What I Learned From Being A CHAARG Exec Leader

CHAARG is an amazing organization to be a part of not only as a member, but as an exec team leader! Having a leadership role in CHAARG helps women in college develop + strengthen both hard + soft leadership skills that are beneficial to future jobs + careers, regardless of the field they are going into! We asked some of our exec team leaders what they have learned from being a CHAARG leader!

Anna Goff, Case Western Reserve University Ambassador

“I have learned a lot during my time as a CHAARG Ambassador, but perhaps the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned is how be an effective leader. Stepping into a leadership position in CHAARG means immediately surrounding yourself with a remarkable group of leaders. I’ve learned so much from the leadership training that CHAARG provides for us, but I’ve also benefited tremendously from simply observing so many other Ambassadors, exec team leaders, + mentors within CHAARG. We all learn from each other, + the result is that we push each other to be better leaders every single day.”

Daniela Rubio, University of Illinois at Chicago Ambassador

“I learned how important deadlines are! For CHAARG things + for life in general Being prepared +organized is really life-changing.”

Leah Maxey, Ohio University Ambassador

“I learned all about leadership development, working with people you don’t agree with, time management, being vulnerable, organization, having difficult conversations, + working under pressure.”

Tristen Lee, Florida Gulf Coast University VP Membership

“I’ve learned that teamwork + communication are extremely important when working with others. It makes you realize that everything can’t be done the way you want to be done, + you have to take suggestions from others!”

Theresa Cwenar, Pennsylvania State University VP Membership

“From being a CHAARG exec team leader, I’ve learned that road-bumps are inevitable, + it’s how you react to them, ++ overcome these challenges as a team that teaches you way more than if everything went perfectly as planned!”

Kelly Cooke, Loyola University VP Membership

“When you work with people who are passionate about the mission + truly care about their work, nothing can stop you! Also, obstacles are never as big as they seem + there is always a way to work together + get things done even if things fall through last minute : ) This has been the best team experience I could ever imagine!”

Michelle Guins, Virginia Tech Treasurer 

I have barely begun my journey with CHAARG exec, but so far I have learned how important it is to reach out + make connections with other girls, because you never know how amazing other people are if you don’t give them a chance.”

Claire Estrada, University of South Carolina Treasurer

“I learned how important it is to have a sense of community! It’s one of the main aspects that drew me into the club. When I had just became a member, I was welcomed with open arms. I was also a little homesick at the time, but the community + my new friends made me feel at home + comfortable. So, as an exec member, this inspired me to set a goal [that I continue to practice to this day!] to ensure that our Chapter was very inclusive + that every member felt the same way I did when I first joined!”

Magi Zavalova, University of Illinois at Chicago Treasurer

Being adaptable as a leader is so important! Things will happen that are out of your control — come up with a game plan + keep moving forward.”

Grace Eberts, Michigan State University Event Coordinator

“I have learned so much from being a CHAARG Chapter exec leader! One of the biggest takeaways that I have learned from this position is how to handle things when they go wrong + how to remain calm under stress. On two occasions throughout the time period that I have been on exec, we have had studios cancel on us + I had to learn how to handle things when they do not go as planned. I am a person who always sticks to a plan + loves to have everything organized in my head, so prior to being on exec I would definitely have freaked out more when situations do not go exactly how I predicted them to go.”

Allison Cattin, Purdue University Event Coordinator

“I’ve learned SO many things. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is just having confidence + not being afraid to ask for what you want. That was so hard for me, but being an Event Coordinator really pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best ways possible.”

Ashleigh Bowling, University of Pittsburgh Event Coordinator

“Learning teamwork as everyone is going towards a common goal — it doesn’t help anyone to compare team members or tasks. You have to put your pride aside to really be a great team member!”

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Want to get involved in a leadership position within CHAARG? Contact your Ambassador + see when exec applications are open! : )

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