Self-Love Vision Guide

This vision guide was designed to give you insight on where you currently are on your self-love//self-growth journey, where you’d like to go, + how to make that happen. Grab a cup of coffee or tea ++ carve out space to give yourself some journal time! : )

This exercise is from Kate Hudson’s “Pretty Happy” ++ I’ve found it very impactful. Respond to the prompts to connect you with how you are feeling right now in this present moment. Keep it simple, but try to be as clear as possible… tuning into your body + mind. Come back to this exercise at any time throughout the next month for a quick check-in with your new vision guide!

  • I am
  • I feel
  • I think
  • I wish
  • I hear
  • I smell
  • I fear

Imagine yourself a year from now. Who is this person? See below for journaling prompts on visualizing the person that you want to be — your highest self!

Let me know what you think of this practice!

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