Apply To Become A CHAARG Ambassador + START A CHAARG CHAPTER

CHAARG is the largest women’s health + wellness community on college campuses. We are currently at 100+ universities + we can’t wait to expand to more! We are looking for passionate women to join #TeamCHAARG as founding Ambassadors + start CHAARG Chapters on their campuses.  As an Ambassador, you are the liaison between National CHAARG + your university. Your role is to serve as the *president* of the CHAARG Chapter [a student organization] + create a community filled with like-minded women who believe in sweat, balance, + positivity. ; ) A little scared, but also excited? You’re in the right place.

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  • Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle + radiates positive vibes
  • Adaptable to any situation + keeps cool under pressure
  • Comfortable leading hundreds of girls [average Chapter size = 150]
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Experience in Google Drive
  • Previous leadership skills + experience


  • Attending a 9 week virtual training program with Jill, our Chapter Trainer
    • Call once a week with other Ambassadors in the training program
    • Completing online training modules
    • Recruiting + training founding executive team of 7
  • Establishing a CHAARG Chapter on campus
    • Liaison between National CHAARG + your University
    • Attending one Weekly Workout, one Small Group, + one executive team meeting a week
    • Send weekly newsletter, answer emails, etc.


  • Networking with fellow CHAARG Ambassadors + CHAARG girls around the nation
  • Leaving a powerful legacy on your campus that will live on long after you graduate
  • Inspiring thousands of CHAARG girls — you are instantly a role model + face of CHAARG, not only for your CHAARG Chapter, but the entire CHAARG community
  • Leadership experience + access to a leadership development program unlike any other : )


Connect with a Current CHAARG Ambassador

Want to talk to a current CHAARG Ambassador or someone that has started a CHAARG Chapter at their university?

Email + we’ll connect you with someone to answer all of your questions!


“I started CHAARG at Clemson University because I was lacking a friend group that was focused more on the wellness aspect. I didn’t want to lose myself + who I was as a person so I sought out CHAARG ++ truly found my home. Along with the overarching mission of CHAARG my exec team aspires to create a place where everyone can come together.”


“Over the past year at school I’ve talked to somany girls who have said how intimidating it is to go up to the weight room at our fitness center so theyjust stick to the ellipticals + treadmills. I decided tobring CHAARG to my school as a way for girls to feelmore confident + excited about their fitness journey as well as give girls a close community of other girlspassionate about the same things!”


“I wanted to start a Chapter at the University of North Texas because I always felt like something was missing from my college experience. I wanted to be passionate about something again + make connections with others while doing it. The process of applying was super easy — I was shocked to see how many girls already are super excited + interested to be in CHAARG.”


A CHAARG Chapter is a wellness + fitness organization that allows girls to try new ways to sweat + make lifelong friends along the way. It is a registered student organization at Universities run entirely by students [with support, tools, + resources provided by CHAARG].

Each week CHAARG Chapters partner with local health + fitness studios in the surrounding area of their University + invite their instructors to come in + teach a workout class to CHAARG members. From kickboxing, Pure Barre, + salsa dancing to a cooking class — each week brings something different to give girls the opportunity to ignite their passion in fitness, no matter where they may be in their wellness + fitness journey.

Read more about what being in a Chapter is like here, + check out our Join The Movement Page here!

Yes! We really pay attention to how much interest there is from your University. While we ask you to collect 50 names in the application, the more interest, the better!

  • You can get started on collecting email addresses [more than 50 means better chances!]
  • You can get started on your application video too — we love to see your personality + see your campus!
  • 9 Weeks — virtually held through webinars + online training modules
  • You’ll be in a class with the other 5-10 girls who were chosen as Ambassadors
  • Through the process we walk you through starting an organization on campus, selecting + training your Exec Team, + getting started!

The best way to understand what it is like to be a CHAARG Ambassador + what goes into it, is by talking to some of our current CHAARG Ambassadors! We recommend you reach out to an Ambassador of a Chapter in your area [find CHAARG Chapters that are near you here!] or Instagram or reach out to our Chapter Trainer to set up a call with her!

The average Chapter size is 150 members!

Do you know someone who would love to start a CHAARG Chapter?


*CHAARG Ambassador applications are open year round + we review them throughout the year! Our next application review is February 21, 2021. Submit yours today!