May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

One of CHAARG’s core values is that we are strong — physically, mentally, + emotionally. We believe that overall wellness is closely tied between your physical being, mental health, + emotional resilience. We know + have seen firsthand how mental wellness has affected our community + we’re proud of so many CHAARG members who have shared their mental health journey stories.

We created this page to share with you a variety of resources available for taking charge of your mental health. You’ll find a tool to use to locate a therapist near you, articles on topics such as anxiety, depression, anti-depressants, coping mechanisms, the gut-brain connection + of course, the stories + advice from the CHAARG community! We hope that this guide serves you, + please let us know if there are any other topics you’d like us to dive into.


Join us for a *live* virtual Q+A on mental health in college students + recent grads. We’ll be discussing grief, the comparison trap, therapy, medication, + how our culture can affect our mental health treatment paths!

Tuesday, May 11 at 6PM CT

*Sign Up By May 10. All proceeds going to The Loveland Foundation!


Mental Health Toolkit

Resources You’ll Find Below

+ Anxiety

+ Depression

+ Disordered Eating

+ Antidepressants

+ Therapy

+ Coping Mechanisms

+ Mood Meditation

+ Sleep

+ Supporting Friends with mental illness

+ The Gut-Brain Connection

++ more!

You’re Not Alone: CHAARG Member Stories

Just a reminder that you’re not alone. Here are some CHAARG members who have written about their journeys with mental health + what they’ve learned. Interested in sharing yours? Send an email to hello@chaarg.com!