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It should be no surprise to you that I constantly struggle with wanting to throw my phone out the window vs recognizing how beautiful//important our little *smart phones* are [re: #NoInputNovember + My Phone Is Ruining My Life]. While I’ve put in a lot of work to consciously spend less time on my phone, since my phone is almost always with me [+ because it’s almost always in the hands of people I am with] it’s very easy to get pulled back in.

Have you ever wanted to know how much time you spend on your phone? If you have an iPhone, I got you — Setting > Battery > Battery Usage > You should see Last 24 Hours + Last 7 Days [click on the clock icon to see the actual time]. Anyone else like yiiiiiiiiikes?

Anyways, when I heard my friend talk about an ancient Jewish practice, Shabbat, I was intrigued + inspired. Here’s an in-depth description of Shabbat if you’re interested. CHAARG notes version: Shabbat begins Friday at sunset + lasts until Saturday night once you can see three stars — the ~24 hours are dedicated to quality time with people, slow-paced meals, praying, studying spiritual text, no electronic devices!!!!!!!!!!!!! + REST [there are a 39 tasks that are not allowed— including writing, cooking, + even carrying]. If any of you guys observe Shabbat, I’d love to hear your experience of this ritual. It seems so beautiful.

One of my 2018 intentions is to incorporate a similar ritual in my weekly routine as often as I can [Friday sunset to Saturday sunset ; )]:

  • No social media + email [*this is the most important aspect for me]
  • No internet [computer or phone]
  • Hour of meditation
  • Ideally, would love at least one slow-paced meal with family//friends
  • Spend time studying spiritual text

I love rules//rituals for the sake of structure, but I always think it’s important to question why a rule//ritual exists in your life. For example, originally — I had one of my *rules* for this weekly routine to include no phone in general [no texting, no uber, etc]. Then, I realized the reason that I didn’t want the phone to be involved at all is because of the “easy access” to social media + email. Those were the two components that distract me the most that I want to break free from. So, I changed my *rule* ; ).

Ultimately, I want this time to remind me to have deep experiences, both internally + with others.

[Side note: just completed my first *X — need to come up with my own name for this… any thoughts?* + it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be! Part of the reason is because I was with my family on vacation… but, still : ) #progress]

Rooting for you always,

++ Elisabeth

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