University of Missouri CHAARG


Ambassador: Nandi Janay Sparrock
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #MizzouCHAARG
Weekly Workout Day + Time: Tuesdays 7-8PM + 8-9PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Fall 2018
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


Hi my name is Nandi Janay Sparrock, + I’m a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou). I’m excited to be the first ever CHAARG Ambassador for Mizzou and spend the next year with the amazing young women at this campus as we all find our “fits”! My goal for this chapter is to create a second home for girls, a place they can come + just be themselves! CHAARG is all about loving + being positive with your body, which is something easier said than done. As your ambassador, I am dedicated to loving each girl in this chapter every step of their health journey, until they learn to love themselves! It’s never too late to start treating your body right, + The CHAARG Chapter at the University of Missouri is a great place to start!


Upcoming Sweat Sesh: We are currently planning some amazing Weekly Workouts for our CHAARG community!

Small Group Times: These will be announced from our Exec Team within the first 3 weeks of the Semester! We’re confident you’ll find a time that works for you : )

This Semester’s Socials: We are currently planning some amazing socials for our CHAARG community to get to know other Chapter members + get involved on campus!


Meet the exec team

Mizzou Exec
Ambassador: Nandi Janay Sparrock, VP Membership: Jennah Yarbrough , VP Media: Meghan Chac, Event Coordinators: Brianna Varda + Ashlee Fortschneider, Treasurer: Lexi Martinez

Here’s what #mizzouCHAARG girls are saying…

Why did you join CHAARG?

CHAARG is giving me the opportunity to be surrounded by girls that are on the same path as me + creating a community at Mizzou that allows us to grow together by learning what health + fitness means to us individually. I’ve never experienced anything like it + now I get to be fully immersed in the support of it all. // Lexi [lex.inchaarg]

Why should someone join CHAARG?

CHAARG allows me to not only accept who I am but to embrace + love who I am. It gives me the opportunity to be apart of something greater than myself + to inspire + lead girls around the world to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be, ++ to me, that is empowering. // Meghan [megssss_inchaarg]

What do you want to share about CHAARG?

When I think about where I was a year ago before CHAARG, the only thing I can picture is the color gray. I was suffering from severe anxiety, dealing with awful relationships with toxic people, + overall, just feeling lost. CHAARG didn’t teach me who I was, I did that on my own. CHAARG gave me the push I needed to get out of that dark place I was in. I saw a community of strong women who were so confident, but also so open about their insecurities + their flaws. CHAARG showed me a new type of woman, one who doesn’t live for the expectations of others, a woman who does things because she wants to, + gets things done because she can. The CHAARG community exposed me to a group of women who weren’t always 100% sure where they were going, but they felt this confidence in their journey because of the positivity that guided them. From the moment I saw that, I knew CHAARG was my home. This past year because of CHAARG, I spent more time getting to know myself. Asking myself what I wanted, why I wanted it, + HOW I could achieve it. I’ve learned to live a life full of intention, + guided by love. I’m incredibly thankful for CHAARG because it taught me the importance of knowing who I am, + pushed me to find myself. I could go on forever about CHAARG, but the one thing that sums it up is, you are a product of your surroundings. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful environment, than being surrounded by strong, loving, positive women, who are there to catch you when you fall, + guide you home when you get lost. // Nandi [janayinchaarg]

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