Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Missing A Workout

If I had to choose one thing I’ve gained from CHAARG over the past year it would definitely be learning the importance of balance. In August, I will hit the one year mark of my CHAARG journey [the longest I’ve stuck with a healthy lifestyle!]. In the past, I would approach healthy living with an all or nothing mindset – I either had to workout five days a week, or not at all + if I missed one workout there would be no point in continuing. I didn’t realize it then, but this was probably the most detrimental mindset I could have had when beginning a health + fitness journey.

Over the past year, I’ve learned the importance of going to the gym five days a week, but I’ve also learned the importance of taking rest days. The truth of the matter is this: your body will adjust to one [or three] missed workout. Rest days not only allow your muscles to recover from the intense hours you put in at the gym, but they also allow your mind to catch up with your body. If you’re like me and you like to get your sweat in at 6AM before working all day, it’s important to give your body + mind one or two days to catch up on sleep.

One thing that often goes unnoticed when discussing health is the topic of mental health. By feeling guilty every time you skip a workout, you allow yourself to fall into the habit of associating exercise with good and rest with bad. Realistically, you need both to function.

If you find yourself falling into this mindset, don’t stress out! There are a lot of ways you can take control of the situation and get back on track! If some time has passed + you are still struggling to find motivation, here are a few ways to mix up your routine:

#1] Make up the missed workout another day! Missing one workout is not the end of the world! Adding an impromptu rest day to your schedule every once in a while is good for your body, mind + soul. However, if you’re still feeling really uncomfortable with the thought of an extra rest day, make up the workout on a different day! I usually take my rest days on Saturday + Sunday, since my weekends are so busy. If I want to make up a day I’ll use Saturday as a workout day — then, I can consider the missed workout my “rest day.”

#2] Try a yoga flow! Yoga can be a great way to move your muscles around without a lot of jumping or high intensity moves. This will get your body back into the routine of dedicating time to exercise while getting a sweat in. If the workout is low intensity, you may be more excited to get out of bed + complete it! My go-to yoga flow is from Cassey Ho, it only takes 10 minutes + is perfect for beginners!

#3] Experiment with a new workout! If yoga isn’t motivating to you, try completing a different workout entirely! Sometimes lack of motivation stems from becoming bored with your workout routine. When this happens, I like to shock my body with a quick, high-intensity workout that utilizes all of my muscles. My favorite is this 15 minute HIIT workout from Sarah’s Day.

Balance is key when it comes to making any sort of lifestyle change, and fitness is no different. It’s important to remember our goal is to live a maintainable, healthy lifestyle rather than trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

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