From Hating Yoga To Loving Yoga

“Yoga is managing agitation.” When a teacher this summer said that during class, it clicked.  I went from hating yoga to loving yoga. For years I hated yoga — it was slow, boring, my mind [...]

Create Your Own Mantra Meditation

Logically, we all know that meditation has immense benefits [like, meditation can improve body satisfaction!] — but, whether you’ve meditated for years or you are just getting started… it [...]

Circle Of Friends Gratitude Practice

Have you ever gone to the bathroom with a group of girls, only to hear a slew of negativity as you fix your hair, check out your booty or apply more lip-gloss? We don’t even give ourselves a [...]

Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Below, you’ll find 9 yoga poses specifically for heart opening! Try these after a long day of sitting at your computer or in the car + you’ll instantly feel better. Not only do they [...]

The Importance Of A Sacred Hour

For the past two months, I’ve given myself the gift of the “sacred hour.” The idea came after going to Israel ++ attending a Tony Robbin’s event — I was overwhelmed with inspiration, but unsure [...]

7 Ways To Meditate

Meditation is a habitual practice to help train your mind or redirect your thoughts — helping to alleviate stress//anxiety//depression or simply increasing your awareness + concentration. [...]

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