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The 12 Most Rewarding Aspects Of Starting A CHAARG Chapter

Starting a CHAARG Chapter on your campus can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. It’s an opportunity not only to leave a legacy on your university campus — but to change women’s lives for generations to come! I’ve been out of college for 5 years now + it is still so exciting to see what the University of Cincinnati CHAARG Chapter is up to + to know that I was able to help have an impact on women that I’ll never even meet. We wanted to see how starting a CHAARG Chapter had impacted other founding ambassadors… this is what we learned! 


PS — Thinking about starting a CHAARG Chapter at your university? We review apps throughout the year. Head to our Start A Chapter page or email Chapters@CHAARG.com to learn more! 

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Sarah Uddin, Temple University Founding Ambassador, @sarahu.inCHAARG

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter has probably been one of the most incredible things I have done in my entire life thus far. It has taught me a lot about myself + has also prepared me for my life ahead. Starting something from scratch, even though it might be insanely difficult at times, is definitely one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. Starting my own Chapter not only taught me how to deal with a great amount of accountability + stress, but it taught me how to be a mentor to people. It taught me what it felt like to have people rely on you + look up to you ++ that was such a rewarding feeling. I am so, so grateful for this experience.” 

Kiely Curran, Clemson CHAARG Founding Ambassador, @kielyis_inCHAARG

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter on campus changed me into being the person that I want to be, not who college tries to mold you into being. My freshman year, I avoided talking about eating healthy or my struggles with anxiety because I felt one in a million, but CHAARG makes you a part of a larger community. Now I have a FITNESS INSTA [what I never would have imagined that I would do] + talk about my mental health journey. I feel more comfortable in my own skin knowing that at least 96 other girls feel the same way as me.”

Anna Goff, Case Western Reserve University Founding Ambassador, @anna_in.chaarg

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter at CWRU has impacted me in countless ways, but perhaps the area I’ve grown most in is leadership. CHAARG provided me with endless resources + training, but I think that I’ve learned the most from observing all of the other leaders surrounding me. The ambassadors leading Chapters around the country alongside me represent an incredibly diverse group of individuals + I’ve gained so much from watching them + talking to them. The mentors that I have found in CHAARG have also had an immense impact on me. They have believed in me during moments where I’m not quite sure I believed in myself, which means more than words can say. The CHAARG community is one that lifts you up + gives you the confidence to take on the world. That confidence reaches far beyond starting a CHAARG chapter + is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Audrey Rotman, Furman University Founding Ambassador, @audj_inCHAARG

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter on Furman’s campus was the inspiring girls I got to meet. I have a pretty solid friend group + have gotten involved on campus via greek life, but I wouldn’t have ever gotten to meet some of the girls (of all years, majors, + organizations) if it weren’t for CHAARG! I always have a friendly face in the PAC, dining hall, + library because of CHAARG. When girls introduce me as their Small Group Leader to other friends/parents, I always feel like I’ve done something to positively impact at least one person.”

Bella Stechschulte, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Founding CHAARG Ambassador, @bellarae2872

“As a transfer student (I transferred 3 times before I decided to stay at UWM), I never felt like I was apart of something on campus. When I found out about CHAARG I knew I had to start it, not only for myself but for other girls who felt the same way I did. Once the Chapter was up + running I realized that these girls (our members) were helping me grow + learn more than I ever could have imagined. I felt connected to campus, which I hadn’t felt at any other school, + learned skills no classroom could teach me. CHAARG was one of the biggest + most impactful things from my college career + I am so thankful for it. While my priorities are on my future career as a PA right now + I am no longer a part of CHAARG, I will always be their biggest supporter + cannot wait to see how CHAARG grows in the future!”

Courtney Kruggle, Marquette University Founding Ambassador, @courtk_inchaarg

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter was being able to leave a legacy on campus after I graduated. To know that Marquette CHAARG is still *thriving* on campus makes me so happy. Due to my hard work + somewhat crazy idea, I am still helping impact other girls even though I am not actively involved with CHAARG on campus anymore [aside from me crashing random socials ; ) ]. To see it continue to grow each new semester, exec team, + membership base ++ be able to connect with the girls is truly unbeatable!”

Julia Shaughnessy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Founding Ambassador, @jshaun_inCHAARG

“Founding a CHAARG Chapter started out as a solution for myself + my lonely freshman year. I hadn’t found my place on campus + felt like the tiniest fish in the biggest pond. The most rewarding aspect of founding a CHAARG Chapter was that it quickly became so much more than the community that *I* needed, but one that SO many girls on campus needed + I get to continue to watch them joining + growing with that community everyday, even as an alumni! At the end of the day, all I wanted was for UMass CHAARG to be a place where *everybody feels like a somebody*, feels important + supported ++ there is no better feeling than seeing/hearing that girls are gaining that feeling from their membership in the chapter.”

Sydney Beverly, Texas A&M University Founding Ambassador, @sydbev_inCHAARG

“Starting a chapter forces you to really come out of your shell. It matures you socially + professionally. Through having official meetings with the university + the Rec Center, to meeting random girls on campus, you definitely learn how to talk to people in a professional, yet fun tone.”

Jill Jernas, University of Central Florida Founding CHAARG Ambassador, @jill_inCHAARG

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter is knowing that I helped make campus a better place for college aged women. CHAARG does more than introduce workouts — CHAARG creates a support network of women than normalizes sharing highs, lows, physical wins + struggles, mental health wins + struggles, + so much more. My most proud moments were stepping back at events + just hearing incredible conversations that would not have been possible without CHAARG!”

Emily Ganz, Purdue University Founding Ambassador, @ganzy_

“The most rewarding aspect of starting a CHAARG Chapter are the friendships I’ve built out of this community. They are ever lasting, I get to call some of these girls my best friends ++ they are some of my favorite memories from my time at Purdue. A lot of our members at the time I had never met before CHAARG + they took a leap of faith to join this new organization ++ I am BEYOND grateful that they did! These are also the friendships that helped build the foundation for Purdue CHAARG so to see it continue to thrive almost 6 years later is beautiful + I owe it all to the girls who trusted the team + stuck around for more.” 

Sammi Frankenberg, Bowling Green State University Founding Ambassador, @samm_frann

“Ah there were so many rewarding aspects of starting a chapter, but I’d say the one that sticks out the most is the members + community. Planning for + interacting with so many amazing women week after week truly energized me ++ motivated me to pour back into the chapter. “

Alyssa Pike, Penn State University Founding Ambassador, @gratefully_nourished

“Starting a CHAARG Chapter impacted me in so many ways. It gave me the confidence to lead (beyond CHAARG!), helped me practice empathy through working with a small team + empowered me to respectfully speak up for myself. Leading a CHAARG chapter quickly became more than completing a fun workout — that was part of it — but it helped me learn + understand that I really love working with people + helping them understand how important + valuable they are.”

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Ready to start a CHAARG Chapter? Email Chapters@CHAARG.com + get started today! 


CHAARG’s Guide To Kauai

Wow! I now know why Kauai is called “The Garden Isle.” The plants + trees + nature are indescribably majestic… however it is WET [there’s a reason everything is so green — lots of water ; )].

Going in, I thought Kauai was going to be “my place,” but I didn’t fall head over heels in love like I thought I would. Part of the reason was that we stayed on a farm in the mountains… aka, the roosters woke us up at 330 AM without fail, AND it rained every day! My soul needs sunshine! Also, the towns were tiny. Nevertheless, I know I’ll be back… particularly in summer when it’s not AS WET. There’s so much more outdoor exploring that I want to do!

#1] Kalalea Juice Hale: Get the cold brew with house made coconut cream. so freaking good. Favorite coffee. Favorite spot. ALSO THE VIEWS HERE, unreal.

#2] Kauai Juice Co: The cold brew concentrate is perfect if you want a DIY cold brew. I recommend to fill your cup with ice + pour half a cup of the cold brew concentrate… + then add water to your desired strength of coffee ; ) Stir it up well! There’s 6 servings in the concentrate they carry, which is nice! Plus, you can get some some juice while you’re at it : ). Say hi to Roxy!

#3] Triology Coffee: If you want fancy coffee + a vibe. All of their treats [+ avocado toast!] look delicious.

#1] Kalalea Juice Hale: My favorite spot for acai bowls [all the toppings!]. ++ they have incredible immunity shots!

#2] Nourish Hanalei: Wow. The food, the views, this is another must. There acai bowls are delicious, but the lunch bowls are even better — try the Hanalei Bowl + the Ha’ena Bowl. *Make sure to pay attention to the days + hours they are open. Also! There’s an easy trail nearby that’s nice — the Old Club Med Trail!

#3] Anake’s Juice Bar: This is inside Kukuiula Market…. + at first, you might think it looks kind of sketchy ; ) BUT, in the back there is an amazing juice bar. Their acai bowl ranks as one of my favorites + they have a bunch of fun raw desserts, too.

#1] Midnight Bear Breads: We went at night, so all of the pastries were gone [I heard the chocolate croissants are out of this world] — but the PIZZA. Omg. Macadamia Nut Pesto Pizza with the freshest crust ever. Get it! There’s an art walk every Friday in the area, too… if you find the guy who gives a massage with his feet, plz try it + then tell me everything.

#2] Eat Healthy, Kauai: There’s a lot of tofu on this menu, which turned me off, aha… BUT: the spring rolls were amazing + I loved the kale salad. The breakfast looked great here, too!

#3] Little Fish Coffee: If you want hearty sandwiches after your hike, this is your spot. Get the Clubzilla. I split that with a bagel sandwich with Isaac… + both of us wish we would have gotten our own Clubzilla.

#1] Ama: This is a perfect date night restaurant… make sure to get here early, it’s a must to watch sunset here! The food was amazing — you can’t go wrong. I loved the Nuoc Cham Brussel Sprouts + Dan Dan Mazeman. DREAMY!

#2] Kilauea Market + Cafe: We went here 3 times in one day…. so, YES this was potentially my favorite spot in Kaui. It’s an incredible grocery store, but it also has an amazing cafe… the poke bowls were the best I found, AND THE COCONUT SHRIMP SALAD, OMG. I miss it.

#3] Mermaids Cafe: A cute, small outdoor cafe in Kapaa. Go on the early side for dinner, or else half the menu will be sold out ; ).

#4] Treats: Wishing Well Shave Ice + Holey Grail Donuts. Don’t ask, just go.

Food Trucks That I’m Bummed We Missed [make sure to check the days/times they are open!]: Saenz Ohana Breakfast, Trucking Delicious, Fresh Bite Kauai, Trucking Delicious, Cafe Turmeric,

Eats For Next Time: Hanalei Bread Company, Akamai Juice Company, Aloha Aina Juice Cafe, The Spot North Shore, JO2 [date night]

#1] Waves: Such a great yoga studio! ++ there are infrared panels in the studio, which is the first time I’ve seen that! Highly recommend!

#2] Metamorphosis Yoga: Honestly, didn’t have the best experience with the yin class, but it was super cute + has good reviews on yelp, so I wanted to include it! It’s right next to Kauai Juice Co,

#3] The Golden Lotus Studio: This is a student massage clinic… $40 for an hour massage! It won’t be the best massage of your life, but it was such a fun experience!

#4] Shop At Hunter Gatherer: Shopping is wellness, right? ; ) This shop has all the spiritual thangs… crystals, angel cards, fun books,

#5] All The Farmers Markets! Eat all the passionfruit, papaya, guava, + the like. See the list of all the markets here.

#1] Go Blue Adventure: Hands down my favorite outdoor adventure — we did the morning adventure tour. It was indescribable to be so close to dolphins, ++ to see the Na Pali Coast from the lens of the boat. This is a must!

#2] Hike Na Pali, Kalalau Trail: DAMN. Green on green on green. Another must. It was a bit muddy when we went, so we used trekking poles [which I’d recommend!]. Absolutely gorgeous!

#3] Waimea Canyon, Kukui Trail: Loved this trail — the canyon is breathtaking [really, everything in Kauai is breathtaking, haha].

#4] Explore All The Beaches! List of beaches to check out:

#1] Check the wet season ; ) — especially if you want to stay in the jungle. Most likely, if you go south [where are the resorts are] it will be dry + sunny… but my favorite parts were up north + they are RAINY in the winter! Also, many of the trails are likely the be muddy. I wish we would have traveled to Kauai in the spring/summer!

#2] Note the food truck times — I already mentioned this, but it’s worth repeating! Everything closes very early in Kauai.

#3] You need to rent a car it’s the only way to get around.

#4] Prepare to not spend time in the towns, instead… SOAK UP THE OUTDOORS — I totally agree with this statement: “The towns are okay, but that’s not why I’m there. Get out into the jungle + beaches — that’s why you’re there. If you want towns + night life — go to Oahu.”

.     .     .

Enjoy jungle life! + take ALL THE PHOTOS! + eat ALL THE ACAI! : )

3 Morning Routines To Create — Depending On How Much Time You Have!

If you’ve set an intention to find [+ stick!] to a morning routine this year — this post is for you! Especially if you don’t consider yourself a morning person… yet ; ).

Finding a great morning routine is no easy feat — especially for those of us who are not *morning people*. I’ve always been someone who loves to sleep in [6 AM workouts have never been my friend] + I constantly find myself hitting *snooze* until the last possible second… leaving me with 10 minutes before I have to be out the door. Nevertheless, I have still developed a *morning* routine that I stick to — even when I hit the snooze button! 

You don’t have to have 2 hours to follow a morning routine — all you really need is 10 minutes! Instead of only building 1 morning routine, I’m going to walk you through building multiple morning routines:

  • 10 Minute Morning Routine
  • 30 Minute Morning Routine
  • As Long As Necessary Morning Routine ; )

Developing a routine that shifts based on how much time you have [whether you jumped out of bed immediately or had to hit snooze a couple of times] helps with identifying the most important parts of your morning + creates something that you can stick to — every day of the week! Utilize these routine to build new habits, find a sense of *calm* before you start your day, + increase productivity. Let’s dive in!

Before you create your 3 morning routines, it’s important to ask yourself about your energy levels, how you’re managing them, + what energizes you. Ask yourself these questions: 

#1] Where do I get my energy form + how can I build that into my morning routine?

If you get your energy from quiet reflection time, you might enjoy journaling or mediation first thing in the morning. If you get your energy from others or external stimuli, you might enjoy texting friends a voice message, loud music, or a workout class .

#2] What are the things that make me feel GREAT in the morning?

Identify things that leave you feeling empowered + ready to take on the day… such as: picking out a cute outfit, crushing a workout, sitting + enjoying coffee, or  reading a book!

The Bare Essentials Routine — Create this routine by identifying 3 things that you *must* do every morning. It should only take about 10 minutes… so there is no reason not to do it [even if you snooze through your alarm]. These are 3 of the most important things that you do in the morning. It can really be simple! My bare essentials routine: 

  • Meditate — even if it’s only for 3 minutes, I take a few minutes to breathe + center myself for the day! 
  • Wash my face + brush my teeth — this may seem like basic hygiene… but it’s so important that I do these two things! Splashing water on my face immediately wakes me up in the morning. Doing this automatically gives me a burst of energy to make sure I get out the door!
  • Pencil my eyebrows — I’m not a huge make-up person, but I am consistent about *penciling* my eyebrows. Years of over-plucking have made them a little patchy, so this is one thing I don’t leave my apartment without doing. It makes me feel more put together + like I can take on anything! 

The In-Between Routine — This one is good for mornings when you wake up a little later or when you want to get out the door a little earlier but don’t have to completely rush. The in-between routine should have the same basis as your bare essentials routines [maybe spending a little bit longer on some of them!] but also add 1-2 more tasks that are good extras for your routine… should take you about 30 minutes! My in-between routine: 

  • Meditate — if spending some more time on this, journal! 
  • Wash my face + brush my teeth — maybe even put on some extra make-up ; )
  • Pencil my eyebrows [duh] 
  • Make my bed — TBH the last thing I want to come home to is an unmade bed. I love the look/feel of fresh sheets at night ++ I feel accomplished doing something before I even leave the apartment! 
  • Make a quick breakfast — I am not a huge breakfast person, but I do like having a lil’ something something. Whether that’s enjoying granola + yogurt or making a smoothie bowl, I like starting my day with some food that fuels me!

The Ideal Routine — This routine should pull out all the stops + make you feel like you’re ready to change the world. This is great for when you wake up on-time, have late classes, or even on weekends when you want to treat yourself a little more! It should take about an hour [maybe a little more!] + should incorporate all of the things that you want to get out of your AM routine! Although I don’t get to do mine often… here it is! 

  • Meditate or journal for 10 minutes 
  • Wash my face + brush my teeth 
  • Pencil my eyebrows 
  • Make my bed 
  • Make a quick breakfast or snack 
  • Go on a run or workout — complete transparency, this only happens on the weekends. But I love starting my day with a nice run! 
  • Playtime with Bruce! My cat loves to play + I hate leaving him in the morning. I love snuggling with him + making him feel special before I go to work. 
  • Read my *inspo* emails  I subscribe to a few inspo emails + newsletters [the Daily Stoic, the Skimm, Seth Godin, etc]. I like reading these while I’m at home during the mornings I have plenty of time! 

.     .     .

There ya have it — my 3 morning routines! These differ for everyone! If you are naturally a morning person, then your *basic* routine might be a little longer or more even complex. Ultimately the most important aspect of creating a morning routine: find what works for you + choose items that will make you excited to wake up every morning!

Questions? Let me know!

My Skincare Journey: Ask Me Anything [Part 5!]

Alright, alright! This is the last + final post of my skincare journey… answering all of the questions you’ve asked me on instagram! But first, if you haven’t read the previous posts in this series…

#1] Where do you recommend starting? It depends on what your goals are. Using a medical grade cleanser, exfoliate [exfoliate every other day!], + acne serum [I’m obsessed with Blemish + Age] is a great place to start. I also recommend retinoid at night, although it is pricey. Use those products every day for a month + see if your skin improves. If you are interested in treatments, book a consultation with an esthetician [it’s typically free!]. I also think hydration + cleaning up your diet can be a gamechanger for skin health.

#2] How long did it take you to determine the cause of your skin issues? My skin is natural oily, so clogged pores will be something that I will always have to deal with. I didn’t take care of my skin because I didn’t know better. Also, stress from a year ago flared up my skin like crazy.

#1] What products do you swear by now? LOTS! Here’s a list of all the products I use.

#2] What fash wash + moisturizer do you prefer? Currently, I use Glytone Acne Self Foaming Cleanser as my face wash. ++ PCA ReBalance as my moisturizer!

#3] What is your routine now? Same peels as before, etc? I’m at a really good place with my skin. I’m going to do microneedling/peel series this winter + then get more “for fun” facials [think: facial massage]. ++ of course, stay consistent on skin routine!

#1] When did you start to get acne? As an adult… sigh ; (

#2] How do you stop picking? Omg. Read how I finally stopped picking here.

#3] How do you get rid of acne scars? Using retinol/retinoid + TREATMENTS.

#1] Do you consistently get treatment done on your face? Now I do! I like to get a treatment every 1–1.5 months, but it depends on the treatment + how much time is needed in between treatments [your esthetician will talk to you about that!]

#2] How long did it take you to notice results from microneedling? One month!

#3] How did you find your estitician? Through having Kate on the podcast! Thank yew, Kate!

#4] How long was the process? It’s still a process ; ) However, I will say… after 6 months of consistent medical grade products + treatments, I finally noticed a massive difference. Make sure to take progress pictures of your skin, so that you can remember what your skin used to look like! It will be crazy to see the change!

#1] What’s one thing that helped majorly or was it a combination of things? A combination of things for sure.

#2] What are your thoughts on taking oral medication/accutane? I considered accutane, but before I tried oral medication, I wanted to work with medical grade products + treatments to see if that would clear up my skin. + it did!

#3] How much have you invested in your skincare journey? A LOT. lol. I talk about my skincare routine investment in this post — it comes to about $17–34 per week. Treatments can be anywhere from $100–350 per session… + I’ve done ~10 sessions, so you can do the math… eeek. There’s no doubt that it is an INVESTMENT! However, it’s an investment that I happily made [+ will continue to make]. I’m 29 years old… it’s about time that I have clear skin! ALSO, SpaDerma in Chicago constantly has discounts on packages, so I typically only purchase when I can get a package [although it doesn’t always work out that way ; )].

#4] Did you change anything about your diet to fix your skin? I didn’t consciously change anything, however — I will say that I drink a lot more water now than I did 15 months ago, ++ I barely eat dairy anymore!

.     .     .

Any questions that I missed, or that you want me to do a deeper dive on? Let me know! I hope this series was entertaining + informative for you! I love you guys so much!

Rooting for you,

From The CHAARG Community: What I Wish I Would Have Known About Post-Grad Life

The start of spring semester means college graduation is right around the corner! Preparing to graduate can give you all the feels — excitement, anxiety, sadness, + anticipation. To help you prepare for what to expect, we asked our team of post-grads what they wish they would have known about post-grad life! Here’s what they said…

Ashleigh, @busybee.inthecity: “Finding motivation + time to workout is hard when you don’t have your WW, Small Group, etc! Also — it’s OK + not weird to network + reach out to random people. Someone reached out to me on LinkedIn, said they wanted my job + asked what advice I had. I ended up helping them get an internship somewhere else!”

Antonia, @ant_inchaarg: “Your routines/habits as a college student may be awesome and work well for you now, but it might not work as a post grad and thats ok! You may find yourself having to change when/how you workout, how you organize yourself/manage time, etc. Being patient with yourself, allowing yourself time to try new things, and being flexible + understanding that you may have to adjust your habits/routines to comply with your new situation can be frustrating but it’s essential to finding a post-grad flow that’s sustainable.

Ellan, @everyday_ellan: “There’s a lot of pressure to feel like you “have it all together” right away + you DONT have to!! Seriously — no one does. It’s totally okay to take time to figure out what you want to do, what routines work best for you, + to give yourself grace. Post grad adjustment is hard + it’s totally okay if you don’t have it all figured out right away!!”

Julia, @jshaun_inchaarg: “No matter what your post grad plans are [working + living back at home, moving to the city, going right to grad school, etc.] it is crucial to start off prioritizing yourself + what is important to you. As someone who physically can’t function without routine, having to adjust my entire life + schedule made me feel really weird ++ it wasn’t until I sat down, ignored the urge to make a routine out of thin air, allowed myself to truly see what my ‘new life’ [+ routine] was like [*thank you Sarah Clem*] + do whatever I could to build in things that made me *happy* did I feel ‘normal’ + more like myself.”

Mary, @itsmaryk: “No one will do our sacred work for us if we burn out, so we must keep the fires burning for ourselves.” Freedom is an incredible privilege, but with that comes great responsibility. As a post-grad, you must be willing to try and try again with all parts of your life. There is no one *right* way to live a life, and you can completely design your own life based on your own priorities and values — just do so gently, with compassion for yourself!”

Ashley, @awill_inchaarg: “Every part of life seems to change after graduation and it is EXHAUSTING! Stay true to yourself + focus on your personal goals to keep you grounded. Everything will fall into place eventually — be patient + enjoy the ride!”

Brittany, @blind_inchaarg: “You never have to stay where you are. If you are unhappy make the changes you need to find your happiness again. I see this so much with new post grads feeling like they have to choose a job where they will stay for 30+ years. That’s not true! Try a job, if you hate it, find a new one. Each job you do offers you a chance to gain experience no matter what, but you aren’t stuck with the first job you land post grad, find your passion!”

Sarah, @sarahkclem: “You still have a lot of *growing up* to do after college + the homework isn’t done. You’ve graduated, you’ve gotten your degree, you’ve hopefully landed a job that you like — but that doesn’t mean the work you do on yourself is done. Embracing change + giving yourself time to really figure out *who you are* is the real homework of post-grad. You may have gotten a head start on it while in school, but when you’re in the real world you are put on an accelerated course of learning to care for yourself — really care for yourself, finding relationships that fill you up, + creating your own lifestyle + routine. You’re no longer living in a bubble with typical structure, people all your own age, + clear guidelines of what *success* looks + feels like [no more dean’s list to tell you you did a good job the previous semester ; )].  It’s now up to you to figure out what *good enough* is + how you want to fill your own cup, every day.”

Elisabeth, @etavierne: “Friendships will change + looks different after college, + that’s totally okay. It takes effort on both ends to maintain virtual friendships [chances are high that you won’t live in the same city as most of your friends from college] ++ some friendships may fizzle out… so, make sure to communicate with those friendships that you want to continue nurturing! Write down birthdays in your calendar, plans trips to visit, + utilize text/FT. Also! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to make friends post grad, + you’ll be surprised that you’ll meet some of your best friends post college ; ).”

Jill, @jill_inchaarg: “Friendships are harder post-grad + no one warns you. Time, distance, + schedules separate you from being as close. You have to really be intentional + work hard to maintain friendships! It’s easy to be in a pattern of not meeting people.”

Anna, @annaferrato: “It’s lonely AF”

Kylie, @knightingale3: “Finding a job after college was so hard for me! I felt so hopeless and thought that my degree meant nothing in the corporate world because I didn’t have 3-5 years of experience. I wish I knew that this is more normal than it seems and that patience really is key [even if that means being broke af and waiting months for the right position].”

Leah, @healthtothemaxey: “Life doesn’t *slow down* after college like we think or expect it to.”

Tori, @tori_inchaarg: “Life doesn’t slow down. There is a misconception that you’ll never be as busy as you are during college — trying to balance a classes, homework, a social life, + maybe even work. Post grad is even harder than college because you have to adapt your schedule to work hours + commuting, + those work hours take up a lot more time than class hours ever did. You don’t have the same flexibility anymore to do things when you want [or skip class when you want] on your own schedule. Post-grad life demands that you’re responsible with your schedule, and there are more consequences when you slip-up or forget things. You’ll have just as many opportunities/things going on post-grad as you did in college, so college is really the time to learn time-management, priorities, + balance, because that won’t just come naturally once you’ve graduated.”

.     .     .

Through CHAARG, we hope to not only give you guys the tools to have an amazing college experience… but ALSO an incredible post grad journey! That is why we started The CHAARG Podcast — to interview people on their wellness + career journeys after college! This month, we are bringing Mary [@itsmaryk] back on the podcast to talk about advice she wish she would have known about post college life. Any specific topics you’d like us to talk about? Let us know!

Rooting for you,

CHAARG’s Guide To Honolulu

Honolulu is a strange mix of acai bowls [+ massages] at every corner, shopping centers after shopping centers, a beach that is packed like a spring break trip — but without the excessive drinking, the most beautiful weather, ++ trees that look like they belong in a fantasy land. At every time of day, the city is alive + there are a TON of people on the streets. It feels both familiar [like the USA] + different [like a different country] — it’s so lovely.

#1] Hideout Coffee: Isaac + I stayed at The Laylow, which houses The Hideout… so we had cold brews here every morning. The coffee shop opens at 4 AM! Perfect for the tourists who have a hard time adjusting to the time ; ). I got up between 5 + 6 every morning + freaking loved it simply because I got to see the pink clouds during sunrise — so pretty.

#2] Kona Coffee Purveyors: OMG. We sadly discovered this the last day. All of the pastries are to die for… get the black sesame pastry [the best!] ++ if you want a sweet, gooey pastry — you’ll love the chocolate banana almond croissant.

#3] KonaRed Cold Brew, Hawaiian Vanilla: You can most likely find this cold brew at any grocery store in Hawaii… it is so good — a must to take on the beach.

For Next Time: Island Brew Coffeehouse, Ali’i Coffee, Local Joe, The Curb Kaimuki, Hana Tea

#1] Arvo Cafe: Located in SALT, a cute outdoor shopping center, this cafe reminded me of Sydney… they serve Vegemite toast, lol! Plz get the loaded avocado toast with poached egg, organic house salad, + meatballs. YUM.

#2] The Sunrise Shack: Yes, yes, yes. If you can only go to one place in Honolulu, go here… + don’t be intimidated by the line. Everything here is incredible, but I love the Coconut Bullet, Monkey Bowl, Tropical Bowl… + the popcorn ; ).

#3] HiBlend Health Bar + Cafe: A delicious hole in the wall, perfect for lunch. I tried the HiBlend Acai, The Balt Sandwich, + one of the salads on the seasonal menu. Ask for extra honey on the acai bowl!

#4] Leahi Health: I wish I could eat these smoothies + salads every day. So nourishing… you can taste the health, lol but really.

For Next Time: Nalu Health Bar + Cafe, Hawaiian Aroma Caffe, Waioli Kitchen + Bake Shop

#1] Ono Seafood: If you’re looking for a no frills, authentic poke spot — this is the place. Don’t make the mistake of going there 30 minutes before close though, or there will be no rice left ; ). After grabbing poke, get dessert at Anu — a plant based dessert pop up. So freaking good.

#1] The Hideout: I love the fun, swanky atmosphere here. Start with the Mai Tai — a must in Hawaii. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu… I loved the Crispy Pork Belly ++ the Rice Bowl.

#3] Mahina + Suns: Tucked inside the Surferjack hotel, we went here for brunch — I got the Surfjack Breakfast [get it with mushrooms + add avocado!], + Isaac was obsessed with the Pork Adobe Fried Rice.

#4] Manukame Udon: Okay, so funny store. This restaurant was right across from our hotel + there was always a massive line. I’m typically skeptical of restaurants on the main streets… even if it is highly reviewed + rated [4.5 on yelp ++ 10K reviews!]… however, on the last day I looked at Anais’s recommendations + saw Manukame Udon was on the list, so I was like okay I’ll try it. SO GLAD I DID! The noodles though, omg. ++ a full tempura bar, aha… which was surprisingly amazing [I typically don’t like fried food]. YUM.

#5] Summer Frappe: If you’re walking around Chinatown, go to Summer Frappe strictly for the Avocado Banh Mi. We ordered one to share as a snack… + then instantly got a second one. So good. All the smoothies looked amazing, too.

For Next Time: Maguro Brothers Hawaii, Tamashiro Market, WorkPlay, Insomnia, Off The Hook Poke Market, Sprout Sandwich Shop, Nana’s Green Tea

#1] Purple Yoga: If you’re into Ashtanga Yoga, this studio is incredible + intense. The instructor Glenn was amazing.

#2] Open Space Yoga: Loved this studio, the vibes, + the instructor — perfect if you are into Vinyasa, but they also have other classes. I took a class at the Diamond Head location with Diana!

#3] Red Earth Massage + Wellness: 5 star review for sure! It’s in the same plaza as Purple Yoga, so you can go to Ashtanga + then get a massage ; ). This was one of my favorite masssages ever — I added the facial massage at the end, which I’d recommend.

#4] Down To Earth: An all vegan grocery… great for grabbing beach food!

For Next Time: SuperNova Energetics — they do gong yoga every Monday, which I wish I could have experienced! ++ the Farmer’s Market!

#1] ALL. THE. HIKING! We only did two hikes in Honolulu — Diamond Head + The Lighthouse. I would NOT recommend Diamond Head… it was so crowded, which made it not enjoyable. I would recommend The Lighthouse, though… there were tidepools throughout the hike, too! It was an incredible view the entire hike. Next time, I’d love to hike Koko Crater Railway Trailhead.

#2] The Beach, Of Course: This is a given… along with all the water sports that come with it. My favorite beach was Diamond Head Beach Park — local vibe + way less crowded.

#3] Botanical Gardens: There are quite a few botanical gardens [+ I’m sure all of them are glorious!] — we went to Foster Botanical Gardens, which was in Chinatown!

#4] Get Fruit Off The Street: That’s an outdoor adventure, right? ; ) There’s fruit everywhere… + it’s all incredible.

#1] ALL. THE. SHOPPING! I swear Wakiki has every single store in the world.

#2] Chinatown: It’s a mix of hip boutiques, massages, outdoor markets, + all the eats. It’s a fun area to explore! SALT, which is close to Chinatown is a must check out area, too.

#3] Doris Duke Theater: Isaac + I have been dating for 3 years, ++ this was the first time we saw a “movie” in theater together, lol. We saw the 2019 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour here!

#4] Take a day trip to Kailua: Visit the Byodo-In Temple, beer taste at Lanikai Brewing, explore the cute boutiques, + eat at Himalayan Kitchen for authentic Indian food. Use Turo to rent a car for a good price!

#5] Take a day trip to The North Store: Get acai bowls from the original Sunrise Shake, explore the town of Haleiwa, get food at any food truck, + watch the waves at Banzai Pipeline.

#6] Bike all around the city with Biki: The bikeshare of Hawaii — it’s the best way to explore Honolulu! ALSO. While on the bike, make sure you get shaved ice… anywhere. ; )

#7] Find live music: Whether it’s through SoFarSounds, walking around the strip, or searching Kimberly June or Paul Izak [both local artists who I’ve seen that are great!]… there are tons of great live music in Honolulu!

I loved The Laylow in Waikiki — it’s right next to the International Market Place [aka all the shopping], all the incredible restaurants, ++ is walking distance from the beach. However, it is very touristy as you’d expect… so, if I were to go back to Honolulu for a longer stay, I’d choose an Airbnb close to Diamond Head.

Did I miss any of your favorite spots in Honolulu? Let me know!

Aloha xoxo,

My Skincare Journey, Continued: All The Treatments ++ Q+A With My Esthetician, Tara Leggero [Part 4]

Longest series ever! For those of you who are just catching up, here’s part 1 + 2 + 3!

I want to talk about TREATMENTS + officially introduce you to Tara Leggero, + get some words from wisdom from her, too!

Obviously, everyone is so different — BUT, I wanted to share my exact journey, so that you know that this is a process… it takes patience!

Chemical Peel Series

  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 1

Microneedling Series

  • November 25 — after this treatment is when I FINALLY STOPPED PICKING!
  • January 6 — had to get a chemical peel instead, because I had active acne*
  • February 11
  • April 1 — FINALLY SAW RESULTS IN APRIL! 8 months after treatments, 6 months after I finally stopped picking my face

Maintenance — I have had a treatment every 1-2 months since, mostly microneedling + a couple hydrafacials.

My Experience — The chemical peel itself doesn’t hurt, it just has a really toxic smell… lol. After the peel, my skin feels very very tight for a couple days, + then I tend to start peeling on day 3… + am fully done peeling between days 5–7… with the most aggressive day being day 4 for me. It comes with a post-procedure solution that lasts about a week. I don’t wear makeup for a week either! It’s very obvious after a week that your skin is much more bright + clear.

From Tara, Esthetician Advice — You Should Try Chemical Peels If… You have oily/acne prone skin, pigmentation/sun damage, melasma, sensitive skin, dry skin, normal skin, dull skin, fine lines…the list goes on. There are many options available for chemical peels, + they can be customized for you. The amount + frequency of treatments completely depends on your skin + goals.

One Week Post Chemical Peels, January 2019

My Experience —Microneedling is not pleasant + I know that it hurts for a lot of people… however, your face will be numb so you don’t feel as much. I don’t mind the pain, oddly enough… probably because I love picking/tweezing my face, lolol. You also will probably BLEED during your treatment. Don’t freak out about that ; ). Right after microneedling, my face always looks like a lobster, extremely red + swollen… ++ it also feels like a sunburn! My face tends to stay red + swollen for 3 days. I start PEELING LIKE CRAZY on day 3. This is one of those “looks worse before it gets better” treatments. My troubled spots will become scabs + then flake off [similar to a chemical peel]. Also, my last microneedling, I had a weird purging reaction or “granulomas” [google it!] … + got tons of little bumps over my cheeks/chin after having completely clear skin [see the middle photo from the very first photo of this post!]. It cleared up in a couple days, but that’s something to keep in mind — your skin may react slightly differently to every treatment. I don’t wear makeup for at least a week after this treatment. At SpaDerma, microneedling comes with a solution that reminds me of aloe that you apply to your face as needed. The results of microneedling tend to truly reveal itself a few weeks later.

From Tara, Esthetician Advice: You Should Try Microneedling If…You are looking to improve the texture of the skin. Anyone who would like to improve the appearance of fine lines, large pores, + acne scars. It will not completely remove acne scars, but can definitely help to soften. Recommended treatments are between 4–6 [depending on your skin] scheduled every 4 weeks. This is not a one + done, so if you don’t plan on being consistent with the treatment plan, it’s not the treatment for you. Best results are about a month after the last treatment in a series.

One Month Post Microneedling, April 2019

My Experience — I freaking love hydrafacials, especially the facial massage element. If they weren’t as expensive [~$250], I’d do them more often — particularly before large events. It truly makes your face GLOW. ++ it doesn’t hurt at all. I’d like to try dermaplaning before a hydrafacial some time, too!

From Tara, Esthetician Advice: You Should Try Hydrafacials If… You are looking for something that has no downtime, preparing for a special event, + want to do something more involved than your average facial. Also great as maintenance! Amount + frequency of treatments depends on your skin, but unlike many other treatments it isn’t necessary to be as consistent, however consistency leads to more impactful + long lasting results.

Directly After Hydrafacials, November 2019

.     .     .

You guys asked. Tara answered. She’s been in the skincare industry for 16 years, AND she has the most flawless skin… so I trust her with my life. If you haven’t listened to her on The CHAARG Podcast, that’s a must as well. Listen to her full story here!

#1] What products do you swear by?

Retinol, antioxidants, + zinc based sunscreen. I don’t believe in using only one brand of skincare, but I am partial of medical grade skincare products. They contain a higher percentage of active + stabilized ingredients, + go through rigorous clinical research before they are available for use.

#2] Antioxidants… is this vitamin c serum only? Or are there other antioxidants we should know about?

There are many different antioxidants. Vitamin C is one of the most researched antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that attack healthy cells + ultimately cause visible signs of aging. Antioxidants protect our skin from the inside out.

#3] What are your favorite benefits of retinol, antioxidants, zinc based sunscreen?

 — Retinol: increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen production, improves appearance of fine lines, hyper pigmentation, + large pores

 — Antioxidants: fights free radicals that cause visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, + pigmentation

 — Zinc based sunscreen: zinc offers the best UVA protection. It is a physical sunscreen, which means that it sits on top of the skin physically blocking UVA + UVB rays. If you are doing resurfacing treatments or using any products that have chemical exfoliants [including retinol], it is crucial you are incorporating a sunscreen with zinc daily.

#4] What are your thoughts on taking oral medications for skincare after exhausting all other options?

I think for some people, it is necessary + can really help. It is not a substitute for a skincare routine, so don’t think that you can just take a pill + not wash your makeup off before bed! Sometimes what is going on internally is beyond our control + medications can be used to kill bacteria or stabilize hormones.

#5] What causes acne?

Excess sebum (oil), dead skin, + bacteria that clogs the pores. There are numerous things that can contribute to excessive oil production, including hormones, medications, diet, genetics, products, + skincare habits.

#5] The best way to get rid of acne scars?

Acne scars [textural indents in the skin caused by acne] can’t be completely removed, but microneedling, laser treatments, + chemical peels can all help in softening them. Pigmented lesions left after a breakout is gone is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation [pih]. It will eventually fade but a combination of chemical peels + products used at home will expedite the healing process.

#6] Generally, how long does it take to notice results from microneedling

About 7 days after the treatment + skin has healed, you’ll notice smoother texture + a more radiant complexion. About 30 days after the last treatment in a series of 4–6, you’ll see improvement in the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and acne scars. Microneedling can stimulate collagen production for up to a year after completing a series of consistent treatments.

#7] How do you determine when to do microneedling vs peels?

Microneedling is not performed on active acne, so typically I make sure acne is completely under control by completing a series of chemical peels first, + then improving the texture with microneedling.

#8] What should a maintenance skincare routine look like once you get the results you want?

This completely depends on the treatment + the person! After desired results are achieved, treatments will still be required, but less frequently.

#9] Why esthetician vs dermatologist?

Both! Estheticians will do your treatments, + will help you with selecting products to use at home. Typically the appointment times are longer, + don’t involve prescriptions. Dermatologists can check your moles, give you a prescriptions, but likely won’t spend a lot of time discussing the importance of different products. Visits with a dermatologist will likely be very quick + less frequent that visits with an esthetician.

#10] What about our neck + hands?! Best ways to prevent aging on other than sunscreen? 

All products can be brought down to the neck and hands!

#11] Lastly! What resources or skincare leaders should we know about? 

To be honest, the resources I have come from the professional education I receive. I’m very selective on where I’m absorbing information, + I do not use Instagram as a credible resource for skincare. We are bombarded with skincare advice by people who have no education or background in it, + it makes it overwhelming + confusing. My goal is to simplify skincare by focusing on information that is backed by science.

.     .     .

Alright guys! I hope that was helpful!

I’m going to do a FINAL FINAL FINAL Q+A with questions that you have next week. DM me questions at @etavierne. Lots of love to you + happy new year! May your soul + skin glow! ; )

My Skincare Journey, Continued: My Skincare Routine [Part 3]

The skincare journey saga continues! For those of you who are just catching up, here’s part 1 + 2:

In this post I want to talk about my skincare routine! *Something to note: my morning + evening routine was created by my esthetician, Tara. Like I said above, it’s so important to work with someone who knows your skin! I’m prone to breakouts + I have a naturally oily face. These products might not be best for your face!

Step 1: Cleanse face with Glytone Acne Self Foaming Cleanser [I also love SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel]

Step 2: Exfoliate, every other day! SkinCeuticals Micro Exolating Scrubor PCA Daily Exfoliant

Step 3: Serums — both of these are expensive… but they do the job, so it’s worth it in my opinion! ++ you only need a tiny drop. I use both Blemish + Age Defense + C E Ferulic

Step 4: Moisturize with PCA ReBalance

Step 5: Sunscreen! EltaMD Tinted Facial Sunscreen… I’m seriously obsessed. I can never go back to not wearing tinted now!

Step 1: Cleanse Face with Glytone Acne Self Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Retinoid /Retinol — I like AlphaRet Rejuvenate Overnight Creamright now, but I’ve also used PCA Skin Intensive Clarity Treatment. Retinoids + retinols are also expensive… but just like the serums, 100% worth it.

Step 3: Eye Cream — Neocutis Lumiere. I don’t think it matters if you use eye creams in your morning or evening routine… ++ honestly, I think eye creams are one of those products that you notice later… like years later. I like it at night because I use it as an “undereye mask” — I dab a layer under my eyes + let it soak in all night long ; )

*I’m in the market for more masks, so if you have any that you love… let me know! Would love a brightening mask!

  • Facial Steamer: oh yes, oh yes. I just got this + I’m so excited! I’ll be using it at night ++ then apply a mask on after. It feels amazing, especially in the winter!
  • Jade Roller: DIY facial massage ; ) — don’t forget your neck, too! It looks so pretty in the bathroom, too. #LymphaticDrainage
  • Gua Sha: I prefer the Gua Sha over the Jade Roller, because I like more intense “scraping” for my facial massage… lol. This set comes in three shapes which is nice, + it’s great for other small parts of your body that feels tight. I use with cocoa butter, + then wash the butter off
  • Ice Roller: Finally got one of these — it’s like a cold shower to your face!

#1] TREATMENTS! Obviously. This one will have it’s own post soon. Products made a huge difference to my skin, but I don’t think I’d be where I am now without treatments. I’ve done chemical peels, microneedling, + hydrafacials — all which have their own magic. Stay tuned for part 4.

#2] Eliminated dairy. I barely eat dairy anymore [besides the occasional siggi’s]. There’s no doubt that our diets play a role in our skin health, so if you are struggling with breakouts, going a month without dairy + processed food/sugar is an easy experiment to see if your face clears up at all!

#3] Stopped “touching” my face, + I’m not just talking about picking. I realized that I was touching my face a lot while I was working — hands on chin/cheek while writing, phone pressed up against my face while talking on it, etc. I became much more conscious of NOT touching my face throughout the day.

#4] Gave up hot yoga, sigh ; (. I freaking love CorePower Yoga, but I definitely know that it contributed to my clogged skin. How could it not?! I’d sweat like crazy all throughout class… 4–7 times a week! ++ half of the time, it would be 30+ minutes after class when I’d finally be able to take a shower. I’m not telling you to give up your favorite fitness class in order to achieve clear skin [+ everyone’s skin handles sweat/heat so differently!], but absolutely make sure that you clean your skin before + after class.

#5] Moved… the lightning in my new bathroom is way more “friendlier” than my old bathroom. I know this isn’t something that most people can change immediately, lol… but if your bathroom is florescent lighting, do not put your face close to the mirror to “look at it” — this also resulted in a picking spree for me.

#6] HYDRATE! This is a low hanging fruit, + something that I just didn’t do [+ honestly, something that I still need to work on!]. I have a nalgene + make sure that I drink 3–4 bottles every day!

  • Under eyes — hydration + exfoliation [+ sleep! lol] have helped with this, but my under eyes are my still “trouble” area, #genetics. I’m excited to experiment more with the gua sha + ice roller.
  • Scars — more microneedling in 2020!
  • Other parts of my body… I have taken such good care of my skin on my face, but the other parts of my body? Not so much. From ingrown hairs on my legs to dry hands, I plan on dry bushing + oiling up my body like it deserves!
  • Relieving stress ; ) lol… but really. Acupuncture, meditation, massage, journaling, etc… relieving stress OF COURSE plays a roll in skin health! There’s always room for more ~relaxing~ in my life.

Let’s be real. Of course my skin isn’t perfect! Of course I’ve gotten a blackhead + whitehead since clearing up my skin. It’s been pretty rare, but it does happen. I didn’t even want to touch on this [no pun intended ; )] because I don’t want to advocate for picking at your face AT ALL, but I want to be real with you. Here’s what I do when a pimple sprouts up on my face:

  • Blackhead — extra exfoliation. ++ I’ll use the PCA Skin Detoxifying Mask to see if it goes away. If it’s still there + it’s REALLY bothering me, I make sure that my face is completing clean + HOT [open pores]. Then I’ll gently squeeze the blackhead ONCE. Immediately after, I’ll wash my face again with cleanser + then massage my face for like, 5 minutes to get blood circulating in my face. The trick here is to make sure you don’t have an indent in your face from squeezing the blackhead.
  • Whitehead — I’ll always put Glytone Acne Tinted Spot Treatment on whiteheads. Most of the time, it will become a tiny scab after 1 or 2 days of the treatment on at night. + then I leave it alone!

*The best part of this entire journey: I seriously barely have anything to even pick anymore! It’s been very impressive to watch my skin evolve. Sometimes I have an “urge” to pick… but since there’s nothing to pick at my face, I’ll tweeze my eyebrows or look for this one little black hair that always pops up on my chin to tweeze, #reallife. I swear I was a monkey in a past life.

There are many MANY things that contribute to clear skin, + it can be very overwhelming to not want to buy/do EVERYTHING AT ONCE. It took me 6 months to truly notice a difference in my skin. + it’s been a 15 months of consistency, proving to myself that I have made a lifestyle change.

A lot of people asked “how much should you expect to spend on your face?” That totally varies on each person. Some of the items I listed [serums + retinoid + of course, every treatment] are expensive, while others [more water + eliminating dairy + NO PICKING!] are totally free. My morning + evening routine alone is around $450 up front, but the products lasts 3–6 months… so if you think about the investment per week: it’s $17–34. I am actually curious about the exact turn around time for each product, so I’m going to test that out next time I purchase new products! It’s an investment, like everything! + I can truly say every penny is worth it. I’ve never felt more confident in my skin. IMO Blemish + Age Defense is my favorite product.

If you have no idea where to start, book an appointment with an esthetician. I’m not sure about other med spas, but a consultation at SpaDerma in Chicago is totally free. + if you refer me, we both get $50 off a treatment, soOoO win win ; ). I’m so thankful for Tara, + in my final post [for now!] — part 4 of my skincare journey… I’m going to share all the TREATMENTS I’ve done with her ++ a Q+A with her! Stay tuned!

Rooting for you,

How CHAARG Helped Me Land My Dream Job

CHAARG is an amazing organization to talk about when applying for future jobs — employers love to hear about your involvement in extra curriculars! Being an exec leader helps you to learn soft-skills that will be beneficial to a future job, regardless of the field you’re going into.We’re featuring some of our previous exec leaders from different CHAARG Chapters, + how CHAARG has helped them land their dream jobs <3

Carly Garcia, University of Iowa

Degree Earned: BA Communication Sciences + Disorders, current Graduate Clinician in Masters of Arts Speech Language Pathology program at The Ohio State University
Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: VP Media, Event Coordinator, + Ambassador

How did your CHAARG experience help you land a spot in an unrelated field? 

CHAARG is more of a left-field experience for people applying for graduate school in speech-language pathology. It’s not patient contact hours, it’s not working with vulnerable populations, but it is learning how to be a leader. The skills I learned + developed throughout my positions on the exec team helped me stand out in a competitive field. Obviously, coordinating workouts isn’t a skill I use every day in grad school, but inclusivity, adaptability, + creativity are all skills I learned through my time as an exec leader that I use every day. 

How did you articulate your CHAARG experience on your resume + in your LinkedIn profile? 

When in doubt, think about the *skills,* not the tasks! I used the LinkedIn profiles of other leaders who had held the same positions in other CHAARG Chapters to make a big list of bullet points, combined them, + narrowed them down until I had created the ones I thought best described my position + its relevance towards my future career. It took some extra research but it was SO worth it. [P.S. here is my LinkedIn that I keep updated with *everything* I do!].  Keeping up with LinkedIn made it as easy as copying + pasting the information into a resume when the time came! Because I keep my LinkedIn up-to-date, I have also already been contacted by recruiters offering help finding a clinical fellowship position after I am finished with graduate school in 2021! 


Haley Patel, University of Illinois at Chicago

Degree Earned: BS in Bio-Engineering 
Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: Event Coordinator

How did you explain CHAARG on your resume as an engineering major? How did you talk about it in your interviews?

I always had a unique opportunity to talk about + showcase my CHAARG experience, especially in an engineering position. It showed how well I could work on a team + interact with people, which is a soft skill that people cannot learn in school. It allows you to work with people from so many backgrounds! 

I was able to showcase CHAARG on my resume beneath my leadership section, + something I did to make it stand out was stress the *numbers* aspect of CHAARG. How many members my Chapter had, how many hours I spent at events throughout the semester, how many events I planned as an EC, how I worked with a team of 7 girls… the list goes on + on! Showing data that demonstrates how I empowered women was a home run! 

In all my interviews, they were scenario based questions. “Tell me how…” “Explain a time when…” My time on exec [especially as an EC] exposed me to tons of experiences that I could talk about during interviews. For example,  “How did I recover from a failure?” lead me to think of a time a studio cancelled last minute with tons of members looking forward to it + how I had to think on my feet to plan something else as a back-up! CHAARG gave me real-life experiences to discuss in my interviews + show my leadership skills in action. 


Antonia Wuschner, University of Michigan

Degree Earned: Bachelors in Nuclear Engineering + Radiological Sciences, Minor in Applied Physics. Pursuing PhD in Medical Physics with Radiation Therapy Focus
Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: Secretary + Ambassador

How did your time as a CHAARG exec leader help you get into school to pursue your PhD? 

I often reference my positions in CHAARG + definitely have talked about it in interviews ++ included  it on a resume. A comment I often hear from my mentors + recruiters I have talked to is that nowadays the *soft skills* are those that make the difference.  Employers often are faced with the decision between two qualified candidates + are willing to teach any technical knowledge. However, soft skills such as managing + working in a team, communicating effectively with businesses + other professionals, adaptability, + generally being receptive to giving or accepting feedback are skills that cannot be easily taught.  These are the skills I feel I’ve developed strongly through CHAARG. Whether it be delegating tasks to plan a complicated event, contacting studios to put together an event schedule, having CPR conversations + using radical candor to optimize team performance, or making last minute changes to plans when a studio cancels on you, everything I have done in my roles as a CHAARG leader have made me a more competent leader in society + has made me feel more empowered ++ confident taking on these roles.

 Personally, when applying to grad school, I highlighted my abilities to manage + work on a team as well as manage my time effectively. I also highlighted how I not only did this at a university level, but also communicated with a great national community to assure our actions aligned with the common goals of the organization. These skills are vital in a collaborative research environment + especially vital when pursuing a PhD where coursework must also be managed alongside research that may involve working with individuals across the world.


Evanthia Vranas, Indiana University

Degree Earned: BS in Biology, currently pursuing Doctor of Dental Medicine
Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: Founding VP Membership, Ambassador 

How did being a founding exec leader for a CHAARG Chapter help prepare you for dental school? 

Helping start a new CHAARG Chapter, being a part of a CHAARG exec team, + being a CHAARG Ambassador not only was an amazing experience ++ growing opportunity through my college years, but it has also impacted the person I am today. When applying to dental school, I truly felt that I could answer any interview question I was asked with an amazing opportunity or difficulty I had to overcome when holding a leadership position in an organization full of my passionate colleagues. I have also been asked by my peers before, “how can you be so mature for being one of the youngest in our class?” + I know that it is because of the three core values I took away from being a leader in CHAARG. 

  • 1] The only way to stay truly motivated towards a goal is to have a genuine passion for the work you do.
  • 2] There is one thing to be a dreamer, but in order to achieve those dreams you must do the work.
  • 3] Research, explore, discover what makes you the best version of yourself, + never lose sight of it, no matter what life throws at you.


Libby Hinken, University of Cincinnati 

Degree Earned: BA in Communication + Marketing, PR Certificate
Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: Small Group Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Ambassador, + Events CHAARG Summer Intern 

How did your experience with CHAARG help you find your dream job?

My experience with CHAARG has benefitted me long beyond my time of college. I started out as a Small Group Coordinator, then went on to Event Coordinator, Ambassador, Events CHAARGtern, + lastly a CLC [Chapter Leadership Consultant].

Through my experience with these variety of positions, I found my niche within the event planning industry. I have since then pursued a career as an event specialist. I use many skills learned through CHAARG such as organization, teamwork, interaction with instructors [now clients!], public speaking… just to name a few. I am so thankful I took the chance to apply for exec + for CHAARG HQ investing their time ++ resources to help me develop my skills. I truly do not think I would have found my dream job if it weren’t for my experiences with CHAARG.


Emily Ganz, Purdue University

Degrees Earned: BS of Movement + Sports Science, MS of Public Health [from University of Cincinnati] Position[s] in CHAARG Exec: Founding Ambassador 

How did you talk about your CHAARG experience in your interview?

Drawing parallels from my experience on a CHAARG exec team to the position I applied for allowed me to paint a picture for my future employers as to how I would *fit in* on their team. One key point I discussed in my interviews was working on a team of 7 individuals with different communication styles to hit deadlines + goals. Regardless of the field you’re in, you will be working alongside co-workers where you will have multiple responsibilities on your plate. By shining light that you already have experience in creating a collaborative experience with others along with time management skills of different tasks, your future employers will see the confidence in your abilities + know that you are a team member they want to have!

My Skincare Journey, Continued: How I Finally Stopped Picking My Face [Part 2]

If you haven’t read part one, it’s entertaining + a must before reading this post. Also, if you haven’t thrown out your St. Ives Apricot Scrub — please do so now.

Back to the story… 

I had just turned 28 [#aging] + was considering getting a chemical peel. I looked up SpaDerma, per Kate’s recommendation, + saw that they also had LASER HAIR REMOVAL! This really caught my eye.

My parents had gifted me laser hair removal for my birthday literally 3 years prior for my dark hair bikini line + I hadn’t made any moves on it… partially because I was scared [even though I asked for the gift!] + partially because I didn’t do any research on where to get it done.

It seemed like a win-win. I could get laser hair removal and a chemical peel [maybe!]. I booked a consultation with Tara.

To be totally honest, as soon as I saw Tara I was like yup, she walks the talk. Her skin was absolutely flawless. I instantly trusted her. Even though I should have learned the lesson from the Chanel lady on not trusting someone immediately… seeing Tara’s skin + having the recommendation from Kate, I was all ears.

The biggest takeaways after that session was…

#1] It was time to fully invest in medical grade skincare — particularly serums + retinol. At the time, I was using medical grade moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliator , + occassionally an eye serum — but that’s all. I introduced Vitamin C, salicylic acid, + RETINOID! Full specifics coming later in the post, don’t worry ; ).

#2] I needed to exfoliate more. I was probably exfoliating once a week… maybe. With my skin, I should be exfoliating every other day. Everyone’s skin is different, that’s why it’s so important to work with a professional to see what’s best for you! You can experiment all you want [+ power to you if you do!], but for me — I’d rather work with someone who has had years of training + expertise, so that I can get to my desired results quicker.

#3] Tara recommended that I start with 3 chemical peels, coming in every 4 weeks… as well as starting my LASER HAIR REMOVAL! More on that in a different post, maybe ; ) The goal for the chemical peels was to treat my texture, acne, dark spots, + congestion — as you can see in my first photo, but my skin was thick… it was so clogged up.

I decided that I was going to go all in with documenting my journey, as I knew that this would eventually be a resource for others. Adult acne sucks [even moreso because I grew up hearing that acne only happens during puberty!] + I feel you if you are reading this thinking, “I’m not sure I believe that my skin/acne will get better.” The unfortunate truth [at least for me!]… it got worse before it got better. Be patient, take photos, + start the journey!

September 2018: The journey begins!

Prior to my first chemical peel, I opened up about my *picking problem* — I was at the point where I was picking my face almost every day. I would look super super super close in my mirror + pick at whatever I could find. The worse part: I would pick at the end of the day when I had a dirty face… with dirty hands. AND, the lighting in my bathroom was extremely bright, so it magnified every pore.

Finally, I realized I needed to find a way to stop. I had booked my chemical peel + Tara was very stern in saying that you could notpick on a chemical peel, or my face would get worse. I needed to kick the habit now. A couple things I did…

  • Committed to 30 days of no picking
  • Wrote a sticky note in my bathroom “Don’t touch your face — it’s beautiful as it is”
  • Drew 30 little bubbles in my journal, + every day, I would fill in a little bubble when I successfully spent a day with no picking
  • If I had the urge to pick, I’d put on a face mask
  • When I broke the streak of no picking [which was typically every 5–7 days in the beginning], I started the 30 days over
  • I think the longest I spent without picking at that time was 24 days — which was huge for me!

During this time frame I also completed 3 chemical peels… so my skin was turning over, + more delicate than ever. I was doing a pretty good job at the no pick challenge… until…

September-November 2018: Trying as best as I can not to pick!

After my longest period of no pick [24 days!], I picked at my checks. The craziest thing was: I thought I was doing a “good job” picking — I used tissues [instead of dirty fingers!], AND I only squeezed each spot one time. However, since I had gotten 3 chemicals peels in 2 months, my skin was extremely delicate… + my skin became INSTANTLY inflammed.

I woke up the next day, + my skin was even worse… it looked raw [see the photo below]. Thank god I posted it on instagram + Tara saw it… + told me to come in immediately. Usually when you have acne, chemical peels are the way to go… however, since my situation was moreso open wounds on my face, she performed microneedling to cause more injury to that area ++ start the healing process faster + build collagen.

I learned the hard way: your skin will react FAST + WORSE to picking after you have these treatments.It sucks because you also may develop more acne after peels [look up “purging after chemical peels”] + if your natural tendency is to pick, it can be very hard to resist. Please learn from my mistake — give your skin at least 6 months [if not an entire year!] to do it’s thing!

Since that day, I’m proud to say that I finally fully surrendered to not picking at anything + trusting in Tara, my medical-grade products, + my skin’s own healing abilities. Tara shared that pimples typically go away after 7 days [max] if it’s not touched… if it’s touched, it will always take longer, AND there’s potential for a scar!

November 2018: Right before microneedling, 2 days after microneedling, 5 days after microneedling

It got worse before it got better, but — I kept my promise to myself: I would not pick my face. ++ it took a long time to heal the scars from that one day of squeezing, but eventually — the scars healed! Honestly, the biggest thing that motivated me not to pick was knowing that I had another treatment on the calendar every 4–6 weeks. I would also see some progress after every treatment, so I knew something had to be working.I’m so thankful for taking photos throughout the entire process, so I could see the true improvement from the very beginning — rather than just focusing on the acne + scars that I currently had on my face.

By April 2019, 5 months after consistent treatments, medical-grade skincare, + potentially the most important component: NO PICKING… I felt really confident in my skin. The best part? MY SKIN KEPT GETTING BETTER!

January 2019 to April 2019: The evolution of skin

*Something to note: my morning + evening routine was created by Tara. Like I said above, it’s so important to work with someone who knows your skin! I’m prone to breakouts + I have a naturally oily face. These products might not be best for your face!

Morning — Daily

Evening — Daily

Masks — Every Other Week, Or As Needed

Other Tools I’m Loving

  • Facial Steamer: oh yes, oh yes. I just got this + I’m so excited! I’ll be using it at night ++ then apply a mask on after. It feels amazing, especially in the winter!
  • Jade Roller: DIY facial massage ; ) — don’t forget your neck, too! It looks so pretty in the bathroom, too. #LymphaticDrainage
  • Gua Sha: I prefer the Gua Sha over the Jade Roller, because I like more intense “scraping” for my facial massage… lol. This set comes in three shapes which is nice, + it’s great for other small parts of your body that feels tight. I use with cocoa butter, + then wash the butter off
  • Ice Roller: Finally got one of these — it’s like a cold shower to your face!

Morning + evening routine essentials

Products made a huge difference to my skin, but I don’t think I’d be where I am now without treatments [TY TARA!]. PART 3 will be on my treatments… ++ I’ll be answering any other questions you have!


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Sleep coaches, or sleep consultants, are professionals that coach individuals in lifestyle habits to help with sleep-related problems. This profession started out for infant sleep training, but many people have expanded their practice to help busy adults facing insomnia + other issues.

Many sleep coaches take a holistic approach by looking at environmental factors + habits that could be affecting your sleep, such as sugar intake, screen time, + caffeine consumption. Some sleep coaches will even come to your home to see how your space might be affecting your sleep — check out how our spaces affect our mental health here!


If you suffer from insomnia caused by high stress, a sleep coach might be the solution for you. Many CEOs + executives have utilized sleep coaches in the past, but they are becoming more common for other stressed-out adults, too. 

Often times, we don’t realize how our small daily habits affect our sleep, so having someone to analyze those things can be highly beneficial! A huge benefit of a sleep coach is their personalized approach — other types of sleep specialists do not visit your home + critique your sleeping environment//habits. Find a list of the best sleep coaches in your state here!


Prices of sleep coaches range — some charge $75-$100 an hour, while others offer month-long programs for upwards of $1,000. Some high-end sleep coaches charge $10,000 for an intensive, daylong session! Most sleep coaching isn’t covered by insurance yet so it is definitely an investment in your health + sleep patterns.  If a sleep coach isn’t in your budget now, check out our five tips for getting a better night of sleep!

Sleep keeps us more alert, in better moods, + at our best to function from day-to-day. Consider your sleep habits + possibly hiring a sleep coach! Have tips for how you like to guarantee a good night’s sleep? Share with us in the comments or on Instagram with #inCHAARG!


25 Things I’ve Learned In 2019!

It’s an end of a decade you guys. Wow! As cool as it would to reflect on the past decade, I think that would take way too much brain power — so I’m going to keep the tradition alive + focus on what I’ve learned this year!

  • 2017 — hairbrush, healing, chopsticks, holistic doctors
  • 2018 — backpacking, living alone, reiki, spirituality, ashtanga

#1] My dad is a complete + utter rockstar. See why here.

#2] It’s okay to be okay. This was a lesson learned at Vipassana, the 10 day silent meditation retreat I attended with Isaac this spring. More on that here.

#3] Seamstresses work wonders. I tried on a dress that I loved that was extremely on sale… $30 as opposed to $200+… but it didn’t fit as well as I had hoped. Thankfully, I was with my mom + she was like, “oh no big deal, just take it to a seamstress!” PURE MAGIC. It was $15 to bring it in + take a couple inches off the bottom. It now fits like a glove! I’ve brought in several dresses since + a few oversized sweaters to make them cropped, including the CHAARG Crew! I love it!

#4] Acupuncture is powerful. I started having a restricted throat feeling this fall, + committed to seeing an acupuncturist once a week for the rest of the year [I go to Shen Shenin Chicago]. My throat pain still comes + goes, but it has helped alleviate the pain a ton [plus, I swear it’s helped with nasal congestion] — I think I’m going to continue my acupuncture routine for the foreseeable future…

#5] “When you know better, you do better.” I heard this quote from Maya Angelou on Oprah’s podcast + it has stuck. I think about it often + try to live these words as best as I can!

#6] I don’t need to move from Chicago… at least yet. I used be certain that I was going to move from Chicago — even though I hated the thought of fully working virtually, away from the CHAARG team. I dreamed of picking all of us up + moving somewhere warm [re: California], but I knew that I couldn’t do that to them… they all had significant others + they all loved Chicago! I decided to take working remotely in small increments much more seriously, AND I realized that even just a weekend in a different city satisfies my wanderlust soul. Plus, Chicago is the best city to find affordable [+ nonstop flights!] to so many locations.

#7] If I think I’ve slowed down enough, slow down more. No Rush November was everything. So much so that I’m implementing a No Rush 2020 ; )

#8] I’m being tugged to study Jesus + strengthen my prayer practice.

#9] There’s always something more to give away. #TheMagicOfTidyingUp

#10] On that same note…I finally learned how to PUT THINGS AWAY + give everything I own a “space.” No more leaving clothes on the ground! Thank gosh that habit was kicked for good.

#11] Eyelash extensions are beautiful, but the price to maintain is ridiculous…

#12] This is a bold statement but I firmly believe that the lack of energy I had this past year was due to an old apartment — built in 1926! Um… yes, real life. I only lived there for 15 months, but my ceiling leaked multiple times + the hallways smelled AWFUL. I’m 3 months into an apartment that is literally still under construction it’s that new lol, + while I still sleep a lot, I’m not exhausted throughout the day. [Also, I think finally taking my Vitamin D pills semi regularly has also helped — I love this chewable].

#13] All of the money I have spent on clearing up my skin is worth it. I got a facial today + my estitician said, “Wow! You have what we call *normal* skin — not too oily, not too dry… I barely say that to anyone!” Coincidence? I think not. Part 1 of my skin journey here… stay tuned this month for Part 2! : )

#14] Even though I love my eggs, my tastebuds are thriving off a variety of dinners. I literally used to have eggs at least 3X a week for dinner, no joke. I’ve gotten really into using cookbooks — love this one [I add fish or chicken to pretty much every dish… lol].

#15] I NEED TO BE EASIER ON MYSELF! Drawn to vs. driven by…

#16] I love backpacking trips with Isaac, but backpacking trips with a great crew is a cherry on top. [Also, a business opportunity might develop… hey Russo + Dan ; )].

#17] If I think I’m not addicted to social media, give it up for a day… a week…a month… a year! [lol, I hope to give instagram up for a year eventually as an experiment… not there yet!]. My relationship with instagram is chaotic — one day I’m incredible inspired by it, the next day I hate it… + the cycle repeats itself. I want to better understand my relationship with instagram this upcoming year. I’m determined to stop being distracted by it.

#18] My favorite #TavFam trip happened when I was 28 years old… who would have thought?!

#19] I’m 98% over alcohol + dairy. Alcohol because it tastes bad to me + dairy because my stomach isn’t a fan. However, I will gladly have a sip of your wine to seeif I like it… chances are slim, but sometimes we have winners!

#20] My brain [+ soul] works best with focusing on one priority at a time.

#21] “If you want to know how your spiritual life is going, check your relationships” Words from my spiritual director… mic drop.

#22] Favorite book of 2019: A New Earth. “How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment.”

#23] “When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.” Another quote learned from the fabulous Oprah. Get still! Meditate!

#24] A lesson on why we stay stuck, from Tara Brach: the reason we stay stuck is because we have a belief on something + we continue to loop it + think that it’s the “truth” — feelings take 1.5 minutes to pass… they stay because we loop!

#25] Everything can become a lesson in learning how to love better + be a kinder human…

Wishing you all a healthy + happy rest of 2019!

Rooting for you every day,