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“Paris is more than a beautiful city… it’s a story.” Chills. When our tour guide shared that, in response to why he will never leave Paris, I knew I’d always remember that sentence. You always hear “Paris is the city of love” — but I like his definition better. It truly is a story.

We spent 4 days in Paris + it wasn’t nearly enough. But it was enough to make me fall in love with the city, + desire to go back for 1 month [at least!] to explore every single district [arrondissement] of Paris. They all have such unique characteristics — check out this post on the vibe of the different districts.

If I were to do it over again, I would have mapped out our days to encompass 1–3 districts every day… *including* a walking tour [if possible!], so that I would be able to get to know as many districts as possible. There’s so much to see! I labeled the districts, so it would be easy for you to see what’s closest to you!

#1] Noir: Hands down the best coffee shop we went to. [8]

#2] Leandres: Loved the vibe of this cafe… so cute! It was also next to an Acai & You, so you can grab coffee + then an acai bowl! [9]

#3] The Cafeotheque Of Paris: Apparently this coffee shop started the “artisan coffee movement” in Paris. It had so, so many options [one of the only cafes that had iced coffee that we saw]. Grab a coffee to go + the head across the river to Ile Saint-Louis to wander the streets… such a cute little area! [4]

#4] Le Peloton: Cute coffee shop in my fav neighborhood hat also offers bike rentals, + does bike tours! Close by is a popsicle shop, La Paleteria that I loved. [4]

#5] Cafe De Flore: The most famous French cafe in Paris. We didn’t go, but wanted to include this as it’s one of the oldest coffee shops in Paris, well known for being the “hang out spot” for high profile writers, philosophers, + creatives of the time. Visit for the history + fun for people watching. [6] *Other “famous” Paris spots are Laduree [macroons] + Angelina [hot chocolate]

#6] Partage Cafe: We stopped in here on our way to the Eiffel Tower to grab a quick bite + coffee, + it was the perfect treat. [15]

#7] … honestly go into any bakery ; ). Get a croissant, baguette, quiche, or whatever looks good to you! There are so many incredible bakeries — on every corner!

For next time: Fresh Bagel + Juice [11], Acai & You [9 + 11], Jozi Cafe [5], Good News Coffee Shop [15], Zia [7], Soul Kitchen [18], Bleu Olive [7], Fringe [3], Komborebi [9], Grainette [9]

Eats + Drinks

#1] Terra: Our favorite meal in Paris! Beautiful space + amazing grilled meal. All of their entrees are for two people to share! [3]

#2] Marso & Co: Loved this trendy mediterranean restaurant, + the owner Ludo was *so* nice. So many incredible flavors. [13]

#3] Ya Bayte by Hebe: Lebanese takeaway restaurant. Go here for lunch + then sit on the river! [5]

#4] Veggie Tasty: Vegan bowls + wraps. Great if you are in the area + want something healthy + tasty! [9]

#5] Les Epiciers: Loved this wine + cheese bar! One of the best chaucerte spreads I’ve ever had — with *warm* bread! YUM. [3]

For next time: Ev Brochettes + Mezzes [5], Green Deli [5], Balls [11], Today Tomorrow [Vegan, 11], B.BETTER [Vegan, 4], Numero 220 [Veg, 5], L’en K [5], Sol Semilla [Vegan, 10], Chantoiseau [18], Restaurant CHANG [1]

#1] My new fav french word is flâner — meaning “to stroll”, get lost + wander around for the sake of simply enjoyment. This is essential to do in Paris!

#2] Siam Spa [14]: Loved this thai massage spa! I also really wanted to check out Spa & Hammam [5], it’s a spa + tea house just for women!

#3] Meditate + picnic in all the gardens + parks. Need I say more ; )

#4] Go on biking tour! We absolutely loved our biking tour — Paris’ Best Kept Secret. Highly recommend!

#5] Something to note — boutique fitness studios are hard to come by + apparently crazy expensive. One of our friends lives in Paris + that’s what she said!

#1] Eiffel Tower — obviously! Make it your first + last stop if you can! Try to see it at night when she sparkles : )

#2] Walk to the highest point of Paris, Saint-Pierre De Montmartre church at sunrise or sunset. On your way, check out the Wall Of Love — “I love you” is written in 250+ languages!

#3] Walk down every single street in Marais. This was my favorite district of Paris… so trendy, romantic, + tons of amazing boutiques/eats!

#4] Visit the Catacombs — get a ticket online prior to going!

#5] If you can make a trip to Versailles +/or Monet’s Garden… do it! Both are outside Paris, but absolutely incredible to see [+ relatively close!].

#5] Tours on tours on tours! Google “walking tours” in Paris based on what you what to see… you’ll be guaranteed to find plenty! Airbnb Experience also has a lot of fun tours.

#6] See how many of these 50 sites you can visit ; )

We stayed at Hotel Henriette, which was absolutely adorable + had great breakfast — but, if was far from our favorite areas]. It was close to the Latin Quarter though! Next time, I’d want to stay in Marais — just because that was my fav district!

#1] Don’t expect people to speak English. Download a tanslator app on your phone! I used the Google Translate app.

#2] Use public transportation! It’s so easy, + will take a lot less time than ubers/taxies [+ cheaper!] train.

#3] Check out HiP Paris — I loved exploring this blog all about Paris!

#4] Watch Midnight In Paris to get you in the mood prior to going [or during your trip!]. Such a feel good movie! + love seeing all the sites!

#5] Are any of these absolute musts? No! [Okay, other than Eiffel Tower lol that is a must in my book!] This is the first time I’ve probably said this in a wellness guide but it’s true… there’s *so* much to see in Paris + so many incredible spots. It really just depends on what area you are in!

Ugh, Paris is so alive + I LOVE IT! I’m ready to go back now! Did I miss any of your fav spots? Let me know!

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