Creating A Workout Routine As A Post-Grad

As a CHAARG Grad girl, you might find yourself longing for the days that you could workout in between classes or as a study break. The post-grad lifestyle + traditional *9-5* can be pretty draining + when it comes to fitting a workout routine into it, a lot of people say forget it! That’s why we’ve created a 4 step process to help you with finding time for yourself + your workouts as a CHAARG girl!

#1] Write out your schedule. We recommend that this becomes a part of your Sunday ritual. Sit down + take 20 minutes to write out everything that is going on in your life for the upcoming week! Find the best method for you – a google doc, daily planner, or in a wall calendar! Don’t forget about….

  • Work // Days + Times — account for big projects where you might be staying at work late or working from home!
  • Social // Volunteering, Date night, Girls night out, etc – make sure you’re including any social commitments you’ve made for the upcoming week!
  • Meal Times + Meal Prep // Make sure you are scheduling out the times you typically eat during the day + when you’re prepping food : ) It’s important to make sure you are fueling yourself throughout the week to keep your energy up!
  • Sleep Schedule // Yes – you should have a sleep schedule. Know when you’re getting to bed + waking up every morning.

#2] Identify possible sweat sesh times.

  • When doing this part of the exercise, identify ALL the possible options for getting your workout in. Don’t be afraid to join the 6AM crew or the 8PM crew ; )!
  • The purpose of picking out all the possible times is so you can also come up with a few back-up times in case you miss a sweat sesh. This is great to come back to if you find that one of the workout times you’ve chosen isn’t really fitting in your schedule or something pops up last minute!

#3] Pick your *ideal* sweat sesh times! This is the tricky part. It can be so tempting to look at your schedule + want to schedule your workout for 6AM every single day – but ask yourself if this is realistic? Make sure you are setting yourself up for success with when you’re planning to work out.

  • You’re creating a Weekly workout routine – not a daily one. So treat it that way! Don’t feel the pressure to do your workouts at the same time every day – or even the same place every day!
  • Account for soreness // having a tired body! Following a workout routine is going to change your body – so be prepared for that. It might not be the best idea to schedule a 6PM Booty workout + then think that you’ll be waking up at 6AM the next day for a full body workout. I recommend trying to put space between lifting workouts [it’s great to put a cardio day in between them] – this helps move the lactic acid out of your muscles + break up the soreness you might be feeling. Cardio doesn’t have to be a sprint workout either – walking for 30 minutes around campus on a beautiful Fall day is great cardio too!
  • Don’t be afraid to put your rest days in the middle of the week + be a weekend warrior! It can be tempting to want to cram workouts into your work routine – but why not put them on your weekends? This will free up your energy during the week + leave you glowing all weekend ; )
  • Identify a few *back up* sweat sesh times throughout the week // weekend! You already did this in the last step ; ) This is great for the days you miss an alarm + decide to work out later!

#4] Evaluate weekly + make adjustments as needed. Commit to sitting down for 20 minutes every Sunday to evaluate your routine + workout schedule for that upcoming week. This is a great way to make adjustments – if you tried to hit a 6AM workout last week + noticed you were super tired afterwards, try to get some extra zzz’s this week + hit your workouts later. Find the balance that works for you + remember – be flexible in your process, but rigid with your goals ; )!

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