The Year Of Deep Experiences

January 1st on a Monday?! It seems obvious that I am going to write about resolutions [or am I… ; )]. We all know that I’m a sucker for a good self-help, give ya #AllTheFeels blog post.

But — I also know that there are 103943097 posts about new year’s resolutions, + ultimately, you know what to do: you must change [whether that’s your attitude, your environment, your eating habits, your workout routine, your relationships, etc], + change is typically uncomfortable.

I love this post from Seth Godin —

“I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.” “I filled the prescription, but didn’t take the meds.” “I took the course… well, I watched the videos… but I didn’t do the exercises in writing.” Merely looking at something almost never causes change. Tourism is fun, but rarely transformative. If it was easy, you would have already achieved the change you seek. Change comes from new habits, from acting as if, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of becoming.

Last year, I decided to set intentions [here’s my template!] instead of specific goals. At the end of each month, I’d set aside an entire morning or afternoon to reflect on that month in my “2017 Journal” — I’d not only fill out the template, but also write down any quotes//moments from my everyday journal that stood out to me. Now, I have an entire journal that shares the self-discoveries + growth lessons [here are some of my favorites] of 2017.

This year, I’m following suit. But instead of using a template, I’m focusing on one prioritydeep experiences, ++ plan on living this year by monthly themes — picking one quote, phrase, or word, + working with it until I can teach it someone.

You might be wondering what “deep experiences” mean — it means learning less through input + more through life experiences. Experiences include: meditation, evening reflection, highest-self writing, self-practice yoga, showing up with love + energy in all my conversations//interactions, travel, cooking, volunteering, exploring wellness trends, + asking myself, “what am I resisting?”

Let’s be honest though, I still love learning through input — in 2018, I’ll be leading A Course In Miracles study group [which I’m so excited about!] + I plan on reading [only!] one book a month + listening to my fav podcasts [side note, I’ll also be hosting a podcast! YAY].

Oh, ++ did I mention that The Future Is CHAARG? ; ) 2018 is going to be a big year. xx

What are your 2018 intentions? What do you want to learn in 2018? What questions do you have that I can explore + try to answer for you?

Let me know! I love hearing from you : )

Rooting for you always,


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