Learning the Language of Self Love

Research states that with ten hours of practice a day, basic fluency of a language can be achieved in about 48 days. 10 hours a day for 48 days is not a short time span!  How often do we practice ONE thing for 10 hours in a single day? How often do we practice speaking to ourselves kindly for 10 hours in a single day? How often do we practice speaking to ourselves kindly for simply one MINUTE in a single day?

The more we practice speaking to ourselves with kindness, the more natural + fluent we will become in the language of self love. Learning a new language takes practice, time, + patience — maybe the one language you need to become fluent in most is the language of self-love. Here are some basic practices to incorporate into your everyday routine that’ll have you fluent in our favorite language in no time —

If you’re feeling confident about something particular about yourself, tell yourself that! We can think, “I feel beautiful today,” or “I feel powerful today,” but the magnitude of looking at yourself in the mirror + speaking those affirmations to yourself is unmatched. Once it’s out in the universe, you can’t take it back!  Find some inspo with 10 of our favorite quotes to inspire self love.

What is your identity rooted in [or what do you WANT to be rooted in]?  Do you believe that you are capable? Do you believe that you are strong? We hope so! Write out a list of identity statements — “I am capable,” “I am strong,” “I am in control.”  Even if you don’t believe those statements about yourself yet, the more you visualize them + speak them to yourself the more you’ll believe them.  Treat yourself to a MyIntent bracelet so you can be reminded of your “I am” statement every single day [or take it a step further with a tattoo, like me ; )]!

The words “I love you” are so easy to pass on to others, but take an inventory of how often + how difficult it is for you to repeat those words to yourself.  A practice that we love is to spend time with your body after a shower, bath, or during a meditation + tell every part of your body that you love it.  Our bodies are amazing things + deserve to be showered with love ++ recognized for all that they carry us through.

The Love Languages by Gary Chapman assists in helping us understand how we give + receive love.  The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, gift receiving, physical touch, + quality time. Take the free assessment here! You can also apply your top love languages to how you spend time with + take care of yourself.  For example, if your top love language is words of affirmation, leave yourself positive Post-It notes on your mirror.  If it’s gift giving, try buying yourself flowers at the end of a long week.  There are so many great ways to apply these love languages to yourself + grow in your journey of self-love.

Whether you’re fluent, haven’t practiced in a while, or are just starting to learn the language of self-love, we hope that you commit to loving + knowing YOU during the month of love.  Looking for more tips on self-love? In this CHAARG podcast episode, Sarah + Elisabeth share details about their self-love journeys ++ their favorite practices, so check it out — it’s one of our faves!

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