How To Deal When You’re Feeling Blah

We all have those days. + I could elaborate on my specifics [period, tight clothes, lethargic, acne, etc], but it doesn’t matter. We’ve all been here — feeling blah. ++ I especially notice it in the winter! Is it because of a lack of sun? [I vote yes!]

What matters is how we get out of the blah. + back into the space of feeling better in our bodies. These are my go-to 4 steps… + as simple as it is, it works!

#1] Get out of my house + work out. I love doing DB workouts at my house… + of course yoga, but especially if I’m feeling blah — I know that I need to either sign up for a group class [that’s not yoga, even though that’s my favorite] or go to a gym + workout. There’s something about being surrounded by other people getting there sweat on [even if they are all doing different things] that’s extremely motivating. Also, I have to do a high intensity workout. Think — sprints, supersets, loud music. Anything that gets me sweating + feeling strong.

#2] Take a shower, WASH MY HAIR, embrace the cold. [Bonus tip — if I have the luxury of using a steam/sauna prior to showering, I do that.] I don’t like cold showers at all, but using hot/cold therapy WAKES MY BODY UP. ++ really that is all *getting out of the blah* is about — letting go of stagnant energy. I end the shower this way: 30 seconds cold, 5 deep breaths cold… + repeat 3X. Also, washing my hair feels incredible.

#3] Massage/scrub my body + face down, moisture. Thank my body! Actually look at it. Most of the time, I like to get ready as fast as possible. It’s a different story when I know I need to give myself self-love. I take my time with my body — massaging it, exfoliating it, lathering it up with lotion, all the things. Most importantly: thanking my body! I’ve only done this a handful of times… but I want to get into this more: giving myself an “I love you” body scan — starting with my toes + going up my body… telling every part, “I love you.”

#4] Put makeup on. This seems so counter-intuitive, but I do feel confident with makeup on — particularly a tinted foundation + concealer to even out my skin tone. It makes me feel good! + it makes me forget about my acne, which is also a positive, because then I am less likely to pick at my face ; ). Put on some chapstick or lipgloss, + I’m good to go!

Bonus — Hold my belly + do deep belly breathing for 3 minutes. Put clothes on that I love. Watch something silly. Smile. Put on my favorite song + dance. Get out of my body! Live my life!

If I’m feeling blah, I know that it’s typically because I am not allowing energy to flow through me… instead, I have energy that’s stuck inside of me, screaming to get out. This is what works for me… what works for you?

Lots of love to you!

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