back to your skin! With consistent use, it will restore balance + smoothness in about four weeks!

2] Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser 

This cleanser is all natural + contains fermented oats that act as a prebiotic to the bacteria that already lives on your skin. By promoting a healthy microbiome, the prebiotics will replenish skin + protect it from external stressors. 

3] La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Body Cream 

If you’re struggling with extremely dry skin, this rich body cream is for you. Slather it on + let the good bacteria do its work!

Your skin is an important piece of your overall health, so make sure you’re taking good care of it! Have you ever tried probiotic skincare? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram using #inCHAARG! 

4 Reasons To Utilize Your Local Farmer’s Market

Fruits + veggies are at their prime during the summertime. Fresh salads, refreshing smoothies — what could be better than that? Instead of strolling the grocery store aisles to shop for your produce this summer, we challenge you to find your local farmer’s market + shop local instead. Here’s our guide to making the most of your local farmer’s market:

#1] Connect with your community

Farmer’s markets are an important piece of a community because they allow farmers to sell their products + produce directly to consumers. They’re also a fun way to get outside + enjoy the fresh air! Next time you’re at the farmer’s market, take a few minutes to chat with one of the vendors about their story + their mission behind their products — you won’t regret it!

#2] Eat in season

Not only does eating seasonal produce taste better, but it’s also better for the environment + better for your health. The seasonal produce you’ll find will differ based on your location, but look out for corn, berries, tomatoes, zucchini, + peaches! You’re bound to find all of your favorite flavors for a delicious smoothie, like this one from #CHAARGBootycamp! ; )

#3] Protect the environment

Shopping local is great for the environment because the food doesn’t have to travel far to make it from the farm to your table! We’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious + the farmer’s market is a fun way to get your family involved, too!

#4] Support local businesses

Shopping local is important for the community aspect, but it’s also important for the economy of your town or city. People work hard to bring you the delicious products you’ll find at the farmer’s market — help them celebrate all of their hard work!


Most markets are heavily advertised by your local government, but a quick Google search will help you find all of the ones around you! Some towns offer multiple markets a week that sell different types of products, so if you’re looking for something in particular [i.e. organic produce], be on the lookout for that! Also pay attention to market opening + closing times.


  • Cash // most markets will take credit card, but bring a little bit of cash along just in case!
  • Reusable bags // this is another part of our movement towards being more sustainable for our environment! Plus, a cute reusable bag is much better than a plastic one!
  • Friends // find your local farmer’s market, grab your bolt babes, + get shopping!

Have you found your local farmer’s market? Share with us in the comments or on Instagram using #inCHAARG!

Start Your Workouts Strong With This Simple Warm-Up Routine

We can all agree that living a healthy + active lifestyle is important. But more times than not, one essential aspect of being active is neglected: warming up properly. Sometimes we are in a rush + need to get in a quick workout ++ don’t feel we have time to warm up. Other times we simply can’t find a warm up routine that works for us.  


Warming up is crucial to a good workout. Not only does it help prepare our muscles by circulating blood to them + preparing them for better efficiency ++ flexibility, it also eases the stress on our hearts. With our muscles well-oxygenated, they are allowed to reach a greater range of motion while putting less stress on our tendons + joints. 

Overall, warming up is critical to injury prevention. Nothing can derail a fit lifestyle more than injuries, so it’s important to combat any possible risks — even if it’s doing something as simple + easy as a warm up routine! It may not always seem like it, but we always have an extra 5 – 10 minutes to warm up before any workout


If a workout is more intense, it would be recommended to do a longer warm up for optimal performance. It’s also ideal to focus on the muscle groups that are going to be the focus in the workout during the warm up. This easy warm up routine targets the whole body + prepares the cardiovascular ++ respiratory systems to engage the entire body before a workout. For a more intense warm up routine, adding a few minutes of jogging before or after this routine works wonders as well!

Before starting this warm up routine, make sure there is a space that allows the exercises to be completed fully. This could be down the length of your driveway or along the sidewalk, across the length of a room, or halfway down a basketball court — be creative! For example, if you chose to do this warm up along the length of your driveway, you would do one exercise down to the end of your driveway + then switch to the next exercise on the way back. A decent amount of length would be ideal, so that each exercise can be utilized to its fullest capacity + be beneficial to the warm up. 


Toe Walks
Heel Walks
High Knees
Booty Kicks
Inchworms [Optional pushup for more intensity + to target more muscle groups]
High Knee Pull Into A Lunge [alternating legs] Walking Backward Lunges [alternating legs] Frankensteins
Ice Skaters
Karaoke [both ways] Super Marios
Frog Leaps [aka Traveling Jump Squats]

**Optional jog before or after this routine**

Give Your Hair The TLC It Deserves With ‘Function of Beauty’

First off, we want to share that this post is not sponsored ; ). We wanted to share our experience with this brand!


We all have goals [big or small], but the avenues to achieve them are not always simple. However, the American-based brand, Function of Beauty, has come to make even small goals easier to obtain. Ever wanted stronger, more hydrated, or nourished hair, but struggled to find a shampoo + conditioner that gives noticeable results that align with those hair goals? Function of Beauty may be the brand to solve these problems! 


With 18 unique hair goals to choose from, Function of Beauty customizes their shampoo + conditioner to the specific hair type ++ needs of the customer! As they make every order special based off the customer’s hair quiz [which evaluates their hair style, type, and goals], Function of Beauty treats everyone’s hair uniquely; these products are even personalized down to the fragrance, color, + the customer’s name on the bottle. This brand not only has received genuinely impressive reviews from their customers, but it also stands out for their focus on being paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, vegan, + made in America!


Along with their personalized shampoo + conditioner, they have two other noteworthy products: purple shampoo + leave-in treatment. The purple shampoo works well for blonde, platinum, + grey color-treated hair as it combats brassiness, aka orange undertones that can appear. While the purple shampoo is made with this hair goal in mind, Function of Beauty still personalizes this product to other hair goals a customer may desire! Similarly, the leave-in treatment is a conditioning cream made to enhance the benefits of the personalized shampoo + conditioner a customer has ordered ++ can be applied to wet or dry hair! Their website even offers videos styling different hair types with this product!


Products like this seem too good to be true, but it truly can be made for everybody: straight, wavy, curly, + coily hair. It’s safe for women who are pregnant + all the products are gluten-free. From the hair quiz, Function of Beauty creates a formula made specifically for our needs with natural ingredients. The hair quiz consists of nine questions: hair type, hair structure, scalp moisture, hair goals [up to five], fragrance, fragrance strength, the name for the personalized bottle, then choosing the different colors for the shampoo + conditioner.

While Function of Beauty may not be as convenient as other brands that can be found at most stores since it has to be ordered online + is a bit pricier, it is worth it for a product that is created so personally ++ gives us noticable results we’re hoping for!

Have a favorite hair care brand in mind? Let us know what it is in the comments below : )!

The Ins + Outs of Protein Powder

Protein powder is something we’ve all probably tried, but whether we actually like it is another story. The world of protein supplements is just extremely confusing, isn’t it? From whey to plant-based to rice based to anything, it can be so confusing what the differences are + how they impact you + your health ++ your goals. 

Protein powder can be used for many different reasons, but the current recommendation for the amount of protein in someone diet amounts to 0.8 g/kg per day. In a 150 pound person, that is 55.04 grams of protein. 

Protein can come in many different forms, but here’s the two to check out:

  • Isolate — You’ve probably heard of whey isolate as it is a common form. Protein isolate is 90-95% protein, with the remaining 5% coming from carbs or fat. 
  • Concentrate — This one has anywhere between 70-75% protein with the rest being a form of carbs + fat. 

If you’re trying to get more protein for your buck, I would look into a form of isolate. If you wanted a few more macronutrients in your diet, a concentrate is the way to go. 

#1] WHEY

Whey protein comes from milk, though it is not high in lactose concentration [this isolate has VERY little]. Whey is good because it can be digested very quickly + the protein will go where it needs to go. Some studies have shown that whey-based proteins can help increase lean muscle mass, + help maintain muscle mass. It can also help ward off hunger. We love using Vanilla whey protein powder in these protein bites!

#2] “VEGAN”

There are many different types of protein powders that are considered “vegan.” There’s soy, rice, pea, + hemp proteins currently on the market. Each one has its own pros + cons, price ++ effects on our bodies. As of now, no vegan powder is considered to be “complete” since each one is lacking at least one important nutrient in your diet [so eating is good, too]! 

SOY // It can be a good supplement, but can impact your hormones negatively. Though, soy protein remains popular because it can reduce the risk of heart disease + other cardiovascular issues.  

HEMP // This protein is arguably the most expensive, but is good for those with allergies to other types + can have ~12g in a scoop! It does contain the majority of amino acids within it too, but not all of them + is therefore not considered to be “complete.” 

RICE // This protein comes from… rice! It’s not as great for building muscle mass, but might be a good type for those needing just a little bit more protein in their diet, + want to get it from a well respected plant. 

PEA // This protein is safe for those that have tummy issues with whey based or egg based proteins. Entirely gluten free + fat free, this is a good option for those that want the same amount of protein that’s in whey protein, + want to avoid discomfort that comes with other powders. 


A form of protein that is gaining more traction, egg protein has not been well studied, but has been shown to be similar to whey protein in how it responds to the body. However, egg protein might not be as good at helping you feel full because it’s often made from egg whites [no yolk]. Overall, it’s still a good protein source. 

If you find a protein that works for you + your goals — stick with it + adjust when your goals change! 

Light Bites for Summer Nights

Summer should be filled with delicious foods made with only the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re looking for something to do, or in need of a quick recipe on your way to a cookout, these treats will not disappoint! Here are 5 super simple recipes inspired by the best summer ingredients that we love.


We are obsessed with this recipe! It’s fun to make + everyone gets to design their own.


— 1 Banana [per person] — Peanut Butter [or any nut butter of your choice !] — Dark Chocolate Chips [we love using shredded coconut + crushed nuts too!] — Tinfoil


#1] Preheat your grill to a medium heat
#2] Peel the Banana + place it on a sheet of tinfoil
#3] Drizzle on a generous amount of nut butter
#4] Top it off with toppings of your choice
#5] Wrap your banana up tight [your toppings are going to melt + no one wants a leaky banana boat!] #6] Place on the grill at medium heat for 5 minutes + enjoy!
*This can also be done in an oven at 350 ℉ for 5 minutes if you don’t have access to a grill : ) 


This recipe is perfect for those hot July days — easy, refreshing + oh so sweet!


— Choice of fruit [our favorites are bananas, pineapples + cherries!] — Dark Chocolate Chips 


#1] Freeze your desired fruit for at least an hour
#2] Melt the chocolate starting with 30 seconds in the microwave. Stir + then repeat with 15 second increments until it is evenly melted
#3] Dip your frozen fruit in the chocolate + place it on a tray covered in parchment paper
#4] Put your fruit back in the freezer until the chocolate hardens. They can be kept in the freezer for a few months, but if you’re anything like us, they won’t last nearly that long ; ).


Anyone else instantly feel like they’re on the beach when eating coconut? Whether you live in the tropics or not, these cookies will bring you there with just 3 ingredients!


— 1 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
— 3 tbsp Coconut Oil
— 1 tbsp Honey
— ¼ tsp Vanilla Extract

— Optional: toppings [we love a dark chocolate drizzle!]


#1] Melt the coconut oil [only takes a few seconds in the microwave] #2] Combine all the ingredients in a bowl
#3] Form balls with the coconut mixture [this may be hard as the mixture should be pretty crumbly] #4] Place on parchment paper + put in the fridge until firm
#5] Drizzle with chocolate or other desired toppings + enjoy!


With only 3 ingredients, it doesn’t get much simpler than this!


— 1 Peach
— Cinnamon
— 1 tbsp Coconut Oil


#1] Cut peach in half, remove the pit + rub a small amount of coconut oil on both sides
#2] Place the peach halves on the grill at a medium to low heat
#3] Cook until the peach begins to soften + flip [about 3 minutes on each side] #4] Remove when the peach is fully softened
#5] Sprinkle on some cinnamon + enjoy with a friend!


We cannot resist a recipe that calls for chocolate + peanut butter! These are so easy to make + perfect for bringing to a cookout, picnic, roadtrip or eating straight out of the fridge.


— 2 cups Peanut Butter
— ¾ cup Almond Flour
— ½ cup Honey
— Dark Chocolate Chips


#1] Combine the peanut butter, almond flour, + honey in a bowl
#2] Roll the dough into 1 inch balls + place on parchment paper
#3] Melt the chocolate chips starting with 30 seconds in the microwave. Stir + repeat in 15 second increments
#4] Spoon some chocolate on top of the balls [or dunk them in!] #5] Place in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened + share with friends!

Road Trip Tips for a CHAARG Girl on the Go

Roads trips can be tons of fun, especially on long summer days with the sun shining + the windows down. We know it can be hard to stay #inchaarg while traveling, so here are a few tips for your summer road trips!


It’s important to always have healthy snacks on hand to stay energized — especially on longer rides when your only meal options may be a roadside fast food joint. A few of our favorite car snacks are:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Trail Mix [store bought or homemade with your favorite nuts, dried fruit + dark chocolate]
  • Pretzels or Crackers [for a little something salty]
  • Protein Bars // *if you want to go the extra *mile* these easy-to-make protein balls are great for snacking!
  • Carrots + Hummus [hummus can last a couple hours out of the fridge, so don’t be afraid to take it along!]
  • Nut Butter packets [delicious on their own, paired with fruit or added to hotel breakfasts for some extra protein]
  • Dark Chocolate [is there ever a bad time for chocolate ; )?]


Not only will you be needing a drink to go with your tasty snacks, but hydration is super important for staying healthy while traveling. It will also help you fight fatigue on those long summer days. Bring a reusable water bottle with you [check out this adorable one from the CHAARG shop!] + make it a priority to look out for water fountains at rest stops. 


Sometimes road trips can be the best place to sit + relax for a while. However, it’s important to keep your body moving! Make a point to take breaks to stretch, walk around, + maybe even do a few exercises! We promise, jumping jacks at a rest stop are more fun than embarrassing.

Try our Anywhere, Anytime exercises to stretch out those muscles!


A long road trip is the perfect chance for you to catch up on the CHAARG Podcast! We’ve always got something new for you to catch up on in the health + wellness world. Already caught up? Here are some other podcasts we love!


Summer is a time to relax + refresh before the craziness of the school year restarts. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with your road trip companions + have some fun. Social media + netflix can wait! You’re on vacation so enjoy the views + take in every minute of it! 

Comment below what your favorite road trip snack is : )!

Why You Should Be Infusing Your Water [+ 6 Ways to Do It]

The importance of drinking water every day is widely discussed + it is no secret that staying hydrated can provide you with a multitude of benefits. But did you know that you can take those benefits even further by infusing your water with different ingredients? Infusing your water is usually appealing to people for the variety of flavors it can give your drink, but it is also a great way to sneak in some extra health boosts throughout the day.

#1] Strawberry + Blackberry 

If you love berries, this is the infusion for you. You can experiment + will always end up with a sweet//summery flavor that tastes more like a juice than water. This berry infusion has so many antioxidants + nutrients that are beneficial to your health. Specifically, the antioxidants in strawberries can help you fight heart disease, cancer, + strokes. Meanwhile, blackberries are helpful for bone strength, thanks to their Vitamin K + manganese, as well as the fiber in them that helps you feel fuller for a longer time! Want even more flavor? Add some rosemary to this combo : ). 

#2] Kiwi + Orange 

Nothing is more refreshing than this recipe on a hot day out in the sun! This recipe is one of the most unique, in terms of its benefits. Kiwi can actually help those who have asthma or low blood pressure. Both kiwi + oranges can help protect your vision, due to the carotenoid in them.

#3] Mango + Ginger 

The health benefits of ginger are endless! Ginger can be effective in curing nausea, especially when it comes as morning or motion sickness. It is also a natural pain reliever, which covers muscle soreness, heartburn, + menstrual cramps. It is pretty much all-encompassing when it comes to natural remedies. Pair this with the nutrients found in mangos, + this infusion can become your all-in-one thirst-quencher. 

#4] Apple + Cinnamon 

Apple + cinnamon is always a trustworthy combination, but most would not realize that this rings true for your water, as well. This infused water is extremely flavorful + a major metabolism booster! To make it even better, try adding red pear to it!

#5] Watermelon + Basil 

Watermelon is a summertime favorite + it’s always exciting to find new ways to incorporate into our diets! This water infusion did not disappoint. Sticking true to its name, it naturally hydrates you as watermelon is 92% water. This means that you get even more hydration from your normal water intake, but with way more flavor! It also contains citrulline, a common supplement taken by people who want to reduce muscle soreness. Even better, this infusion can have positive effects on your mental health since basil acts as an adaptogen, which are said to help reduce//relieve stress 

#6] Lemon + Cucumber + Mint 

These three ingredients are pretty common for infused waters. Cucumbers are so high in nutrients, but low in calories which makes them a great snack for clean eating. Adding them to your water gives you all of the benefits of the cucumbers + the flavor. Lemons + cucumbers both aid in hydration, ++ cucumbers are 96% water already! Lemons can also help with clear skin//improve acne, while mint will improve digestion +, of course, cure bad breath. We love adding strawberries to this infusion for a healthier take on strawberry lemonade!

While these infused water recipes are some of our personal favorites + are paired to give you the ultimate health benefits, there are endless possibilities. Mix any of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or spices together for a personalized recipe. Infused water is such an easy way to improve your health naturally. It’s as easy as throwing a few slices of whatever produce your eating that day!. You would be surprised at all of the delicious combinations you find!

Pro tip: Make a big pitcher of infused water for the week to fill up your CHAARG Water Bottle with it every morning : )!

6 Ways to Cultivate Creativity

Creativity is such an important tool in so many ways! People who are more creative have better problem solving skills + are more successful overall for their ability to create new solutions both in their personal ++ professional lives. Integrating a creative practice can have a positive effect on mental health as well. Unfortunately, many people believe themselves to be inherently uncreative which can prevent them from exploring these opportunities. So, whether you are just in a creative slump or feel that you lack any type of it, here are six ways to help you cultivate your creativity!


Building a habit by adding a daily ritual into your life is one of the best ways to get more creative. This is simple + can take as much time as you want it to, whether you prefer journaling each morning [check out our tips here], doodling in a notebook, or simply just decluttering a space in your room! We love journaling, both for creativity + mental health benefits.


Getting creative does not mean straying away from your other interests. Find a way to incorporate what you already like into your creativity practice, perhaps by looking at things from a new perspective or diving deeper into the things you are already interested in, such as writing or drawing. For example, if you liked art class in high school, explore that possibility or something similar!


Meditation has so many benefits, one of them being that it can boost creativity! By allowing yourself to be still, you can calm your mind + think more clearly ++ cohesively. This will also help you get into a more relaxed mindset, which is optimal for creativity! Check out our meditation tips here!


Pushing your limits in your personal + professional life will help you to expand your mind creatively as well. Take that new job opportunity, talk to the person who you always sit next to in class, or try that new recipe that calls for ingredients you’ve never even heard of! Basically, just try new things + get yourself out there if you want to succeed creatively!


Perfectionism + creativity do not go too well together. If you are constantly doubting yourself + starting over, you will never end with something you are perfectly happy with. Having a more go-with-the-flow kind of attitude rather than a critical one definitely helps with the creative process + you will likely be more satisfied with the finished product, so don’t be too hard on yourself!


Don’t just talk about doing it, actually start, even if it is only something small. Draw a picture, write a story, paint something! Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” The benefits of a creative practice are endless, + all you have to do is begin. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it! : )

Want to know more ways to improve yourself? Check out this post about personal development!