Navigating Post-Grad Life

I want to first acknowledge that this post doesn’t take into account the additional struggles + loneliness COVID-19 has caused over the past two years, as I graduated in 2018 + can only speak to [...]

The Other Break Up: An End of Friends

My name is Caroline + I recently finished my master’s degree at Boston College. I’ve been at Boston College for a while – I completed my undergrad degree here as well + was the Treasurer ++ [...]

The CHAARG Guide To Finding A Therapist

Hello my CHAARG friends! I’m Lilie, a CLC on team CHAARG + MSU CHAARG alum [go green ; )] This past year I re-started the process of trying therapy + I want to share what I learned with you all.  [...]

How To Take A Break

Our world has drastically changed in the last few years. With remote/hybrid learning + living becoming the new norm, it’s easy to get overworked + burnt out. Now more than ever, it’s super [...]