Watch The Clock: 3 Ways A Watch Can Improve Your Sweat Sesh

We all have those *essential* gym items — headphones, a water bottle, a headband + [one of our personal favorites] a watch! This may seem like a random addition to the list, but a watch is actually a perfect item to help you crush your sweat sesh! You might feel like it really isn’t essential, but trust us when we say it truly helps you stay on track with your fitness + health.


A watch is the perfect way to get the most out of your #FitGoals. Keeping track of your workouts is key when trying to achieve your goals. With a watch, you can record how long your workouts are + slowly increase their time as you progress. How will you know how much to increase your workouts by if you don’t know where you initially started? *You won’t.* A watch is essential for timing HIIT + tabata workouts as well as making sure you’re resting the right amount of time between reps.


Sometimes, you don’t always realize whether you’re working yourself too hard, or not hard enough. Working out too hard can lead to injury, while the opposite will deprive you from reaching your fitness goals. Wearing a watch will help make sure you are right on track with the workouts you are performing. If you’re planning on running a race, you can make sure your pace isn’t too fast [so that you won’t get tired out too early] or too slow [so you can meet your goal!]. Let your watch give you feedback when you’re not too sure how your workout is going so that you can avoid overexerting yourself or depriving yourself of a good sweat sesh!


Some of our favorite posts are transformation pictures — it is great to see how far our fellow CHAARGies have come with their fitness goals. Tracking progress is an important aspect of creating a fitness goal — it is such a *refreshing* feeling to see how far you’ve come since the beginning. An easy way to track your progress is to wear a watch while performing your sweat sesh. Whether you are running, doing HIIT, or any other cardio, you should time how long each session lasts. As you continue these workouts, you will notice you are able to do perform them much longer + by wearing a watch, you will be able to check exactly how much you progressed since the beginning — especially during Fit Plan Fit Tests!

Choosing the right watch might be tricky depending on what you like to do to *sweat it out*, the amount of different kinds there are out there, + how expensive some might be, but don’t worry, we got you covered : )   




This watch is perfect if you are a runner. It has a large screen that displays distance, time, and pace. It even has an indoor tracker so you can keep track while running on the treadmill. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet either — it is waterproof up to 50 meters!

Price: $90-$130

You can find it here!


Fitbits are the perfect watch for those who like to track their workouts along with daily activity. Fitbits are available with a variety of features — they can track your distance, steps, total activity time, + calories burned. Although the watch itself does not tell you pace, you can link it up to your phone to determine that, along with your sleep activity + more! With the app, you can also add your daily food + water intake. The newest Fitbit Blaze looks most like a watch + comes in multiple colors.

Price: $200

You can find it here!


If you love weight lifting, this watch is one of the few that actually calculates strength. All you have to do is input the amount of weight you are lifting, + it then detect yours motion + lets you know whether or not you are doing complete // incomplete reps. After your workout, it will provide you with tips to better your form + designs a fitness plan based on the detection of the workouts you perform . You can even find over 900 exercises with tips. It has a really cool design too, which makes it even more appealing alongside all these amazing qualities!

Price: $150.00

You can find it here!


Not only is this watch sleek, looking more like a watch than a fitness tracker, it’s waterproof! In addition to tracking your runs, bike rides, + even swims with GPS capabilities, there is even a feature for HIIT stopwatches. While connecting with your phone’s bluetooth, you can connect notifications as well as download apps. It’s the perfect balance between fitness tracker + tech watch.

Price: $150.00+

You can find it here!


The Apple Watch might be a little more of a splurge, but it is worth the price. This watch exceeds all expectations — it monitors your heart rate, it tracks your distance + progress for more than just running, + the Series 2 watch is even waterproof up to 50 meters! Like other smartwatches, it connects with your phone, but the Apple Watch actually allows you to reply to messages + calls on your watch. This synchronizes perfectly with your iPhone + MacBook, so it is ideal if you’re an Apple kinda girl. While you can get relatively cheap ones now, the new Apple Watches [Series 2] might be worth the wait ; )

Price: $250.00+

You can find it here!

If you use a watch to track your activity, let us know how they help you achieve your goals during a #sweatsesh. And if you don’t frequently use a watch while working out, make sure to try it out. Crush your goals, girls — we believe in you!


++ Soula [soula_inchaarg] // UMD CHAARG

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