7 Essentials To Always Keep In Your Gym Bag

For the girl who’s always on the go [+ who doesn’t want to do even more heavy lifting after you’ve finished your sweat sesh ; )], fine-tuning your FitGear down to just the gym bag essentials is nearly a science. For you, minimalistic + quality products that get the job done are key. So whether your’e heading to a meeting, class, or weekend brunch, here are our fav essentials to keep stashed in your gym bag:

bagBAG // 

Pretty self-explanatory, but the key to success starts with a solid foundation — the perfect gym bag. Our current fav? The Sport Essential Bag from Victorias Secret. With pockets [5 of them!], pouches + a separate shoe compartment, no matter where you’re headed you’ll have room for it all! ++ you it’s *machine wash,* which makes it incredibly easy to clean! We highly recommend keeping a small waterproof sweat bag to keep your gym clothes in after you sweat it out.



Hopefully you’ve never experienced arriving at the gym only to realize you left your headphones at home… pro tip: keep a pair in your gym bag at all times! ++ while no workout is complete without the perfect playlist [have you checked out all of our playlists on 8tracks?], the other sweatsesh #RideOrDie is the latest wearable. One of our favs [FitBit chargeHR!] not only measures your heart rate + tracks your sleep, but is named just for CHAARG girls [they just left out an A + added an E ; )].



What better place to record your workouts, write down your meals, paste inspirational quotes//photos, share positive moments throughout your day, + keep track of your stats than with a journal dedicated solely to your health + fitness journey [bonus if it has a motivation quote on the front ; )]. ++ when you need a little motivational boost, all you need to do is look back a few pages + celebrate how much progress you’ve made! If you want to get crafty, create a DIY FitJournal!

 BeautyBEAUTY //

While beauty may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about workout, it certainly is an important part of your gym routine. There’s nothing worse than winter time dry skin — made worse by showering after the gym, luckily our fav daily beauty routine is designed to help you get clean + keep your skin looking ++ feeling its best! We love Victoria’s Secret Body Care [the Coconut Milk Soothing Scrub ++ Passionflower Hydrating Body Lotion smell + feel amazing!]


BRA //

If you’ve ever sported a *sub-par* bra to the gym, you know there is nothing more essential to a successful workout than making sure you’re comfortable. ++ when you mean business in your #sweatsesh, you don’t have time for all those *bells + whistles* — you need convenience. Introducing the bra that makes all of that possible — the Lightweight Sport Bra. Wireless, adjustable straps, no hook+eye closure ++ colorful — need we say more? Find your *sports bra fit* here.



You’d never dream of leaving for the gym [or the house, for that matter ; )] without a pair of tights. Whether your Fitionista style is bright + colorful or #AllBlackErrythang, VSX has you covered with their Knockout Tights. With special fabric that not only moves + stretches with you, but also wicks away sweat, you can go from the gym to class without changing your tights ; ). [Side note — these tights are also perfect to wear on a girls’  night out if you are planning to break a sweat on the dance floor… just saying].

 fuelFUEL // 

While it doesn’t matter how your sweat, properly fueling before + after a workout can help you to get more benefits out of your workout — who wouldn’t want that? ; ) Before, during, + after — hydration is key, so make sure you’ve got a water bottle [or two] stashed in your gym bag! Our favorite post workout snack? Quest Bars! [Cookie Dough + S’mores are my fav ; )]


What are your go-to *gym bag essentials*? Let us know on insta — @CHAARG!

++ xo, Teresa

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