Creating A Daily Mindset

Everyone is all about manifesting + morning routines lately [no hate — I’m a huge fan!], but something that I think people forget to mention is that if our mindset is not in the right place, we will not create the changes we desire.

You’ve heard the phrase *just wake up on the right side on the bed!* ++ I’m sure many of you have experienced this before [or maybe you experience it every day!] — but, typically, throughout the day, we experience *decision fatigue,* challenges, + distractions that cause us a shift in our mindset.

What would happen if we created a mantra for our daily mindset that we repeated in the morning — when we are fresh out of bed with a ~blank slate~ to take on the day with endless opportunities, ++ we repeated that mindset with a deep breathe whenever we felt like we we were slipping from that state. You can create out for every day of the week [like I did, see below!], or create one that you repeat every day. The choice is yours! Try it out for a few weeks + see how it affects you : ).


I am focused + organized, yet open + adaptable. What does my team//CHAARG need from me this week [priorities]? What does my body//soul need from me this week? Today, I will practice radical present moment awareness. Be here now.


I am creative + approachable. What can I let go of that I’m not ready to ((SIMPLIFY <3))? What needs to be explored more? Who needs to hear my vision? Today, I will lend a smile to everyone I meet + shine light onto others.


I am a listener, + notice “the little things.” Who needs love or encouragement? Today, I will slow down… listen before speaking, + think before doing. Today, I will channel my intuition ++ remember my purpose to empower women to be their healthiest + happiest selves.


I am energized by seeing the GOOD + recognizing that every moment is an opportunity to have an experience to grow + relax into my highest self. I am allowing myself to be happy + live the life I have created for myself. Today, I will remember to be courageous + continue speaking my truth + opening up my mind + heart.


I am confident in the choices//commitments that I have made this week + that I will make this weekend, as I am aligned with my highest purpose + I have decided to live out of love — not fear. Today, I will release any limiting beliefs that have been lingering in my thought system ++ welcome abundance, love + new positive experiences.


I am open to allowing the day to unfold as it is meant to be… finding magic in the mundane. Who does God want me to support today? I am a *joy warrior* + extend supportive light to others. Today, I will connect with the relationships in my life ((+ that includes the relationship with myself)).


I am a part of a beautiful, mysterious world. Every day is an adventure. I trust the unknown + know that there is a gift within every challenge, so I choose not to worry. I ask myself, what would love do now? Today, I will remember that my prayers have been answered + that it’s not about me… it’s about manifesting God’s love through me. I am at peace.

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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