3 Processes I Use To Manifest My Dreams + Desires

Hi guys! This is a supplement to the latest podcast episode — listen here! I love answering your guys’ questions, so please continue to do so [ask me anything : )]. Today’s question…

Do you think about + write your goals down? If so, what is the process like? Do you ever create a vision board?

No, I’ve never created a vision board [this sounds fun though!] — but I’ve been obsessed with goal setting since a very young age. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many different templates//processes, + I am going to share with you the three that I’ve found to be the most beneficial for me!

#1] The Funeral Exercise

This helps answer the question… who do you want to be? Yes, *the funeral exercise* is a bit morbid sounding, but bear with me!

Pretend like you died. Imagine a co-worker, a family member, a friend, + your significant other at your funeral. They are all reminiscing on memories — each of them is carrying a picture that captures that memory of you. Each memory represents a different *word* — a vision of who they remember you as in your being + doing. Write this memory out as clear as possible.

This doesn’t need to be a memory that actually happened [yet ; ]. For example, maybe you want to be known as *adventurous* to your friends, yet you haven’t traveled a day in your life. But, you want your memory to capture the adventurous side of you — so you envision yourself backpacking Europe with your best friend, meeting fellow travelers, + inviting them to picnic with you on top of Piazzale Michelangelo, watching the beautiful sunset + listening to a Italian artist playing 90s pop.

These four “visions//memories” should serve as a reminder to you on who you want to be. Every day, a page in our life is turning. It is always possible for us to write a new ending. Start now.

#2] Desires Dumping

Write out all of your desires. Write, write, write. You can be specific [run a marathon] or general [travel the world]. Don’t judge yourself, + don’t overthink it — just write whatever comes to your mind.

Once you’ve listed out all of your desires, take a look at them. Next, sum up your desires into three categories of *wants*. Mine are below…

  • I want to empower — fully present to every moment//interaction, give off good vibes, healthy in mind + body + spirit, do-er — speak from my actions
  • I want to be connected — give love + share love with God, family, friends [strong community], strangers, +my highest self… know that we are all one + treat everyone//everything with unconditional love
  • I want to see + experience the world — travel, adventures, everything wellness — share with others so that they can have these experiences, too

#3] Day, Week, Month, + Year Focus

I created a goal template last year that I absolutely loved with daily, weekly + monthly focuses! It was a way for me to measure if I’m on the path of bettering//challenging myself every day. I tracked my progress in a *daily journal*. At the end of each month, I looked through my daily journal ++ took note of how I did that month on each focus, as well as transfer any quotes, self-discoveries, + growth lessons into my *yearly journal*. I love that now I have a journal completely dedicated to 2017!

While these three processes have helped me, the biggest things I’ve learned when it comes to dreams//desires: just take the next right step.

I recently heard someone refer to becoming “process-driven,” rather than “goal-driven.” I like this. How can we enjoy the journey, ++ give up attachment to results… BUT, still have *goals* so that we know what path to step foot on? To me — that’s living in the now.

Don’t let what you expect keep you from what you are meant to experience. There are plans for you that you know nothing about right now. Be open to things coming to you in “perfect timing”… which might not be the time you had envisioned. Trust the process, + surrender to each moment along the way.

Rooting for you always,

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