Warm Weather Running Gear Guide

As the weather starts to warm up it’s important to have the right gear heading into summer + warm weather running! The most important gear you need for running that you won’t find on any of our gear guides is shoes! Shoes are definitely not a one size/style/type fits all purchase — so we recommend you go to your local running specialty store + talk to someone who can properly fit you + provide the right running shoe for your budget ; )  

Below are our 11 favorite pieces of warm weather gear to keep you cool all CHAARG Run Club season long! 

#1] Nathan Handheld Water Bottle Any run longer than an hour + you should be carrying water [or have easy access to it!]. This one also has a touch case for your phone! 

#2] Nuun Hydration Tablets These are my go to supplement for making sure I stay hydrated throughout the summer. 

#3] Balega Hidden Dry Socks These socks are super thin + lightweight but still sweat wicking. So they’ll keep your feet cool, dry, + blister free! 

#4] Under Armour Run Cap I don’t typically run in caps… but I know with my new dedication to skincare that I’m going to have to invest in a good running hat. I love this ones cute color + how simple it is… although a bolt running hat might be worth waiting for ; )

#5] SpiBelt Running Belt I love how light weight + tiny this is. It stretches to fit your phone, keys, credit card, + ID. I don’t recommend running with your phone in it though because then it tends to move around alot! [Put your phone in the nike pocket bra].  

#6] Nike Women’s 10K Short I live in Nike running shorts, but another amazing brand that I’ve been dying to try is Janji. ++ If you’re going to splurge, lululemon hotty hot shorts are my other favorites. 

#7] Nike Pocket Bra This is my favorite bra to run in of all time! Super supportive + holds your ID, keys, gels, + phone — easily! Great for small boobs + big boobs alike : )

#8] Neutrogena Ultra Dry Touch SPF 70 Don’t leave on your run without having put on your sun protection : ) 

#9] Garmin Forerunner 235 Running Watch This is my favorite running watch I’ve ever used! It’s an older model – so a little cheaper than the newer ones, but I think it still has all of the needs for getting you through your workouts! If you’re looking for a newer model that is even simpler – check out the Garmin Forerunner 45S.

#10] Trigger Point Foam Roller It hurts so good. 

#11] Hyperice HyperSphere Another recovery tool that is great for targeting smaller muscles + knots.

. . .

Check out CHAARG Run Club + CHAARG 5K programs throughout the year to take your training to the next level! 

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