Up Your Journaling Game: Questions From Anatomy Of The Spirit

I’m all about self-help books — but it’s been awhile since I’ve read one that I’m HELL YES about [others include: The Four AgreementsA Return To LoveEssentialismBook of AwakeningThe Untethered Soul]. I had been hearing about Anatomy Of The Spirit a ton recently… ++ usually when I hear about a book multiple times, I take it as a sign that I need to read it.

My friend Tania had the book, so I borrowed it from her… but I think I want to purchase one for myself, it’s thatgood : ).

In brief — Anatomy Of The Spirit dives into research on energy medicine, + goes in depth on the seven chakras, including journaling prompts for each chakras. Below are my favorite questions for each chakra, so that you can either #1] use the prompts for journaling, or #2] grab CHAARG girls in your area + host your own CHAARG Book Club!

First Chakra

#1] What belief patterns did you inherit from your family? Which of those belief patterns that still have authority in your thinking can you acknowledge are no longer valid?

#2] Do you have a personal code of honor? What is it?

#3] Do you have any unfinished business with your family members? If so, list the reasons that prevent you from healing your family relationships.

Second Chakra

#1] Do you keep your word? Do you negotiate your ethics depending upon your circumstances?

#2] Are you a controlling person? Do you engage in power plays in your realtionships? Are you able to see yourself clearly in circumstances related to power + money?

#3] What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? What stands in the way of your acting upon those goals?

Third Chakra

#1] Do you like yourself? If not, what don’t you like about yourself, + why? Are you actively working to change the things about yourself that you don’t like?

#2] Are you critical of others? Do you need to blame others as a way of protecting yourself?

#3] Do you need the approval of others? If so, why?

Fourth Chakra

#1] What emotional memories do you still need to heal?

#2] What fears do you have about becoming emotionally healthy?

#3] Who are the people you have yet to forgive, + what prevents you from letting go of the pain you associate with them?

Fifth Chakra

#1] Are you able to sense when you are receiving guidance to act upon?

#2] Do you pray for assistance with your personal plans, or are you able to say, “I will do what heaven directs me to do”?

#3] Do you bargain with yourself in situations in which you know you need to change but you continually postpone taking action? If so, identify those situations + your reasons for not wanting to act.

Sixth Chakra

#1] What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in a negative way?

#2] What attitudes do you have that disempower you?

#3] What beliefs + attitudes would you like to change in yourself? Are you willing to make a commitment to making those changes?

Seventh Chakra

#1] What questions have you sought guidance with during meditation or moments of prayer? What answers to these questions would you most fear?

#2] Are you devoted to a particular spiritual path? If not, do you feel a need to find one?

#3] Have you started + stopped a meditation practice? If so, what are the reasons that you failed to maintain it?

Aren’t the questions SO GOOD? ++ there are ten per chakra! I’m tellin’ ya — grab Anatomy Of The Spirit!


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