Shop Smart: Brands That Support Female Empowerment + Body Inclusivity

We all believe in the power of a little *retail therapy,* but next time you’re shopping, we challenge you to be intentional about supporting brands that promote female empowerment + body inclusivity. This includes brands that use a diverse range of models [from different racial backgrounds to different body types] + brands that have vowed against photoshop. Every body is beautiful + deserves to be represented. So, add these brands to your cart + embrace every piece of who you are!

#1] Aerie: Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie retailer, has been a standout in the body positivity community since 2014 upon launching their #AerieREAL campaign — featuring models of different racial backgrounds + body types, who were not airbrushed or photoshopped! This year, the company broadened its inclusivity even more by featuring models with disabilities, chronic illnesses, + other conditions. We love all that they’re doing in the body positivity community [+ their cozy bras + sweaters are amazing].

#2] Modcloth: Looking for brands to wear outside the gym? Modcloth is best known for their vintage-inspired fashion!  Modcloth was the first retailer to sign an anti-photoshop pledge back in 2014 + has continued to spread body love ever since.  On their website, you’ll see a variety of models rocking different body types + backgrounds. In addition, they offer size ranges from XS-4X.  They have everything from sweaters to casual tops to wedding dresses [how cool is that?!], so there’s something for every occasion.

#3] Target: Every CHAARG girl loves Target, so here’s another excuse to shop the #athleisure section on your next trip! Their new brand JoyLab, which launched last year, features a size range of XS-4X with styles + fabrics that celebrate ++ flatter every body type. The entire line provides the perfect mashup between comfort + style.

#3] Athleta: Athleta’s entire mission is to empower women + girls through the #powerofshe.  Now that’s a mission we can get behind ; ) They’re understanding the female body + creating clothes to celebrate our natural beauty in every curve. They also get bonus points for being an ethical athleisure brand!

#4] Nike: We all love Nike sneakers, + the fact that their brand supports all types of athletes is just another reason to shop #AllTheThangs. Nike not only features a variety of athletes in different sports, but also features people of all different ages + backgrounds, as well as those with disabilities who are pushing past their limits. Their Instagram bio reads, *if you have a body, you are an athlete* — we couldn’t agree more! We are loving their sports bra campaigns, too — all women are different shapes + sizes + need different levels of support. Nike recognizes that + celebrates that!

#5] SAVAGE X FENTY: The Internet lost its mind over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, but did you know she also has a lingerie line?  This queen is all about body positivity + self-love — her new line reflects those ideals perfectly. SAVAGE X FENTY’s undies, bras, + lingerie offers more than the A-D cup, + if you check out the website, you’ll find that all body shapes are represented.

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Know of other brands that support body positivity?  Share them with us in the comments or on Instagram with #inCHAARG.

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