What I Learned From Being A CHAARG Exec Leader

CHAARG is an amazing organization to be a part of not only as a member, but as an exec team leader! Having a leadership role in CHAARG helps women in college develop + strengthen both hard + soft leadership skills that are beneficial to future jobs + careers, regardless of the field they are going into! We asked some of our exec team leaders what they have learned from being a CHAARG leader!

“The biggest + most important thing I have learned this year is leadership skills. With this position I was able to work with a team + communicate, problem solve, + be creative with projects to enhance our Chapter. Because of everything I do as an exec, it has made me a better leader + I have learned to be prepared + think quickly in our Chapter’s best interest.” – Kaitlyn Hillman, @kaitlyn_in_chaarg

“Everything I know I have put into CHAARG behind the scenes, is not what everyone sees. CHAARG has taught me a lot about how I still strive to be the best version of myself when no one is watching.” – Caitlin Newton, @caitnewton.chaarg

“This year has taught me that my team is there to help me + that I can lean on them when I need support. Nobody ever likes asking for help but my teammates always have a great solution + I feel comfortable in reaching out for help when I need it.” – Sydney Padulsky, @sydfitt

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from being a CHAARG exec leader is communication + teamwork. Communication is a key holder of being a CHAARG exec leader because we are all working together as a team to make CHAARG happen.” – Chelsay Nguyen, @chelsayn.inchaarg

“Being passionate + flexible are important qualities to possess in order to be a great exec leader. Anyone that wants to be apart of exec should know that things may not turn out exactly how you pictured, but I can promise that you made an impact in at least one member by holding that event!” – Cheyenne Nutter, @cheyennenutter_inchaarg

I learned how to be a more positive person. Going to any CHAARG event always boosts my mood. Everyone is so nice + open, so I learned that it is important to bring good energy!” – Krista Thuer, @kristaaa_inchaarg

Being a CHAARG exec leader has taught me how to become adaptable + more personable. Things will not always go your way, such as instructors canceling or girl not showing up. I learned how to adapt to whatever the club threw at me + still be my happy self so that members weren’t afraid to talk to me after they made a mistake.” – Samantha Stewart, @sssami_inchaarg

“The biggest thing I have learned from being an exec leader is time management + how to work effectively with a team. I also have learned how to communicate with others + ask for help when needed. ” – Noelle Newman, @noelle_unh_inchaarg

“The biggest thing I learned about being a CHAARG exec leader was I have to be able to put myself first in order to do great in other areas of my life. I had a bunch of big changes happen in my life + there was a point where I felt like I wasn’t putting my full 100% into anything I did so with the help of my fellow exec members I really had the time to process everything that was happening + find the best ways possible to improve my life for the better + do well in my position.” – Alexandria P, @alexandriap_inchaarg

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Want to get involved in a leadership position within CHAARG? Contact your Ambassador + see when exec applications are open! : )

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