How To Turn The *Sunday Scaries* Into *Sunday Funday*

The *Sunday Scaries* is a very, very real thing. In college, it’s that anticipation of the crazy packed week ahead, filling your Sunday with class assignments, last minute exam cramming, + devising a plan of how exactly you’re going to fit everything in. ++ once you start #adulting, Sundays quickly become your dreaded reminder that the weekend is officially over [*crying emoji*] + it’s time to get back on that work grind.

But what if we decided to turn the *Sunday Scaries* into something a little more positive? Instead of fearing the final day of the week, what if became a day we all looked forward to? Maybe, even THE day we all looked forward to? Alright, I won’t get too far ahead of myself ; ) Get ready, CHAARG world — because we’re introducing you to the Self-Care Sunday. Trust us on this one — this is our step-by-step guide to living your best Sunday yet!

NOTE: For our college CHAARG girls, you might not get to everything on this list [we know how crazy college schedules can be!] ++ that’s totally okay! Make time for your favorites in between school work + challenge yourself to try out new self-care activities every Sunday.


This one’s a no-brainer! Sunday mornings are ideal for catching up on any sleep lost from an insane sleeping schedule the week before. Just make sure to set an alarm [we suggest getting up by 10:30AM, so that you can get the most out of your Self-Care Sunday!], or else you could be snoozin’ all day. ++ now, coffee, pls…


Instead of getting in a super intense #sweatsesh, take a long, leisurely walk outside instead. Especially as higher temps bring tank top weather, there’s no better way to grab some Vitamin D. I pair my Sunday walk with a visit to the local farmers’ market + stock up on some fresh greens for the week ahead! Need to zen out? Sundays are also perfect for restorative exercises like yoga + meditation. Grab your mat + get your om on.


I mean, this is what Self-Care Sunday is all about, right?! Make some time to give yourself a lil’ TLC. For me, it’s a weekly face mask [obsessed with this one!]; for some of my fellow Blogis, it’s a fresh manicure. Whether it’s beauty-related or just some genuine down time [um, hello reruns of The OC], remember, you deserve it! But, be wary of a true Netflix binge — either limit yourself to an episode or two[*all things in moderation!*] or save your episodes until you knock out the other items on your to-do list.


While it might not sound necessarily *fun*, use Self-Care Sunday to give your dorm room or apartment that much-needed refresh. There’s nothing like turning on your favorite Spotify station + zoning out during a real deep-clean. Not exactly sure where to start? Dive into your closet + create your very own *FITionista detox* by donating, gifting, or selling any items that you no longer use. Be sure to check out our other decluttering tips + start this week with a spotless + shiny living space!


You know… the one thing that keeps you *sane*. For me, that one thing is definitely cooking on a Sunday night. After a long weekend of eating out + meeting friends at our favorite bars + restaurants, there’s always something about a home-cooked meal [+ the earlier journey to the grocery store] that helps ground me for the upcoming week. Whatever yours is [a long run outside, vinyasa at your favorite yoga studio, crushing through all of your laundry, or getting lost in meal prep, etc.], always, always make time for it. Self-Care Sunday is all about being selfish — this is *the* time to DO. YOU.


While we love living with *roommates turned BFFs* [++ having a few closets to share ; )], take some time on Self-Care Sunday to vibe with your one + only — yourself! Whether that means finding a solo study location on campus or retreating to your bedroom for a few hours, explore some introspection on this day of rest. Personally, I dig lighting a few candles + brainstorming for #DaBlog — knocking out some work [or rest!] feels even better when I’m in my own groove.

See? Sundays aren’t meant to be scary! Make plans for your first *Self-Care Sunday* + share with us your Sunday plans on Twitter +Instagram. Now, BRB — there’s a face mask that’s calling my name…

+ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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