Why You Should Become A #GOALDIGGER [+ How To Do It!]

If anyone knows anything about setting goals, it would be a CHAARG gal. Whether we’re sweating it out every day for six weeks with 1,000 other ladies for #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP or rising + running 50 miles in one month for #runCHAARG, we’re setting + reaching goals left + right. We’re continually pushing ourselves [+ each other!] to achieve more, to run farther, to push harder + to grow stronger.


We set goals because they give us purpose — a sense of direction, something to work toward + something to be proud of. Goals are the fuel that help us get to where want to go, energizing us every step of the way. Long term goals give us vision, + short term goals give us the motivation to make that vision come to life.

The #FitGoals we set for ourselves allow us to see + feel the amazing results, but what about all the other aspects of our lives? CHAARG girls OWN the goal-setting department in health + fitness with our collective [+ unstoppable] momentum. If we can exhibit this same passion in setting goals for our academics, careers//jobs, relationships + mental//emotional health, then we will truly be #unstoppable in every part of our lives! Setting new goals at the beginning of every month gives you a chance to re-focus + stay on track to continually be working toward whatever is important to you.


Take some time to sit down + break down the different areas of your life: school//work//friends//family//fitness//food//etc. How do you feel about each of them? What’s working + what isn’t? There will be certain areas that you’re completely happy with + areas that you’ll feel you can improve in some way. Writing these things down will help you visualize all of the aspects that comprise your life + well-being. Being aware of the areas you need to focus more of your attention on will give you a clearer direction when you’re setting your goals.  


Make your goals as specific as possible! Don’t just say you want to *run more* or *read more* — say you want to *run at least five miles each week* or *read one new book each month.* If you generalize your goals, you won’t feel as accountable as you would if you have a specific result in mind.


The tricky thing about goal-setting is that we sometimes get a little too ambitious — to the point where we actually end up disappointed because our expectations were too high! Make sure that the goals you’re setting for yourself are actually attainable rather than far-fetched + nearly impossible. It’s important to remember that we’re only human + we can’t always do it all! Think of you goals as the stepping stones into your future — don’t feel pressured to take too big of steps. Walk at your own pace. ; )


Never ever feel like you have to reach your goals alone. There are 3,000+ women in this community who want nothing more than to see YOU succeed, + every single one of them would be more than happy to help you do so. We already hold each other accountable + push each other closer to our #fitgoals every single day, but CHAARG isn’t just a health + fitness organization. It’s a family that you can count on for support in everything you do.

++ as you embark on your future #goaldigging endeavors, just remember: “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

+ Christina [@christi_inchaarg] // OSU CHAARG

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