How Has CHAARG Changed Your University?

CHAARG aims to ignite a passion in college-aged girls for health + fitness. Too many college girls rely solely on an elliptical, but CHAARG is on a mission to liberates girls from the elliptical + show them that fitness can [+ SHOULD] be fun! Since every girl has a different preference of what fun is, we create opportunities for our CHAARG girls to “find their fit” through trying different types of workouts. Our CHAARG Chapters have not only impacted their members, but their university communities as a whole — read on to find out how some of our CHAARG Chapters have changed their universities!

Grand Valley State University

“In my opinion CHAARG has brought a positive community to GVSU that allows girls to connect with each other and come together through a love of fitness, health, + positive body image. It provides a space for girls who are a tad unsure of themselves to gain confidence + new friends through fitness. In this way CHAARG helps to unify the campus at GVSU.” // Lauren Johnson


Penn State University

“CHAARG has drastically changed the way I see Penn State by making such a [HUGE] university into a small one. I have found my niche in CHAARG, my place among so many people. I now find girls in the gym to workout with + to grab dinner with after class. CHAARG has also inspired so many girls to get active + encourage one another. CHAARG has helped me feel at home, along with so many others!” // Emily Smith

“CHAARG has brought a new sense of positivity to Penn State ++ brought an incredible community of women who welcome all girls. CHAARG gives girls that home away from home ++ yet it empowers women to step outside their comfort zones + live fearlessly through college + beyond.” // Katie Hynson


University of Kentucky 

“It’s hard to say exactly how CHAARG has changed UK, since this will be our first full year at UK, but I can definitely say that I absolutely *love* the community we have already — everyone is so positive + encouraging, ++ I think it really shows that girls can benefit from building each other up instead of competing//tearing each other down.  The amazing energy + positivity has carried over to a lot of other parts of my life besides fitness, too!  School, my career path, my relationships — everything!  I love it + can’t wait to see everything else it does at UK : )” // Kristen Hall

“CHAARG has changed our university by giving girls the opportunity to be a part of a community of women without being Greek. Sororities at UK are awesome, but are not for everyone! CHAARG has given girls who don’t click with Greek life the opportunity to be a part of a community at UK + a national community! : )” // Kathryn Porter


Ball State University

“I was a freshman last year, so I was just starting to learn about Ball State University. The first semester was a little rough for me because I came from a small town high school where I went to school with the same people for 13 years, + I was very shy. I wanted to meet new people, but I was so introverted. I felt very alone, + I hated going to the gym alone. Second semester I joined CHAARG, + I found my place. I met a bunch of amazing girls who shared many of my interests, I became close with my small groups, + I went to as many studio spotlights as I could. I loved doing the fitplan with other girls, + how I gained not only close friends but work out buddies! I even started to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, + try to be more outgoing thanks to CHAARG. I applied for an exec team position, + I became the secretary! CHAARG changed my whole college experience, + now I can’t wait to be back at Ball State! : )” // Macy Byerley


Xavier University

“But I would say the community has for sure changed the university. I love love love going to the gym + seeing other CHAARG girls! Somedays you don’t feel like you have the energy to work out + when I go to the gym and see other CHAARG girls kicking butt, you can’t help but feel motivated to kick butt too! Its one thing to push yourself to be your best, but when you have other girls pushing you to be your best as well, it makes it that much better : )” // Jamie Cahal


Bowling Green State University


“CHAARG has honestly started shifting how so many girls on campus see fitness + really given them the bravery to stop outside of their comfort zone! In the last two years I’ve seen so many girls find that they want to try things they have never done before especially lifting! It always seemed like something the guys on campus truly ruled over or there was a handful of girls who seemed to know exactly what they were doing + it would seem intimidating to anyone who wasn’t really sure yet to even step up + try! But I’ve noticed so many CHAARG girls linking up with other girls who maybe have the same interest in wanting to try a certain new thing + they go together to be brave + try something outside of their comfort zone! I’ve also seen girls really just gain the confidence to straight up ask someone to help them because they really want to learn the right way to do things!

Not only that but I’ve seen CHAARG shape our members into such strong and independent woman. The girls who are on the exec team currently started out as members who knew nothing about what CHAARG was but it has given them this confidence + this glow from within to be such strong leaders + such empowering female role models! It’s given campus + myself a new perspective on what a leader can be + look like + lets everyone see that — hey, we are CHAARG girls + we are strong + ready to rock any challenge that comes our way!” // Marissa Flores

“CHAARG has definitely changed *my perspective* of my university! I feel more apart of the BGSU community because I have met so many new people that I may not have ever had a chance to meet without CHAARG. I definitely have made my *falcon family* through CHAARG + I will always be thankful + grateful for that.” // Bailey Gilligan


George Washington University

“CHAARG has changed our university by making girls excited proud about working out as well as their body image + what their goals are. It is a great support network + truly inspiring. I play a sport at my university as well as being involved on the exec team on chaarg + I have found that accountability is a large part about staying fit. Being in CHAARG holds girls accountable about working out. Whether that is posting an instagram daily about your fit goal/your healthy meal, people are always liking, commenting, motivating, + giving positive feedback about your healthy/fit post. CHAARG is a truly inspiring organization that has changed our university in more ways than one. It allows girls at our university to come together to support one another in creating a better version of themselves. Endorphins also make you happy so it really is the greatest group of people to hangout with :)” // Kate Elson

“CHAARG brought much needed inspiration + positivity to GW’s campus. By becoming a member of CHAARG I gained confidence, self awareness, + a wonderful support system that I wouldn’t trade for the world : )” // Abby Drucis

“At GWU, CHAARG has united a community of girls with a passion for fitness + heathy living. What’s so special about this community is that it is made up of girls that may never have crossed paths without CHAARG. The girls in our chapter come from all different fitness backgrounds, with girls on our D1 sports teams, distance runners, soul cycle enthusiasts, crossfit fanatics + others just starting out their journey! CHAARG creates a place where we can all come together, learn from each other + become the happiest + healthiest versions of ourselves!” // Bayley Shanley



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