CHAARG’s Guide to NYC

New York City has always been my favorite place. After years of spontaneous day trips, family holiday celebrations + parading friends around to my favorite spots, I thought I should share some of [...]

Self-Care Sunday? Self-Care Every Day!

Starting a self-care routine can be just as hard as maintaining it when we have busy schedules. During the school year is the most crucial to dedicate time to yourself + well-being. Everyone has [...]


When we see the school advertisements on TV or school supplies taking over stores like Target + Walmart, we realize it is August + a brand new school year is slowly approaching. As college [...]

Can Curology Cure?

WHAT IS CUROLOGY?  Sometimes it’s difficult to find a skin care routine that works. Curology is a skin care line that is customizable just for you! You take the skin care quiz where you select [...]


From the time I was in middle school, I’ve struggled with horrible periods. I was told that I was just one of those people that had “bad periods.” I started birth control at a young age to help [...]

Our Favorite Natural Face Masks

Face masks are something we put on when we need a self care moment, a little ReCHAARG, or if we’re working to soften our skin. Whether it be for the size of our pores, our skin getting dry [...]