All About Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, + Types

You have probably heard the term “anxiety” pretty often –being used both in a “lighter” way + of course, with a more serious demeanor, referring to an anxiety disorder. It is so important [...]

Working With Anxiety, Not Against It

I thought a little anxiety + stress in life was a good thing. To me, it meant I was working hard, succeeding, earning the perfect grades, being the best leader, + securing a worthy future for [...]

Mental Health + Exercise

As you probably already know — CHAARG girls love to sweat. One of our core beliefs is that when you work out, you feel good! So, it’s no surprise that exercise is directly related to mental [...]

Rock Bottom

Have you ever hit rock bottom? My rock bottom = thanksgiving break 2010… coming home for the first time as a freshman at The Ohio State University [yep, fun fact — went to #tOSU for a [...]