Trend I Tried: Eyelash Extensions

I don’t know if I’m simply “growing up” or if I’ve noticed more + more people getting eyelash extensions + lash lifts. Either way, I wanted to get in on the buzz.

When I was in Palm Springs [ps — guide to Palm Springs here!] there was an amazing deal for eyelash extensions at Organic Glow Skin Studio — $120, which is unheard of. Typically, your first set will be $200–300. I had only gotten extensions once before… for high school prom, lol thanks to my high school boyfriend’s mom who was an esthetician, so I was curious to try it again. I hate wearing most mascaras because I have such oily eyelids — my mascara always ends up under my eyebrows… until I discovered BLINC. a tube forming mascara [so it doesn’t smear!]

Anyways… of course, the most importantly component for me while getting eyelash extensions: documenting the entire process ; ).

The Look:

I asked for the most natural look [as opposed to bold/glam]. I got C curl + the shortest extensions she had [mostly 11s, some 12s]

The Process:

90+ minutes! eeeeek. Most people fall asleep, but I was wide awake. My eyes were twitching like a crazy person in the beginning [probably because they were confused] — but they settled down after 15 minutes.

The First Day:

At first when I saw my eyelashes I was like “OH MY GOSH they are way too long” — BUT, as soon as I dressed up, I loved them.

Falling Out:

Photos in order:

  • First Day — #flawless
  • 1.5 Weeks —lashes still look really good, although not as full!
  • 2.5 Weeks — couple long lashes still hanging in, especially near corner if you zoom in. Honestly, this looks the most natural IMO. I probably should have scheduled a “touch up” at this time!

Touch Ups:

I got my lashes touched up after exactly 3 weeks + 2 days… + as you can see [photo on the left], they are basically gone. The lash queen in Chicago [thanks to Cat!] is Lashes By Yanna. Since my lashes were basically gone, I was paid close to a full set [$200 — eeek]. Touch ups range from $55–125 for Yanna, I’m not sure the difference between treatments.

Overall Thoughts:

I can easily see why people get extensions + can’t stop… it’s so nice to wake up + only have to put on moisturizer + feel like you are DONE UP. It’s a confidence boost + I feel pretty with them. However, in my opinion… they are SO EXPENSIVE, especially because since you have to get them filled every 2–3 weeks! I’d be curious how often I’d need to get them replaced in order to qualify for the $55 treatment. Keep in mind, that does not include tip.

I wouldn’t mind paying $55 every 2.5 weeks… but $200 — absolutely not! I’d rather spend my money on massages or skin treatments. I was super turned off my eyelash serums because of horror stories on the internet, but after talking to Yana I might consider it. I’m getting them filled one more time at Christmas, so will keep you posted on if I decide to try it [+ what brand I go with… any suggestions?]

Eye serum suggestions? Let me know! [Not Rodan + Fields, plz]

Something To Keep In Mind:

OMG. I hope this photo doesn’t make you queazy, but I wanted to share! I sadly got a bruise on both of my eyes after my second treatment. It’s because the tape was too close to my eye. It was kind of uncomfortable, but not terrible so I didn’t say anything. I’m sharing because — SAY SOMETHING if you aren’t comfortable during your treatment. It’s not supposed to be painful in anyway! I wish I didn’t try to “tough it out.” Luckily, Yana says this is nothing to worry about + will go away in a few days… it’s just because there was constant pressure on my eyes for 90 minutes. Ouch.


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Whether you rock eyelash extensions, rock your natural lashes, or play with a mix of both. ❤

Rooting for you always,

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