Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion

This past year team CHAARG has taken on the work of un-learning everything we thought we knew about diversity, equity, + inclusion. We know that we still have a lot of work to do as a team + as a community — but we are proud of the steps we’ve made in making CHAARG a more diverse, equitable, + inclusive movement.


Here at CHAARG, we are committed to making Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion [DEI] a part of everything that we do… from building our leaders to creating our programs to showing up for each other every day. We know our greatest strength is our community + we celebrate all members of our community — every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, shape, identity, size, + experience has a home within CHAARG. As we seek to grow the CHAARG movement to more campuses nationwide [+ eventually go global!], we strive to cultivate an empowered, multi-represented community. We promise to: 

+ Act as allies

+ Provide opportunities to learn

+ Commit to diverse representation

+ Invest in equitable wellness options

At the end of every year, we’ll be updating you with our progress. We know that change does not happen overnight [+ that there is always more work to be done], but we’re passionate about creating a culture that supports + values diversity… + we believe that everyone deserves freedom from the elliptical 😉. Thank you for being a part of the movement!


Diversity: The unique + *amazing* qualities, abilities, skills, cultural backgrounds, experiences, shapes, + identities of the CHAARG community

Equity: Establishing policies, practices + opportunities that promote fairness for all, + strive to eliminate barriers that may be preventing some from joining CHAARG

Inclusion: Valuing + honoring our differences, so that everyone feels supported + a sense of belonging within CHAARG

Unity: Everyone’s diversity is celebrated + brings their best self to commit to the mission ✨


  • Work with a DEI Consultant to help us stay committed to this work
  • Form National CHAARG DEI Council with representatives from a variety of Chapters, backgrounds, + perspectives to assist with implementing our DEI changes + holding all levels of CHAARG accountable to our DEI commitments + vision.
  •  Create Chapter DEI Report + expectations + evaluate on a yearly basis
  • Commit to diverse representation at every level of CHAARG
  • Expand our CHAARG Chapters to HBCUs, hispanic serving institutions, + LGBTQ+ inclusive colleges/universities
  •  Invest in our Wellness Accessibility Fund, which provides scholarships for students that cannot afford CHAARG dues, prioritizing BIPOC students
  • Educate CHAARG leaders + members on DEI fundamentals, mental health, health + wellness disparities, + celebrating different styles of fitness
  • Support BIPOC, women-owned, + LGBTQ+ businesses via partnerships, fundraisers, + awareness
  • Create DEI Report yearly + share with all CHAARG members in order to show where we have grown + where we are going as well as renew our commitments on a yearly basis 💕



  • Hire a DEI Consultant/Coach for Team CHAARG by Spring 2021
  • Form National CHAARG DEI Council by Summer 2021
  • National CHAARG DEI Council review our DEI policies + practices by Summer 2021
  • Host CHAARG DEI Webinar with representatives from every Chapter by Summer 2021
  • Share the Chapter DEI Reportcard with all Chapter leaders by Summer 2021 + provide resources for helping Chapters reach their DEI objectives
  • Compile + share data of our progress on a yearly basis with all exec leaders. The first scorecard compilation will be shared by EOY 2021
  • Increase the diversity represented in CHAARG members, exec leaders, + Team CHAARG. 
    • Memberships: Increase by 3% in racial + ethnic diversity by EOY 2022 
    • Team CHAARG: Increase by 3% in racial + ethnic diversity by EOY 2022
  • Expand to 1+ HBCU by EOY 2022
  • Invest $5,000 for the 2021-2022 school year into our Wellness Accessibility Fund, which provides scholarships for students who cannot afford CHAARG dues — prioritizing BIPOC students, as well as provides scholarships for national events
  • Highlight our Wellness Accessibility Fund in The CHAARG Shop, so that others can contribute to it by Summer 2021
  • Use our platforms to continue the conversation on DEI, mental health, health + wellness disparities, + celebrating different fitness styles — providing educational content 1X/month on instagram by Spring 2021
  • Host a Mental Health Live Panel by Spring 2021 + donate all proceeds to a BIPOC organization
  • Observe Juneteenth as a holiday, + encourage the community to celebrate, learn, + give back to their communities
  • Ensure all partnerships align with our mission + DEI vision
  • Whenever possible, highlight or partner with BIPOC + women-owned brands — update our gift guides, reading lists, “current obsessions” on to create more awareness on BIPOC + women-owned brands by Summer 2021
  • Match charitable donations by community 2X/year to a BIPOC +/ LGBTQ+ organizations
  • Share + compile data of our progress through a CHAARG DEI Report + will be shared by EOY 2021
  • Renew our commitments every year + share new DEI goals 💕


Ashley Kuk

Ayoko Djisseglo

Caroline Coburn

Haley Reyes

Megan Nygaard

Megha Shashidhar

Sam Alvarez

Zoha Alam

Kylie Shelt

Lexi Garvey

Lucy Powers

Marguerite Jay


We created the CHAARG Wellness Accessibility Fund to provide scholarships for students that would like to be a part of CHAARG but cannot afford a membership. Our fund prioritizes BIPOC, as we hope to make wellness more accessible to everyone! If you would like to apply for the Wellness Accessibility Fund, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, email!