Starting This FitPlan Fresh: What To Do if Previous FitPlans Didn’t *Work Out*

Pre-FitPlan nerves are normal whether you’ve completed 10 FitPlans before or if this is your first one. Committing to anything for five weeks can be challenging, but remember you are committing the next five weeks to YOURSELF [no one else!] ++ this FitPlan is yours. These next five weeks can be filled with self-growth + positivity [+ physical results ; )] + this could be the beginning of an amazing health + fitness journey//transformation.

Just like anything, what you get out of the CHAARG FitPlans is in correlation to what you put into it. Below are common struggles + challenges you may have faced in previous FitPlans ++ tips on how to overcome these fears:

I always give up on them.

The first week of the FitPlan is usually accompanied by sore muscles + fatigue, which is typical when starting any new routine! A common reason why people don’t finish FitPlans is because of burnout, causing people to give up on the FitPlan all together.  If you’ve been prone to burning out, be proactive to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Instead of going 0 to 5 [+] workouts a week, start the first week or two off slow + at your own pace. Better yet, in the weeks before the FitPlan starts, increase your workouts to 2 or 3X per week! This will give your body a chance to adjust to increased workouts to hopefully avoid burnout.

I don’t feel connected to the other girls.

One of the amazing things about CHAARG is our online community! Through communicating on Instagram or in the Facebook group, girls from all over get the chance to bond + workout “together.”

With this in mind, it won’t be enough to simply *like* people’s posts to feel connected to the group. Make sure to post on your #inCHAARG Instagram [you can find tips about that here]! Even if you miss a workout, you can still engage with girls on insta through pictures of your every day — selfies, quotes, or just by commenting on other people’s posts. If you’re really having trouble posting every day, you can use an app like “reminder” on your phone — allowing you to set a reminder for a certain time every day to help you post!

I didn’t see any results previously.

It’s normal to feel discouraged with a workout routine if you don’t see results at the end. It’s important to remember though, physical results [although really appreciated] are NOT the only things that constitute success!

Before the FitPlan, be honest with yourself about your previous experiences. Did you change your eating at all? Did you really give the workouts 110%? If you answered no, the FitPlan might not be the reason you didn’t see physical results previously. This FitPlan, try looking for non-scale differences such as mood or energy changes.


#1] Find an accountability buddy.

When you have a buddy, you can text each other daily to see how you worked on the FitPlan. It’s important to remember though, don’t be discouraged if you didn’t do the workout or fall behind on the workouts — having a buddy to talk to about all aspects of the FitPlan — physical, mental, emotional, will be SO beneficial. You may even make a new BFF out of it, after all, they COMPLETELY understand your love for all things CHAARG — looking at you Leah ; ).

How can you find your *buddy*? Post in the Facebook group OR reach out to someone through Instagram // Facebook who you seem to *connect* with already! If you’ve noticed someone killed the FitPlans in the past + you admire their efforts, reach out to them! We promise it will not be weird! If you’re in a chapter, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Exec Team for advice on finding a buddy or group of girls.

#2] Make the FitPlan YOURS.

Don’t be afraid to turn the workouts up or down — that’s what these sections of the FitPlans are for! Everyone is at different points in their journey so there’s no need to feel ANY pressure to complete the workouts exactly as they’re written. Make the FitPlan yours by adjusting the workouts however you need to. The same goes for cardio workouts! For some people, running a 5K is a warm up while others have never ran a mile before — adjust the times + mileage to accommodate your fitness level.

There are SO many reasons previous FitPlans may have *failed* in the past, but don’t let the fear of failure hold you back! Every single day is a fresh start. The entire CHAARG community is rooting for you — YOU GOT THIS!

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