The Importance Of A Sacred Hour

For the past two months, I’ve given myself the gift of the “sacred hour.” The idea came after going to Israel ++ attending a Tony Robbin’s event — I was overwhelmed with inspiration, but unsure of how to ground it.

I was reviewing my 2018 intentions, ++ one of my intentions was to start every day with a sacred hour. It was July + I don’t think I started a single day with a sacred hour… that’s the product of having way too many goals — it’s easy to forget! : )

So what is a sacred hour? I learned about it through Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness — which defined the sacred hour as a time of silence + reflection. You guys know how much I love journaling//meditation//yoga, but it’s hard for me to always give myself that time. I wondered what it would look like if I gave myself a sacred hour every morning to use that time reflect on the inspiration I’ve gained through Israel//Tony Robbins… but, as things evolve — the sacred hour became so much more for me.

What’s my sacred hour?

  • Wake up at 6 AM [or, earlier… if I get up before my alarm]
  • Make coffee
  • Pull out my yoga mat, journal, crystals + self-love book ((Right now, I’m reading A Course In Miracles ++ Notes To Myself))
  • Burn incense
  • Turn on spiritual instrumental music [I’ve loving this playlist]
  • Set my alarm for one hour later + then, PUT IT AWAY! ((*I make sure not to look at my phone the entire hour, or any other forms of technology))
  • For the next hour, I DO WHATEVER I WANT! : )

That entire hour is my hour. Typically, this looks like five Sun As, five Sun Bs, write in my Five Minute Journal, ++ lots of reading//writing + stretching in between. Sometimes it means cleaning my room, watering my plants, putting on a face mask, or doing the dishes. Whatever I decide to do for the hour, I make sure to move mindfully.

This practice has been so beneficial in creating present movement awareness . When I do the inner work in the beginning of the day, I am able to channel this mindful energy in my work, + also in my engagements with all beings. It’s rarely easy, but it is way easier than waking up, + immediately feeling like I’m in a rush, catering to other peoples’ needs.

“Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”

Give the sacred hour a try for a week, ++ see what you think! : )

Rooting for you always,

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