Workout To Work: How To Get Ready In 15 Minutes After A Killer Sweat Sesh


While your workplace might have a dress code preventing you from rockin’ your fav tee, patterned tights, + Nikes to work, we have a few tricks on how to use the athleisure trend to look *professional* [thanks to our friends at Lucy!]. Whether you prefer to hit the gym with the #CHAARG6amCrew or you like to workout during your lunch hour, we can all agree  — looking put together immediately following a workout can sometimes require a bit of *magic* [especially if the raise of a dumbbell causes you to sweat buckets… *raises hand* ; )]. We’ve got several tips + tricks to help you transition from your workout back into your work place.


When planning your workouts, make sure to budget enough time to complete a cool down + stretch sesh. Aside from the benefits of stretching, taking those few minutes to slow down will help lower your heart rate + maybe [if you’re lucky] you’ll begin to sweat a little less. // SHOP THIS STYLE


Working out at a gym or a studio that has a shower? Take advantage of that bad boy — even if you don’t wash your hair, the rinse-off will make you feel clean + will help cool you down, so you’ll stop sweating sooner. Don’t have access to a shower? Swap the rinse-off for a few towelettes, though it’s not a shower — the towelettes are enough to give your skin a healthy refresh. Check out our skincare secrets before//during//after a sweat sesh here.


If you can’t commit to fully wash your face after a workout, no worries — facial cleansing pads can do the trick! Just after a workout your pores are more open than usual, so be careful to avoid irritating your skin [especially if you have sensitive skin!] + look for a gentle cleanser [hint: avoid anything called a *scrub*]. Your sweat sesh will leave you with rosy cheeks + we recommend rockin’ that au naturel healthy glow. If you are going to put on makeup, remember that *less is more*. You may still be sweating, so skip the elaborate makeover + go with a loose powder to absorb any lingering shine. Check out our morning beauty routine here!


If you’re like me, you’re hair tends to become a *lost cause* after a tough workout. But if you need to look presentable + don’t have time//or access to a shower — there a couple of tricks that can help. Namely, dry shampoo. To get the most benefit from you dry shampoo flip your head upside down, fluff out your roots + spray. If you have a few minutes to spare, blow drying your roots will help — otherwise, opt for the *tussled* look. ++ when in doubt, rock our favorite look — the top knot ; ). A new, non-sweaty, headband can help to tame any unruly flyaways.  // SHOP THIS STYLE


Depending on the type of workout or the clothes you wear, you may be able to transition the outfit to the office by donning a sweater//vest//or some accessories. However, no one enjoys that lingering sweaty feeling + changing into a clean set of undergarments is not only beneficial for your health + your skin, it can be enough to feel like an entire outfit change. It depends on your work environment, but if you can pull off the athleisure trend — save the neon fitionista gear for another day,  your *neutral* pieces  [think greys// blacks// whites + subtle patterns] will look more professional. // SHOP THIS STYLE


Forget the little black dress, we know black leggings are the real staple piece in your wardrobe ; ). When you have to head straight to the office from the studio, opt for your *nicer* + thicker pair of black leggings, so that the harsh office lighting doesn’t expose more than you expected. The second must-do for the office — pair those leggings [this is key — think leggings, not pants] with a long top or a sweater. A longer top will look more professional + you won’t be making any sacrifices for comfort. + lastly, complete the look by swapping out your running shoes for a pair of boots or flats. // SHOP THIS STYLE

Show us how you transition from the gym to the office//or classroom! Share your fav workout outfit that makes you feel like a #fitionista + make sure to tag @CHAARG, #CHAARGFitPlan, @LucyActivewear, #LucyLetsGo.

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