Strong Core Circuit

Get ready for a lot of obliques… your side abs are going to be feeling it after this sweat sesh! Feel free to break up the 1 minute planks into two 30 second planks, rest 15 seconds in [...]

Lower Body Burn

Today’s sweat sesh consists of supersets — you will complete two exercises, back to back, with no rest. Once you finish the second exercise, you will take 30 seconds rest. You’ll be [...]

Fuel Fly

This sweat sesh is an uptempo circuit focusing on BIS + TRIS. Reps are a little lower, so if you feel like you can bump up the weight, go for it! BRING. IT. ON. EXERCISES Complete 4X, 1 minute [...]

Full Body AMRAP

This workout is set up AMRAP style — “as many rounds as possible.” Complete each AMRAP as a circuit, resting for 0-30 secs between each exercise. *Rest 1 minute after each [...]

Cardio Circuits

This quick at home workout will have you sweating faster than you’d expect. Want to make it harder? Every time it says *1 minute plank* — do: 1 minute plank, 1 minute side plank [...]

Booty Band Blast

Are you sick of Booty Band workouts yet? Us either ; ) They help take your bodyweight workouts to the next level! If you are looking for a 10 minute workout, complete the circuit only 1X through! [...]

Booty Band Circuit

Circuits are great because you cater how many rounds based on how much time you have! Short on time? Just complete 1 set of the circuit… you’ll be done in less than 10 minutes! If you [...]

Poolside Plank

This is another great workout to do outdoors — you don’t even need a set of weights! : ) If you are looking to make this workout harder: decrease your rest! Also, add a 1 minute plank after [...]

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