Learning the Language of Self Love

Research states that with ten hours of practice a day, basic fluency of a language can be achieved in about 48 days. 10 hours a day for 48 days is not a short time span!  How often do we practice [...]

Live Life Without a Filter

When you go on social media do you find that you compare yourself to others? Do you look at other people + make negative comments about yourself? A little while ago, I noticed every time I went [...]

The Power of *Slight* Vanity

When we say there’s power in vanity, we’re not talking about checking yourself out in every mirror or window you see or making sure your makeup + hair is picture-perfect all of the time. Instead [...]

I Am More Than: My Illnesses

I have + always will work hard in academics. I competed gymnastics for 15 years despite multiple injuries + spinal surgery. I love to be involved. I am also bipolar II with generalized anxiety [...]

I Am More Than

Chances are, you know someone who is working with [listen on why I like the phrase *working with* rather than *struggling* here] a mental illness. It seems like more + more people are being [...]

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