5 Ways To Turn *I Just Can’t* Into *I Totally Can*

Have you found yourself constantly on-the-go this semester? From running to class, to internships + jobs, to CHAARG + other events, it’s no surprise we’ve all had days where we find ourselves overwhelmed + consumed by the feeling that we just can’t. While it can feel incredibly challenging to focus + stay positive when you’re running high on stress, try these tips turn those days where you *just can’t* into days you totally CAN —

#1] Perform a Digital Detox

Power down your laptop, phone, + other devices [or at least put them on *do not disturb*] — the constant buzzing + pinging of notifications on your phone may be causing more stress than you think. When we receive notifications, there is often a pressure to open them, regardless of what we are doing or feeling at that moment. Being too connected to the outside world can make it challenging for us to reconnect with our inner selves + focus.

Looking for more ways to help you take a step back from your phone + reconnect with the world around you? Try deleting social media apps off your phone + only access them when you’re on the computer or simply turn off your notifications, eliminating the urge to open every notification pops up on your screen. We also love screen time trackers like Moment, that monitor your usage + notifies you if you go over your daily limit.

#2] Take a Moment ReCHAARG

Feeling exhausted from your crazy to-do list? Take a moment to complete around 2-5 minutes of mindful breathing — breathing deep into your belly through your nose, holding that breath for a count of seven, and blowing out through your mouth. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system [aka “rest + digest”], promoting feelings of calmness + relaxation, enabling you to de-stress. Have a little more time on your hands? Try completing a guided meditation like this meditation for inner peace or this body scan meditation.

#3] Get Your Sweat On

Set aside some time to move + release the stress you may be holding on to [this is so important!]. Find your perfect sweat sesh by listening to your body + what it needs. Looking for low-impact movement? Try a relaxing yoga flow or a walk outdoors. Prefer a high-impact activity? Go for an energizing run or grab your CHAARGies for a pickup game of basketball. : )

#4] Fuel + Hydrate Yourself

Make sure you give your body the water + nutrients it needs! Fuel up on delicious whole foods packed with nutrients to keep you energized + focused. Our favorite [++ prettiest] recipes are those we can meal prep in a mason jar + take on the go! Check out these 6 Mason Jar Snacks or these Mason Jar Salads that you can easily throw in your bag + take with you. Don’t forget to pack your fav water bottle to keep you hydrated all day long [aiming for around eight eight-ounce glasses per day]!

#5] Express How You’re Feeling

Try writing how you feel in a journal or calling a friend to share your feelings! Taking a break to express what’s on your mind when you’re overwhelmed is a great way to let go of any negative vibes, organize your thoughts, ++ put things in perspective.

Some of our favorite journaling prompts + ideas include writing quotes that inspire us, creating gratitude//happiness lists, or simply writing what *flows* out of us + onto paper [check out our podcast about Highest Self Writing here!]. Looking for more journaling prompts? We love Katie Dalebout’s Let It Out + The 52 Lists Project.

Most importantly, remember to smile + breathe. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, + smarter than you think : ) You *totally CAN.*

++ Allison Tapocsi [@allison_inchaarg] // Kent State CHAARG

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