Using Food as Fuel — A Look into Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is a simple philosophy — eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full + eat food that you want to eat, without guilt. You can enjoy eating ice cream just as much as your green smoothies! . It’s not about throwing healthy foods out the window, but instead, eating when your body needs to + fueling it with whatever you want // need at that moment.

This isn’t a diet at all [you know how we feel about that word]. Instead, it’s a lifestyle change — giving a new outlook on the way we relate to food + our bodies —


Eating intuitively is eating guilt-free by choosing foods you want to eat + eliminating the mindset that foods are *good* or *bad.* This label-free eating turns away from counting calories or macros + instead focuses on fueling your body with yummy eats.

Some days, you might crave a quinoa salad + others you might crave chocolate ice cream. You may be thinking one of those things is obviously the better choice, but intuitive eating challenges this idea that you should choose the *healthy* option. Instead, you’re listening to your body’s hunger cues + fueling with food you want to eat + enjoying every minute of it.


By no longer viewing foods in calories or things you need to eat, you’ll be able to have a non-restricting relationship with food. When you start listening to your body, you’ll see how certain foods make you feel. Eating foods that make you feel good will do your body + soul some good.

You aren’t going to magically inherit the intuition of your body’s hunger overnight — it’ll take some time to listen to your body’s internal cues. To start, try waiting to eat your meals until you feel hungry, instead of focusing on certain times to eat. Eat slowly + without distractions [step away from your computer + phone while ya eat!] in order to listen to your body + avoid overeating. By seeing food as fuel instead of labelling it good or bad, you’ll be able to prevent an unhealthy diet mentality.

Honoring your hunger + making peace with food will make meal time [and life] a lot more enjoyable. < 3

++ Ashleigh B. [ashleigh_inchaarg] // Pitt CHAARG

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