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Tips to Land Your Dream Internship

Finding an internship can be incredibly stressful for college students, but internship experiences are the perfect way to make you stand out in job applications after graduation, as well as apply what you have learned in classes to the *real world.* Since internships have become so vital for getting a great job post-graduation, they have become very competitive, making the process frustrating + overwhelming. To help make your internship search a little easier, we’ve compiled our top tips for searching, applying, + interviewing so that you will be a top candidate for any internship!


The first step in finding the perfect internship for you is by searching for it! Many students worry  — when should I start looking? Many internship applications open in the fall, around October + close by the end of the year. Others don’t open until around January + close in March. Depending on the industry you’re in, deadlines can vary between company to company so it’s best to get on top of it + be prepared. If you miss these deadlines, don’t fret! Many applications do not open until March or April + there are always companies who wait til the last minute to hire interns.

The best way to know when to apply is to make a list of your ideal internships + look on their websites to see when applications open ++ close. The earlier you apply, the earlier you are likely to hear back.

There are so many platforms companies use to post position listings, as well as resources through your university that can help to lead you to the right fit for you.

Indeed // Indeed is a great place to start looking for internships as  you can filter for the location you are looking to intern in. For many of Indeed’s job listings, if you make a profile with all of your experience + skills, ++ add your resume, applying to the job is as easy as a single click.

LinkedIn // Many people think of LinkedIn as just a networking social media platform, but it also is a great place to search for internships. Plus you can look for other people who have completed the internship + connect with them // see more about what the job entails. We even suggest reaching out to the HR // recruiter for the company. There job is to hire people for the open positions, so they’ll be happy to give you advice // put in a good word

University’s Employment Site // Many universities also have their own platforms to help students find jobs which  have been passed through the university to certify that they are reputable. In addition, a lot of campus departments have internships [such as running the social media accounts of the business school] so you can reach out to department heads if you’re really interested Not only can these internships align well with your interests, they also tend to be close by + convenient to get to!

Internship + Career Fairs // While these fairs can be very intimidating + you may have to wait in lines to talk to a recruiter, this is a great way to meet recruiters from companies who are hiring interns.When you get there, have an idea of what kind of employers you are interested in + come with some questions to ask them. Be sure to do your research ahead of time + don’t forget a few copies of your resume!

Ask around with friends in your major // Sometimes internships aren’t posted publicly + having a friend who can introduce you or help pass your name along is the way to get hired. Many internships, especially for large companies, are directly on the company’s website + aren’t advertised. Talk to your friends + see what companies they interned with + ask for contact information!


Writing a resume // There are so many opinions about the *best* way to write a resume, so be sure to read multiple sites + cater to the industry you are trying to get a job in. Some of our favorite pieces of advice to follow? Write from the third person, start each bullet point with a strong verb + stick to one page when possible. Your resume is a place to ~brag~ about your accomplishments + show potential employers why YOU are best for the job — don’t just rattle off your job descriptions but instead write about your accomplishments in your past jobs.

Have someone review your resume // Head to your university’s career development center, ask an older girl on your chapter’s exec team, ask your CLC, or a trusted professor. Or, just ask a friend who has perfected their own resume. One great tip is at the end of your internship to sit down with your manager + have them help you to craft the section of your resume about your experience.

Writing a cover letter // Cover letters are the perfect opportunity to tell the employer why your resume means you will be successful in the job + most importantly, why you want the job. Be sure to make your cover letter personalized + cater to the job description of the job you are applying to. Your cover letter should show your interest + enthusiasm for the position.


If interviews make you nervous, don’t worry — you’re not alone! A great way to feel more confident before an interview is to practice. If you are confident that you know your answers to common interview questions, you’ll be more relaxed in the interview + be able to show the employer your best self.

Check out these common interview questions + go through them to make sure you know what you would say if you were asked!

Another interviewing tip is to take deep breaths + power pose before you head in. When you’re sitting in your car [or even in the bathroom stall!] you can do power poses — standing in a confident position that helps to tell your brain that you are powerful! Learn more about power posing here. Don’t forget to take deep breaths + say your favorite mantras to yourself before as well to help you stay calm + get ready to land your dream internship!

Happy internship hunting! Do you want to work for CHAARG? Always be on the lookout for CHAARGtern apps opening! Have an internship you want to pitch us? ; ) Reach out to!

Love Goes the Distance: Tips for Maintaining Relationships

It’s that time of year again when the festivities have concluded + we all have to get back to reality. Study abroad trips are starting, a new semester is starting, + work is picking up again. Unfortunately for many of us, the end of winter break means splitting from our best friends + significant others. Long distance can be difficult, but it is by no means impossible. Whether your significant other or friend is at a different school, living in a different city, or studying abroad, here are some tips for maintaining your relationship —


1] Communication is KEY

You may be thinking — this is an obvious one. Clearly, for a relationship to work, you have to talk. However, communication goes beyond sending daily texts + receiving phone calls. When your relationship is long distance, you really have to learn how to communicate your feelings + wants. When we communicate through texting, we miss out on a slew of nonverbal + verbal cues — emotions, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. This can lead to multiple instances of misinterpretation + miscommunication, so you have to be vocal if you find a message confusing or hurtful. Additionally, if you get into a disagreement, there’s no *I’ll just see you later.* You have to talk it out because nothing will get resolved otherwise. Developing good communication skills now will only benefit you both in the future when you take the next step in your relationship.

If your partner is abroad, being on different schedules can be really hard. You obviously want them to have a good time + not be constantly conversing with you, but if you feel your communication is dropping alarmingly low, say something. Before they go abroad or vice versa, you can make an agreement to always end your nights with each other. Each night send a goodnight message with a rundown of your day. It’s an easy way to keep in touch + feel like you’re not missing out on each other’s lives. If you’re abroad, sending pictures of your trip + quick messages letting your partner know he//she is on your mind can be extremely beneficial.

Find more relationship advice on this podcast episode!

#2] Establish boundaries

Especially when you’re a freshman or starting distance for the first time, it can be a little nerve-wracking seeing your partner go out without you. However, a big part of relationships is trust [which we know can be difficult]. It’s important to establish boundaries + not let your significant other determine what you can + cannot do. You each deserve to go out + have fun with friends, but if something like sending a text saying you’re home safe makes them a little more comfortable, do it.

#3] Make time for each other

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is life, but don’t forget to make time for yourself ++ your relationship. During distance, technology can be a blessing! Whether it’s an end of the day phone call or a dinner date over Skype, taking time out of your day to spend time with each other is incredibly important.

#4] Grow together

Relationships + life in general are a learning experience. Everything we encounter in life helps us grow into the person we are today. While you + your partner continue to grow in different locations, remember to check in + see if you’re growing together or growing apart. When you’re ready to settle down with someone, you want to make sure they have similar life goals + interests. So, while you’re apart + figuring out your place in this world ++ what you want out of it, just check in to see whether you’re both on a similar path.


#1] Stay in touch

How many times has someone said to you, keep in touch + since then, you’ve never talked to each other? It happens a lot + we often don’t put a lot of meaning behind that phrase anymore.

We love our besties + don’t want to lose touch with them. So, we recommend having a reminder on your phone to text them each week. If you know they have a big event or test coming up, send them your support. If not, just send them a message letting them know you’re thinking about them. We always love surprise texts from our besties!

#2] Plan meetups

Trips + school breaks sometimes land us right by our best friends. If you’re planning to be near their area, arrange a time to meet up. Whether you grab a quick cup of coffee or long dinner, your relationship will benefit.

#3] Write to them

Sometimes the best things in life are the little things like getting a letter from your best friend in the mail. We love snail mail + it’s a great way to stay connected with the people you love!

Whether you have good news or just want to say hi, sending letters back + forth to your friends can be a great way to keep your relationship thriving.

#4] Make Their Friends Your Friends

Inevitably, in college, your friends meet + befriend new people. By no means does this mean you’re being replaced by others, we just all need some besties wherever we go. To bridge the gap between your college life + theirs, friend their college friends on Facebook + Insta. You’ll get to know them a little better + open the door to building a friendship now or in the future!

Distance can be difficult, but it’s nothing love can’t overpower. If you have additional tips for maintaining long distance relationships, share them with us in the comments below!

Mug Cake Recipe As Easy as 3-2-1

When the cold winter weather hits, nothing sounds better than warm, yummy desserts. This mug cake recipe is quick, easy, + better yet, healthy-ish. Here’s how to make a mug cake that’s not only tasty, but as simple as 3 – 2 -1.


  • 1 Box of Angel Food Cake Mix
  • 1 Box of Your Favorite Flavor Cake Mix [I love using Annie’s Organic Confetti Cake Mix or any brand of Spice Cake Mix!]
  • Gallon Size Ziplock Bag // Airtight Container
  • Tablespoon
  • Mug!


1] Pour the angel food cake mix + your favorite flavor of cake mix in a gallon size ziplock bag
2] Close the bag + shake  until the two mixes have been evenly combined.
3] Gather the remaining supplies: a mug + a tablespoon

You now have this mix ready to go whenever you’re craving this treat!

STEPS [Just remember 3 — 2 — 1]

1] Scoop 3 tablespoons from the bag of mixed-up cake mix + place it into the mug
2] Add 2 tablespoons of water to the mug + mix well
3] Place the mug in the microwave for 1 minute

Just like that, you have a yummy cake! If you want to make it more special, add Cool Whip, fruit, or a small bit of frosting. Show us your mug cake creations on Instagram using #inCHAARG + #CHAARGEats

Dry Skin Blues? 5 Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine to Winter

Think of your skincare routine like your wardrobe — if you wouldn’t wear shorts + a tank in the winter, then your summer skincare routine probably isn’t cutting it with the dryness + cold of winter either! The skin is the largest organ of the body [yes, it’s considered an organ!], so it deserves to be well-taken care of. Now, we’re not going to suggest a complete *overhaul* of your current routine, so don’t throw out all of your current products just yet! Transitioning your skincare routine for the seasons can be simple + it doesn’t have to change overnight — we actually recommend that it doesn’t!  Try implementing one or two of these simple steps + watch your dry skin blues disappear —

#1] Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to prevent pores from clogging. It’s also a great way to remove dry, winter skin + reveal your naturally glowing complexion!  After cleansing, massage a gentle scrub [we love Cocokind’s Sea Moss Exfoliator or Mario Badescu’s Almond + Honey Face Scrub] in circular motions around your face for about 30-60 seconds then rinse! Repeat this about 2-3 times a week.

#2] Moisturize like it’s your JOB.

Some people skip moisturizing all together, but especially in the wintertime, we recommend moisturizing 2+ times a day!  It may even be a good idea to switch your nighttime moisturizer for something a little heavier [think creams or oils] to let your skin replenish overnight.  One of my favorite things to do is to add a little bit of coconut oil [or jojoba oil!] in with my regular moisturizer.  Aloe Vera is another natural [+ cheap!] way to hydrate your skin — you could even grow your own Aloe plant!  There are some great moisturizers to choose from in this list from other CHAARG girls!

#3] Hydrate + eat nourishing foods.

What we put into our bodies affects every part of our wellbeing — even our skin.  We know that one of the last things you probably want to do is drink ice cold water when it’s freezing outside, but it’s so important to keeping your skin fresh + hydrated — ry hot water with lemon the next time you need to refresh.   Certain foods can also up moisture levels — try adding some of these foods into your daily diet to keep your skin glowing all winter long!

#4] Incorporate a hydrating mask you love.

Face masks are a great #selfcare tool to wind down after a busy day + they’re also a great tool to incorporate into your weekly routine to keep dryness at bay! Personally, I do a face mask every Sunday night to settle down before the week begins + get my skin glowing for the week.  Any mask that’s full of antioxidants + hyaluronic acid is great for a hydration boost or DIY options can make for a fun girls’ night!  Find the perfect mask for your skin type here ; )

#5] Ditch your regular chapstick for something a little more heavy-duty!

Chapped lips are one of the WORST things to come with winter, + you might be finding that your regular chapstick just isn’t cutting it. Cortibalm is what I used through TWO rounds of Accutane + now all winter long ++ it is life changing.  It contains 1% hydrocortisone [which reduces inflammation], petroleum jelly ++ beeswax for hydration.  If you’re looking for a more natural option, Burt’s Bees + Yesto are our next go-tos. We also swear by this Rosebud Salve!

Do you have any other great dry-skin tips + tricks we need to know about?  Let us know in the comments or on Instagram using #inCHAARG!

Shop Smart — Brands that Support Female Empowerment + Body Inclusivity

We all believe in the power of a little *retail therapy,* but next time you’re shopping, we challenge you to be intentional about supporting brands that promote female empowerment + body inclusivity. This includes brands that use a diverse range of models [from different racial backgrounds to different body types] + brands that have vowed against photoshop. Every body is beautiful + deserves to be represented ++ we especially believe this as we’re gearing up for the Body Positivity Challenge [grab your spot here if you haven’t already]! So, add these brands to your cart + embrace every piece of who you are —


Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie retailer, has been a standout in the body positivity community since 2014 upon launching their #AerieREAL campaign —  featureing unairbrushed, un-photoshopped models of different racial backgrounds + body types. This year, the company broadened its inclusivity even more by featuring models with disabilities, chronic illnesses, + other conditions in their advertising // on their website.  We love all that they’re doing in the body positivity community [+ their cozy bras ++ sweaters are ah-mazing]!


Looking for brands to wear outside the gym? Modcloth is best known for their vintage-inspired fashion!  Modcloth was the first retailer to sign an anti-photoshop pledge back in 2014 + has continued to spread *body love* ever since.  On their website, you’ll see a variety of models rocking different body types + backgrounds. In addition, they offer size ranges from XS-4X.  They have everything from sweaters to casual tops to wedding dresses [how cool is that?!], so there’s something for every occasion.


Every CHAARG girl loves Target, so here’s another excuse to shop the #athleisure section on your next trip! Their new brand JoyLab, which launched last year, features a size range of XS-4X with styles + fabrics that celebrate ++ flatter every body type. One of their best sellers is these cozy sweatpants which are perfect to wear from the gym to class! The entire line provides the perfect mashup between comfort + style.


Athleta’s entire mission is to “empower women + girls” through the #powerofshe.  Now that’s a mission we can get behind ; )  They’re understanding the female body + creating clothes to celebrate our natural beauty in every curve.  They also get bonus points for being an ethical athleisure brand! Ahtleta is well known for their Contender Tights [they have pockets!] which are supportive + made for pushing limits.


We all love Nike sneakers, + the fact that their brand supports all types of athletes is just another reason to shop #AllTheThangs.  Nike not only features  a variety of athletes in different sports, but also features people of all different ages // backgrounds + those with disabilities who are pushing past their limits.  Their Instagram bio reads, *if you have a body, you are an athlete.*  — we couldn’t agree more!  We are loving their sports bra campaigns too — all women are different shapes//sizes + need different levels of support — Nike recognizes that ++ celebrates that.  Shop their sports bras + the empowerment here!


The Internet lost its mind over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, but did you know she also has a lingerie line?  This queen is all about body positivity + self-love ++ her new line reflects those ideals perfectly.  SAVAGE X FENTY’s undies, bras, + lingerie offers more than the A-D cup, ++ if you check out the website, you’ll find that all body shapes are represented.

Know of other brands that support body positivity?  Share them with us in the comments or on Instagram with #inCHAARG.

3 Ways to Stay Accountable for Your New Year’s Intentions

If you’ve ever set New Year’s Goals [or intentions!], then you know that it can often be difficult to hold yourself accountable throughout the year. It’s not our fault — life gets crazy, spring semester classes pick up, jobs begin to require more of our attention, etc. Whatever the excuse that we’re giving ourselves is, it’s important to remember that our resolutions + intentions ARE important. We set them at the beginning of the year for a reason + we deserve to follow through with them. Here are three tips to hold yourself accountable this New Year —

#1] Recognize Your Shortcomings

We aren’t perfect. As CHAARG women, we have learned to embrace our flaws + shortcomings, rather than hide from them. With this, comes the understanding that we won’t be perfect in achieving our New Year’s resolutions // intentions. Being aware of this prior to setting your intentions will give the hard days less power over you. We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we messed up or weren’t seeing immediate progress + let that discourage us completely. It’s time to take that power back. Knowing that no one is perfect + we will all have bad days on our journeys to reaching our intentions gives you control over the situation + allows you to bounce back even stronger.

#2] Use Daily Reminders

If you’re like us, then seeing something day after day is the most effective way to remind yourself to do that thing. For me personally, my intention for 2018 was to stay present + I was so grateful to be gifted a My Intent bracelet from CHAARG Nationals with the word “present” on it. Wearing this bracelet everyday reminds me of the intention I set for myself, why I set it + why I owe it to myself to hold myself accountable to it. My bracelet is just one example of using a tangible daily reminder to remind yourself of your resolutions // intentions. Something as simple as sticking a Post-It note on your bathroom mirror to see every morning, making your laptop background something related to your intention, or even setting daily reminders on your phone can make all the difference in whether you are holding yourself accountable or not. It’s pretty hard to ignore something that stares back at you every single day!

#3] Talk Through the Hard Days

Like we said, there will be days where it’s hard to remember the importance of making a promise to yourself. When these days come, look to your friends, family + loved ones for support. Talk it through with them. Sometimes, all it takes is explaining to someone else WHY you set this intention for yourself to help you realize the importance of not giving up on it. New Year’s resolutions + intentions are meant to be a way to better yourself. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. Just remember, YOU deserve to put yourself first + make yourself a priority.

#4] Partner Up

One of the biggest benefits we’ve gotten out of CHAARG is a community of girls to help hold ourselves accountable to reach our goals. When setting your intentions for the new year, find a friend [or family member!] to share them with. If you’re both working toward the same intention, it will be easier for you to hold each other accountable + keep each other motivated to stay on track throughout the year.

#5] Share on Social Media

If you’re comfortable, sharing your intentions on social media is a GREAT way to hold yourself accountable. Not only does seeing your post on your feed everyday remind you of the intentions you’ve set, but in a way, you are speaking these intentions into existence. Verbally stating your intentions manifests them into your mindset [pro tip — your _inCHAARG insta is PERFECT for this ; )]

Have you found other methods that are effective in holding yourself accountable to the intentions you set for yourself? Share your tips with us!

Body Positivity Challenge: Meet Kate Lemere

We can’t wait to officially kick off the Body Positivity Challenge ((the entire month of February!)). In the meantime, make sure you grab your spot [sign up here!] + meet our leaders! We are so excited to have Kate as one of our leaders — she is covering routine, fitness, + so much more!

Q + A with Kate —

1] Profession + City:

Barry’s Chicago Founding Trainer, Director of Marketing, Special Projects / Chicago

2] Go to healthy breakfast:

Egg whites + old fashioned oats topped with cinnamon

3] 3 things always in my pantry:

Oats, brown or jasmine rice, + nut butter!

4] Favorite sweat sesh:

Barry’s Double Floor! Or any strength based workout. I am the anti-cardio queen!

5] Favorite restaurant in my city:

Prime + Provisions. It’s a fantastic steak house with excellent service. My husband + I always arrive before our reservation to have a drink at the bar!

6] Physical aspect of my body I love:

My back.

7] Quality I admire in myself:

I am loyal to a fault — as any Scorpio would be.

8] Currently, I’m working on:

Refreshing the content on my website. Our society obsessed with Instagram, myself included. But the platform can only deliver so much information. Changing your body composition is an IN-DEPTH process that requires more than a static post on a feed or a disappearing frame in a story.

9] Proudest wellness moment:

Giving birth to my son, Luke. It gave me an entirely new appreciation of my body.

10] Wellness trend I love:

JOMO! [Joy of missing out]

11] What I learned through my wellness journey:

Wellness is deeper than jade rollers, face masks, massages, bubble baths, or meditation. Wellness extends to mental, physical, financial health. Getting to the root of issues or problems instead of masking [no pun intended] them with temporary indulgences is the real way to find inner peace.

12] When I’m stressed out I:

Handwrite my priorities of tasks that need to get one in the next HOUR. It helps me stay hyper-focused + avoid being overwhelmed.

13] Habit that changed my life:

Creating routines + sticking to them.

14] Body positivity tip:

Time spent in the gym + the kitchen should be used to maximize life outside of it. There’s more to life than workouts, counting calories, + going to the gym. The pursuit of a life better lived is the best goal — not inches, pounds, or reps.

15] 2 resources every CHAARG girl should know about:

  •  My blog, wink! But for real, The Four Percent!
  • The screen time feature on your phone, it’s crazy how much time I spend on mine, + it’s helped me be more mindful of when I should disconnect.

17] Advice I wish I could give my 20 year old self:

You are not responsible for other’s reactions. You control your actions + yours alone.

Finding the Perfect Smoothie Consistency

With busy schedules + no time to waste, we often throw ingredients together in a blender + hope for the best. Even with components we think will convert to a thick + creamy smoothie bowl, 9/10 times we’re left with a soupy ++  unsatisfying smoothie bowl. Here’s 4 tips on how to easily make a picture-perfect smoothie bowl that’s especially thick, rich, + creamy!

1] Avocados

Usually seen as a topping on toast or as a classic guacamole dip, avocados are probably the most underrated component that you could add to a smoothie bowl. You may be scared of tasting avocados in a predominantly fruit, chocolate, + nut butter flavored bowl, but adding avocados to smoothies are actually a match made in heaven. Avocados actually enhance + boost the creaminess of a smoothie//smoothie bowl without overpowering the other flavors. Here’s a perfect avocado smoothie recipe to try out for your first time!

2] Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits make the biggest difference for the consistency of a smoothie bowl. Although using fresh fruits may seem like the best route to go, buying frozen fruits can actually be more cost-friendly + resourceful in the long run. If you strictly use fresh fruits, throwing a small portion of them into a ziploc +  into the freezer would work just fine for that perfect thickness : ).

3] Milk Ice Cubes

Putting regular ice cubes in your smoothie bowl may sound like a great idea until your bowl is completely watered down. Utilizing ice cube trays [which are extremely inexpensive + easy to find] + your choice of milk is a perfect + simple trick to improve the consistency of your smoothie bowl! Not only will it be extremely creamy + maintain the flavor, but ice trays help portion out the amount of dairy you use in your bowls. Try this uniquely flavored recipe smoothie bowl that uses milk cubes! Looking for an alternative milk choice? Check out these recommendations!

4] Yogurt

Using yogurt is a simple way to add flavor, essential nutrients, + probiotics to your smoothie bowl. Be sure to avoid sugary, artificially flavored + processed brands [some of our favorite brands are Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, Siggi’s, Chobani, + Fage’s]. Greek yogurt especially helps to create such a rich + creamy bowl that it’s easy to forget how healthy it is ; ). Try this smoothie packed with protein + vitamin C made with Raspberry Greek Yogurt!

5] Oats

Overnight oats, oatmeal + oat bars. With all the things we eat containing oats, we probably don’t think about them + smoothie bowls going together. This ingredient is perfect for those who LOVE a bit of crunch + extra thickness in their bowl. Adding oats to smoothie bowls is incredibly advantageous because of how satisfying + nourishing you will feel afterwards. Oats are also not only flavorful but incredibly beneficial for your health because they are a great source of fiber which help stabilize blood sugar levels + serve as an energy booster — making them perfect as a morning boost. Try this delicious, seasonal smoothie that uses pumpkin + oats!

Transferring: Advice for Before + After Making the Decision

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re at the right school? Some people grow up knowing exactly where they want to go for college while others have no clue — it’s a huge decision + we all had to make it within a few months. Not everyone makes the right decision on the first try + that’s okay! For many, transferring ends up being the best decision they made, so if you’re considering transferring or if you’re starting at a new college this semester, we have a few tips for you —


During the first half of my sophomore year, I was miserable. The majority of my friend group from freshman year did not return + I felt so alone. I spent my weekends searching for other colleges + trying to figure out how many credits would transfer. Overwhelmed by misery + stress, I paused to look deeper into my unhappiness + ask myself these questions //

  • Am I doing everything I can to make the best out of my experience here?
  • What will another school offer me that I don’t have here?
  • What is the source of my unhappiness?
  • What do you want to get out of college?
  • Can I ever see myself being happy here?

When I asked myself these questions, I discovered I was mainly missing the social element of college. Yet, I hadn’t done anything about it. I wasn’t involved in any organizations + aside from classes, I wasn’t opening myself up to opportunities which would allow me to meet new friends. I bet you’ll never guess what organization I found ; ).

If you’re currently feeling like I was + you haven’t officially made the decision to transfer, use your next semester to test some new things out. Narrow down what you feel you’re missing out on + what you don’t like. Then, take steps to change that — whether it’s joining new clubs, testing out different class sizes, or taking a class outside your major. Also, test out your feelings toward leaving. For a week or two, pretend as if you’ve already decided to transfer + make note of your feelings. Does it bring you joy or sadness to know it will shortly be your last meal in the dining hall + your last class? If you still possess negative feelings near the end of the semester, your college may not be the right fit for you + transferring could bring you the happiness you’re missing.


For some, the hardest part of transferring is making the decision to do it. We applaud you for choosing yourself + making a decision to benefit you ++ your happiness. We know adjusting to a new school can be difficult, so whether you’re making the transition now or in the fall we have some tips for you! We spoke to Maria Ferrato, transfer student + fellow CHAARGie, who shared with us her advice for adjusting to a new school —

1] Stay Out + About

When starting out at a new school, don’t stay cooped up in your dorm room//apartment. You never know who you may meet at a coffee shop, in the library, or at the gym! By staying out + about, you open yourself up to meeting new friends + classmates. Finding one friendly face can make the adjustment process a lot easier.

2] Say YES!

If you’re invited to try out a club or go out with a group of people, say yes! Always remember to stay safe + make smart decisions, but don’t deny an opportunity to try something new. You may find something you absolutely love! If you say yes to something + you don’t have fun, you don’t have to do it again [but at least you tried it!].

3] Get involved

Even if it’s scary because you don’t know anyone yet, join a club or two! So many girls have met their best friends through CHAARG + other organizations. Clubs are a great way to meet new people with similar interests to you! Many CHAARGies credit CHAARG in aiding their adjustment to a new college [so if you transferred to a school that has it, grab your membership here!].

Transferring can be a tough decision to make, but it can enhance your whole college experience. It’s important to remember the adjustment may not be immediate. It takes time + some rough days//weeks to fully adjust, but once you do it can be everything you hoped it would. As always, whether you’re contemplating switching schools or preparing to start at a new one, we are here for you!

Did CHAARG help with your transition to a new school? Share your story with us on Insta using #inCHAARG!

Grab Your Journal: New Year Prompts

Just like that — the New Year is already in full swing! It can be overwhelming to realize how much happened  in one year, + even more overwhelming to think that another year of events is ahead. Life is so fast paced [especially in college] + often we move from one day to the next without any thought. Sometimes, to help sort through your thoughts + organize them for the next year, it can help to sit down, take some deep breaths, ++ journal. So, grab your favorite journal, get comfy, + see what your mind wants to tell you with these journal prompts!


— What were some great events that took place in 2018?
— Who was with you during your favorite moments this year?
— What are you proud of?
— Who surprised you this year? How so?
— What hardships did you have to face this year? How did you work through them?
— What brought you happiness this year?
— What made you stressed this year?
— What is one good habit you worked on // developed this year?
— What did you learn about yourself this year?
 — If you made intentions for 2018, how did you work on them?


— What are some characteristics you would like to improve on or develop?
— What is something new you would like to try this year [new food, new workout, etc.]?
— What obligations, including jobs, school work, + clubs, do you have this year?
— How are you going to stay organized // manage your time?
— Based on what made you happy or stressed in 2018, how will you adjust what you spend your time doing?
— How will you find balance this year?
— How can you live healthier in 2019?
— What are some events you are looking forward to this year [maybe a CHAARG event   ; ) ]?
— What relationships would you like to work on?
— Write some intentions for this year [working on yoga, journaling more, eating your veggies, etc.].

For more journal prompts, check out Elisabeth’s notes on the five minute journal. Preparing for the new year can go beyond journaling, though! For more tips, check out this post about creating daily intentions ++ be sure to share your favorite journal prompts with us on your CHAARG Instagram.

What’s the Deal on CBD?

With the 2018 Farm Bill officially legalizing full agricultural cultivation of *hemp-based CBD* in all 50 States, we can expect CBD to blow up in 2019, especially in the natural medicine + beauty fields. With its ability to relieve inflammation, pain + anxiety [among many other things!], CBD is a natural health alternative everyone should get the low-down on + can incorporate into their everyday life. So here’s the scoop!


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is derived from the Hemp plant + is used for everyday items like concrete, material, + rope. The stalk + leaves are extracted to provide naturally occurring phytocannabinoids [which are also found in black pepper, broccoli + basil].

Our bodies are naturally receptive to CBD through our ECD [Endocannabinoid System], an advanced physiological//neurological system in all mammals that makes cannabinoid-like structures to create balance in nearly every biological system in the body. Research shows that CBD reacts well with the cannabinoid receptors in the body, helping our ECD run more efficiently + helping navigate sleep//appetite//pain//anxiety.

Hemp Extract [CBD] is legal, non-psychoactive, non-toxic, + non-addicting [+ contains ZERO THC aka it can’t get you high]. CBD is one of the most therapeutic compounds in the Hemp plant, When consumed, these compounds work together to relax//calm your nerves, support your entire metabolic system, reduce inflammation, open up airwaves, promote deeper rest, + provide antioxidant vitamins A, C, + E.


  • More energy
  • Better focus + concentration
  • More efficient learning
  • Alert calm + relaxation
  • Muscle + joint pain relief
  • More restorative sleep
  • Resilience + more balanced body + mind
  • CBD can even help pets with stomach issues + travel anxiety!


CBD can be extracted + used in many different products like topicals, tinctures, ++ capsules!

  •  Topicals // can be used as a pain reliever in the form of a thick paste to be massaged into the skin [CBD serves as a healthier alternative to addictive opioids for post-recovery to injuries//surgeries//etc.]
  • Tinctures // can be used in pure Hemp Oil form, similar to essential oils, where all you have to do is drop it in your food//drink. You may also see it available as a spray to be administered under the tongue.
  • Capsules // some CBD-based products come in the form of a capsule, like a vitamin, or *edibles* to make it easier to eat.

*NOTE: When buying CBD-products, it’s important to make sure that the CBD formula is from organically grown, full-spectrum, THC-free Hemp extract.


CBD-products can be found online or in-store at health foods stores, apothecaries, alternative medicine stores, vitamins + supplements stores, dispensaries ++ smoke shops. Here are a few examples of CBD-based products that can be used in our everyday lives!

Although there are no claims of cures stemming from CBD, it does offer a healthy natural alternative to help with many things we may struggle with on a daily basis. Hopefully this was a helpful brief insight into the world of Hemp. Keep this post saved to your bookmarks as a reference because this will be a hot topic in 2019!