10 Habits To Drop… + How To Drop Them!

Okay! We talked about the habits you started this year that you want to keep [read the full post here!]… but what about the habits that you want to drop? ; ) + more importantly: HOW TO DROP THEM!? We gathered 10 habits to drop, + are sharing our tips on how to drop them!

#1] Biting my nails — Have you tried the bitter nail polish? It’s gross, but it works. Other ideas: keep your nails very short, +/or be consistent on getting manicures [yes, this can add up quickly… but it works, especially if you are trying to kick your nail biting habit — test it out for two months + see what happens!]

#2] Being on social media too often — We have ALL THE PHONE DETOX blog posts ; ).

#3] Saying YES to everything + feeling burnt out — Read this!

#4] Poor sleeping habits — Read this!

#5] Emotional eating — We love this post from our friend Simi. If you haven’t listened to her on the podcast, she’s a must… episodes: #16, #62, + #106. Tune into The CHAARG Podcast on iTunes + Spotify : ).

#6] Self-deprecating talk in the mirror — Read this!

#7] Complaining — Ooo this is such a good one, + can be so hard. Ultimately, it comes down to awareness + patience to stop this habit.

#8] Obsessing about exercise + the number of miles I’m running — Ask yourself: “What’s my *why* — Why do I run? Why do I exercise? From Sarah:

Do you exercise because you feel good? Because it’s a stress reliever? Because you have fun doing it? Chances are, when you ask yourself *why* you exercise — you will connect with a deeper reason that will allow you to see the *big picture* of your exercise/running routine + understand that it’s not about the number of miles you run — it’s about something else. If you notice that your *why* is not coming from a positive place, it might be a good idea to seek out a therapist.

#9] Weighing myself frequently — Throw the scale out.

#10] Procrastination — So many of you said this! Read this post about procrastination + how to quit ; ).

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