So, you want to be a CHAARG exec team leader? You’re in the right place.

On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need to apply + start leading CHAARG at your university.

As a CHAARG exec team leader, you are not only the face + voice of CHAARG at your university, but a role model for the entire CHAARG community! This is an opportunity that not many CHAARG members get — there are only 7 positions on each exec team for Chapters that range from 50-400+ members! We hold our exec team leaders to high standards, but we also pour into them to help them be the best leaders possible.

The majority of being an exec leader is FUN — but there is a lot of responsibility involved. Ready to change your campus? Let’s do this.

CHAARG Exec Expectations

We invest a lot into our exec team leaders, but that also means that we hold our leaders to high expectations. It’s important that anyone applying to be an exec team leader can meet the following expectations for the entirety of the 2022-2023 academic year. All positions on the exec team are in person + require a lot of time [at least 10-15 hours/week!]. If you won’t be on campus the entire year or can’t invest the time that being an exec team leader requires, then maybe this isn’t the right position for you! Read the expectations below + make sure you’re ready for a committed relationship ; )

After school, CHAARG should be your top priority as an exec team leader.

  • 10-15 hours/week
  • Full year term [spring semester – spring semester]
  • Attending exec team meetings [every week during the school year + virtually during summer/winter breaks]
  • Chapter events [Weekly Workouts + socials] — exec team leaders are expected to attend all Chapter events
  • Small Group Coordinator — every exec team leader is a SGC
  • Posting on your #inCHAARG Instagram 1x/week throughout your term

We believe that learning to communicate in a professional, respectful, + effective manner is not only a CHAARG skill, but a life skill. In today’s world, digital communication is something we cannot escape, + as you begin to enter the *real world,* we want to make sure you are prepared to communicate effectively with all of those around you [older professionals + peers!]. It is expected that whenever someone from CHAARG contacts you, you should respond in a timely manner [within 48 hours]. Different aspects of CHAARG communication include:

  • Reading Exec Newsletters [1st + 15th of every month]
  • Staying up-to-date on the Exec Leadership Portal
  • Staying up-to-date in your Exec Team’s Slack channels
  • Keeping your CHAARG gmail account up-to-date

CHAARG members are at the heart of our community + everything that we do is for them. It’s important that all exec team leaders create an open, welcoming, + safe environment for all CHAARG members ++ are inclusive to EVERYONE that is a part of the CHAARG Chapter. We provide you all of the resources, guidebooks, + technical *how-to’s* so that you can focus on what really matters — creating authentic relationships with other CHAARG members at your university.

As an exec team leader for your university’s CHAARG Chapter, you are leading something a lot bigger than a club at your school. You’re leading a nation-wide movement of 12,000+ members. You are representing CHAARG to many more people than just the members in your Chapter + we expect our leaders to lead + live through the CHAARG Core Values.

Ultimately, this is the most important expectation we have. As long as you show up + do your best with everything you do, that is all we can ask. Living your best life should go hand in hand with being a CHAARG exec team leader.

CHAARG Exec Perks

Like we said, we expect a lot from our exec team leaders — but we also give a lot to our leaders. We always want out exec team leaders to feel supported, valued, + important. We have a few perks to being an exec team leader that are exclusive to the CHAARG teams. Here is what you can expect from us when you’re a CHAARG exec team leader!

Every year, CHAARG leads a handful of National events [such as Run Club, Summer Studio, Self-Love Club, etc.]! All exec team leaders will receive 1 National event of their choice for free. Exec team leaders will be able to select which event they would like to participate in over the summer, where they will be provided with a list of all upcoming events for the next school year!

Each quarter, we’ll be leading a free event just for exec team leaders! This will be something that exec team leaders get to vote on what they want, as well as vote on the day/time we’ll be doing the event. Events topics include: workout with a well-known instructor, guest speakers on different topics, etc.

Every team has a CLC + RCL, who are a part of the National CHAARG Team. These are your CHAARG National representatives that can help you with everything — from balancing school to becoming the best leader you can be!

As a CHAARG exec team leader, you get to shape the events your Chapter is doing + help chart the path forward for your community. You are helping create our National community + leaving a legacy on your own campus!

Enough said ; )

Sound like a dream? Then you’re in the right place. Download our Exec Info Packet!

Which Exec Position Is Best For You?

Before you start applying, you should figure out which exec team position is best for you! You can of course apply for multiple positions — just complete the application for each position that you are interested in. It’s great to apply + let the election committee know that you’re interested in more than one position!


  • Leads the Chapter
  • Leads the exec team
  • Liaison with Nationals + university
  • Small Group Coordinator


  • Leads recruitment + retention
  • Leads member engagement
  • Organizes Small Groups
  • Small Group Coordinator


  • Social media manager
  • Chapter photographer
  • Chapter graphics manager
  • Small Group Coordinator


  • Manages team organization
  • Manages attendance + analytics
  • Small Group Coordinator


  • Plans + leads Chapter socials
  • Manages Chapter budget
  • Small Group Coordinator


  • Plans Weekly Workouts
  • Promotes Weekly Workouts
  • Small Group Coordinator

Learn More About Being A CHAARG Exec Team Leader

Our biggest advice: talk to a current exec team leader! Set up a time to get coffee with them + learn more about their position. You can also check out some of these blog posts + podcasts : )

When Are Elections For My Chapter?

Now that you’re ready to apply — mark your calendars!

  • Sunday of week 6 of spring semester: Election Committee apps released
  • Friday of week 6 of spring semester: Election Committee apps due
  • Sunday of week 7 of spring semester: Ambassador apps released
  • Sunday of week 8 of spring semester: Ambassador apps due, exec team apps released
  • Friday of week 9 of spring semester: Exec apps due
  • Week 10 of spring semester: Exec interviews
  • Week 12 of spring semester: Exec team transitions + training begins!