Are You A Workaholic? 5 Ways To Save Your Health

Do you find yourself working nonstop all-day everyday? Do you often feel exhausted or overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have no life other than work? If so, you might want to introduce yourself to the word *workaholic.*

Workaholics can be found in several forms, whether it’s a time-consuming job, schoolwork or several different jobs all at once. Workaholics are often Type-A perfectionists who enjoy working hard, but it can be difficult  for them to *turn off* their mind + body. While it may seem necessary, either to get into your dream grad school, get your dream job or pay off your bills, working too hard can be detrimental to your physical + mental health. It can also damage personal relationships with friends + family while ultimately harming your happiness.

If you fear you might be a workaholic, take a deep breath + consider these ways to save your health.


It’s so important to create boundaries for yourself as an adult. If working a 9-5 job, leave your work in the office so that you have time to relax + reCHAARG. If you’re working or studying from home, find a personal study + work place where you feel most efficient. Do not work from your bed! Cherish your bed like a sanctuary + you will definitely sleep better at night. This will keep you from working nonstop + help you find time to enjoy other things in life. Don’t aspire to always be busy, but learn how to relax.


Sleeping is a necessity + not an optional way to energize. Caffeine may be a regular part of your day, but it shouldn’t be a regular replacement of actual rest. Sleep ensures that your body is recovering enough after a long day of working [+ sweating] hard. With sleep, you will feel more refreshed + creative, thus more productive. Work smarter, not harder.


Even if all of your friends have different work schedules where you all are busy, prioritize spending time with your loved ones. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes can only energize + motivate you more. Work + school may be a priority, but the relationships you have are more important. Grab lunch or coffee together to catch up + take a mental break from work.


Find a way to spend your freetime that is unrelated to your work + studies. Exploring your different passions in life is a great way to incorporate some fun into your life. You can always *double-dip* + invite your friends or family to join you in your hobbies. Spend time with loved ones while doing something you love — #reCHAARGgoals! A #sweatsesh is always a great hobby, but make sure you do it because you enjoy it. Spend your freetime the way you truly want to.


If you are always feeling a little under-the-weather, sore, tired or groggy — listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to adjust your *planner-perfect* schedule to make time for your individuals needs. Learn to say no + prioritize your well-being. *Your body is your temple* + you want to be happy in it!

Above all, never be afraid to reach out to someone. You are not a superhero + no one expects you to act like one. Be brave enough to ask for help, whether it is to a tutor, a mentor or a friend. Being #inCHAARG means you can take on the world, but you don’t have to carry the weight of the world all by yourself.

++Mary Kesinger [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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