Bring CHAARG to your university

CHAARG is growing + growing fast. We are looking for rockstars to join #TeamCHAARG as Ambassadors + start CHAARG Chapters at their universities [see if your university already has a CHAARG Chapter here!]. Our Ambassadors are the liaison between National CHAARG + their university. They serve as the *president* of their CHAARG Chapter [a student organization at their university] + the leader of their Exec Team.

They live + breathe the CHAARG mission, they have a passion for empowering girls to embrace a happy + healthy lifestyle, + most importantly — they want to inspire girls to #JoinTheMovement. There are three things we look in a CHAARG Ambassador — so make sure you check them out + feel that you strongly meet all of the requirements before applying!

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Application process

Applications for becoming a CHAARG Ambassador are open twice per year [Fall Semester + Spring Semester]! We select 5-10 CHAARG Ambassadors during this time period to start their CHAARG Chapter during the upcoming semester.

The application is a three round process — first, a written app, followed by two rounds of video interviews. If you choose to apply + are offered an Ambassador position, you will go through Virtual Ambassador Training for nine weeks + given all of the resources you need to help you begin a successful CHAARG Chapter at your university.

Ambassador Applications will be open August 5, 2018!

What we look for in a CHAARG Ambassador…

#1] Passionate about health + fitness. We’re not asking for you to be a collegiate athlete — but, we are looking for girls who are truly passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. From the beginning, CHAARG stood [+ still stands] for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls. It’s important for girls to be physically healthy,  but it’s also extremely important for girls to be mentally healthy! If you show girls that fitness can be FUN + help them find their passion for health + fitness, it will start a positive trend throughout all areas in their life + help them become the best versions of themselves.

#2] Ability to inspire. As a CHAARG Ambassador, you will be a leader of the CHAARG movement. We want you to inspire our entire CHAARG community + be a positive light for thousands of women. CHAARG is a family of thousands of uplifting + positive girls, all supporting one another’s goals, dreams, +  journeys. As the Ambassador, you are the driving force that creates the in-person bonds between CHAARG girls in your Chapter [usually, HUNDREDS of girls!]. As the Ambassador, it’s important that you deeply resonate with the mission of CHAARG + have the ability to find creative + innovative ways to foster inspiration + motivation on your campus.

#3] Thrives in a leadership role. [++ we’ll add to that: someone who is a little crazy — after all, the crazy ones are the ones who change the world]. A CHAARG Chapter is led by an Exec Team of seven girls [including the Ambassador!]. Although that team may seem *small*, this team is STRONG! It is important that you *lead by example* — you are not only the *face* of CHAARG at your university, you are the face of CHAARG within the virtual community. We are looking for girls who are not afraid to step up as fierce leaders, can adapt to any situation, + keeps cool under pressure. You must have excellent communication skills, the ability to rally + motivate a team, + the drive to take on any challenge that comes your way!




  • Extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle
  • Outgoing — always greeting people with a smile
  • Adaptable to any situation + keeps cool under pressure
  • Comfortable working with university officials
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Experience in Google Drive
  • Radiates positive vibes
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Inspired + inspiring
  • Authentically yourself!
  • Sophomores + juniors preferred


  • Attending a nine-week Virtual Training Program with Hannah, our Chapter Trainer
  • Establishing a CHAARG Chapter on your campus + lead it for 1.5 years [minimum]
  • Select + lead your Exec Team
  • Liaison between National CHAARG + your university


  • Getting to be a part of #TeamCHAARG [arguably the best team… ever]
  • Getting to interact with fellow CHAARG Ambassadors + CHAARG girls around the nation
  • Leaving a powerful legacy on your campus that will live on long after you graduate
  • Inspiring thousands of CHAARG girls — you are instantly a role model + face of CHAARG, not only for your CHAARG Chapter, but for the entire CHAARG community!
  • Liberating girls from the elliptical!


A CHAARG Chapter is a health + fitness organization that allows girls to try new ways to sweat + make lifelong friends along the way. It is a registered student organization at universities run entirely by students [with support, tools, + resources provided by CHAARG].

Each week CHAARG Chapters partner with local health + fitness studios in the surrounding area of their university + invite their instructors to come in + teach a workout class to CHAARG members. From kickboxing, Pure Barre, salsa dancing to a cooking class — each week brings something different to give girls the opportunity to ignite their passion in fitness, no matter where they may be in their healthy + fitness journey.

Read more about what being in a Chapter is like here!

Yes! The more interest you are able to show from your university as well as the more knowledge you have about the CHAARG community will help your chances of becoming selected as a CHAARG Ambassador! So, spreading the word on your campus is very important. 

You will go through a nine week training course with the other Ambassadors who are selected to learn the ins + outs of a CHAARG Chapter + kick start CHAARG at your university!

The best way to understand what it is like to be a CHAARG Ambassador + what goes into it, is by talking to some of our current CHAARG Ambassadors! We recommend you reach out to an Ambassador of a Chapter in your area [find CHAARG Chapters that are near you here!] or Instagram or reach out to our Chapter Trainer to set up a call with her!