Vanderbilt University CHAARG


Ambassador: Katie Carbonell
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #VandyCHAARG
Weekly Workout Day + Time: Tuesdays 7:30-8:30PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Spring 2016
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


My name is Katie, + I’m a Senior majoring in Molecular + Cellular Biology. I’m so glad that you’re interested in becoming a member of Vandy CHAARG! After years of struggling with a negative body image + unhealthy relationship with food, joining CHAARG finally helped me learn how to truly love myself + my body, no matter where I am in my journey. This community of women is so positive + strong, + even though we all come from different backgrounds + interests we share a common dedication to lifting each other up when we’re down [++ lifting heavy dumbbells, too]. Life at Vanderbilt can be challenging – classes are tough + there’s definitely pressure to be involved in as much as you possibly can. Through CHAARG, you’ll learn how to better practice self-care + achieve a beautiful work-life balance in a healthy way. On top of that, the fitness scene in Nashville is absolutely booming – we cannot wait to explore the city with you!


Upcoming Sweat Sesh: We are currently planning some amazing Weekly Workouts for our CHAARG Community!

Small Group Times: These will be announced from our Exec Team within the first 3 weeks of the Semester! We’re confident you’ll find a time that works for you : )

This Semester’s Socials: We are currently planning some amazing socials for our CHAARG community to get to know other Chapter members + get involved on campus.


Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Katie Carbonell | VP Membership: Seema Baddam | VP Media: Bethany Dieringer | Event Coordinators: Caroline Carlson + Isabel Leveque| Secretary: Lauren Maynor | Treasurer: Claire Mangrum

Here’s what #vandyCHAARG girls are saying…

Why did you join CHAARG?

I joined CHAARG because I always had a hard time reaching my full potential in workouts by myself. I found them boring [couldn’t get past the elliptical…], + something I certainly did not look forward to doing. I joined CHAARG hoping to find the *fun* in fitness, + learn about workouts other than cardio. // Nicolette [nicolette_inchaarg]

Why should someone join CHAARG?

It is an amazing way to stay active + healthy in college. The people you will meet are amazing + you might not meet them otherwise because it draws girls from across campus. It is also a super supportive community which is important to have in college. In addition it is a good way to meet people in the community around your school + get off campus ++ find fun workouts! // Rachel [rachelk_inchaarg]

What is something you want to share about CHAARG?

The weekly workouts have really introduced me to new types of workouts I now love! From hot yoga to cycling to barre! // Ivana [Ivanaa_inchaarg]

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