When will I hear from my Chapter? [+ how often!]

Every Sunday at 10PM, you will receive a newsletter from your Chapter’s CHAARG Ambassador! This will have all of the information you will need for the week. If you join CHAARG mid-semester, it may be a week or so before you receive your first newsletter, as it takes a little bit of time for National CHAARG to get your info to your Chapter. You can always find your Ambassador’s email address on your Chapter page + ask her for the info about upcoming events! If you joined CHAARG at the beginning of the semester, expect to receive a newsletter at least two weeks before school starts. If you decide to join a Small Group, you will also hear from your Small Group Coordinator every Sunday by 10PM.

What is a CHAARG Newsletter?

Your CHAARG Chapter Newsletter has everything you need to know for the week related to campus events, Chapter events like Studio Spotlights + Small Groups, National CHAARG news, + spotlighted members.

When do CHAARG events begin?

CHAARG events begin the second week of the semester with a Studio Spotlight that is open to members + non-members — bring any of your friends to show them what CHAARG is all about!

How do I sign up for Studio Spotlights?

All required signups can be found in the “Studio Spotlight Sign Up” section of your Chapter’s CHAARG newsletter. Follow the link included in the newsletter to reserve your spot!

What should I do if I haven’t heard anything from my Chapter?

Please contact your Ambassador by finding her information on our website under your Chapter’s webpage in the Chapter section. If you still cannot get ahold of anyone, you can contact [email protected].

What is a CHAARG FitPlan?

A CHAARG FitPlan is a virtual, interactive workout plan that last five or six weeks. These happen three times per year [Spring, Summer, + Fall!] + they are open to all members. Details about each FitPlan are released one week before registration opens.

What is a CHAARG Small Group?

A Small Group is a group of 10-20 girls to hold you accountable all semester long. Each week you’ll meet at the same time to sweat around campus or take study breaks together.

Are CHAARG Memberships “refundable”?

When you join CHAARG you agree to our no refund policy that can be found under your CHAARG membership in the CHAARG Shop, but if something out of your control comes up and you cannot attend events during the semester, you can email [email protected] + they would be happy to move your membership to next semester!

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