Travel Must-Haves: 10 Essentials To Pack In Your Carry-On

‘Tis the season of R+R, family gatherings + still being stuck at the kids table. For a lot of you the holidays involve traveling, whether it’s flying to grandma’s house in Florida or flying to the Caribbean for a family getaway. When traveling there is always [the dreaded] packing involved. Packing your suitcase can be a daunting task [pairing outfits can be tricky], but then there is your carry-on. Your carry-on is like the female version of an emergency kit – it must have all things required to get a CHAARG girl through a flight, whether it’s 2 hours or 10. If you’re feeling stumped on what is a travel necessity + what should be left in your suitcase, [or at home] read the 10 items below that every CHAARG girl should stow in their carry-on.


Flying can make your skin extremely dry, especially in the winter months. Don’t forget to pack a facial moisturizer with SPF + body lotion for flights lasting longer than 2 hours. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


Your lips are among the most sensitive skin on your body, so you should take care of them using a protective SPF lip balm. Like stated above flying combined with the winter months can make your skin drier than the desert – even when you aren’t flying using a lip balm like Softlips will help you keep your lips hydrated, replenished + protected. Just in time for the holiday season Softlips created a three pack of lip balms in amazing flavors — perfect if you’re the girl who always seems to misplace them. ; )


Carrying hand sanitizer can help you to stay healthy while traveling. If you’ve traveled on any form of public transportation before, you know there are millions of germs everywhere. But if you have a small [under 8 fl oz] hand sanitizer *handy* [pun intended ; )] — you can avoid getting sick//spreading sickness, while you’re trying to relax with your family. Be on the lookout for hand sanitizer with moisturizer because the alcohol in hand sanitizer is known for drying out your skin.  // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


If you have ever been in an airport then you know how expensive even the smallest things can be. Purchasing a bottle of water post-security check will set you back $5+. If you bring an empty reusable water bottle in your carry-on you will be able to fill it up after going through security + avoid those pricey bottles of water. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


Cozy up in your seat + get your read on to pass the time. Not sure what to read?  CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


If you’re more of a fan of the nap, rather than reading, type of CHAARG girl — then I suggest investing in the beloved neck pillow [it’s the only way to sleep comfortably on a flight]. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


Because we are living in the 21st century where technology is used in almost every part of our everyday lives – a portable charger is a must. This could be considered the best investment you can make if you travel often. Some flights may not have a plug-in for your charger or  you could be in a hurry + don’t have time to charge your cell phone — whatever the situation, a portable charger is the best investment for you avid travelers. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


Facial wipes are a must, especially for long//overnight flights because 1] when bringing face wash on an airplane it must be under 8 fl oz + that is hard to find at your nearest supermarket ++ 2] washing your face while any turbulence is happening can turn into a workout. Skip the face wash on flight + freshen up with on-the-go facial wipes. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


Like a bottle of water, you will pay more than your college budget can handle for healthy snacks from the airport. Justin’s Almond Butter packs with Stacy’s pretzel chips are my personal favorite to put in my carry-on. They are small + won’t cost you a fortune at the grocery store. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE


If you’ve had a long flight + you need a post-facial wipe pick me up [if you are seeing someone special when you hop off of your flight] pack a small compact//blush. This will give you a refreshed look – like you practically teleported to your arrival. // CHECK OUT CHAARG FAVORITES HERE

Traveling shouldn’t have to be difficult + with the CHAARG travel essentials above, it should make packing your carry-on a breeze. Now sit back, relax + enjoy the ride wherever it may take you.

We are challenging you to share with us your *must-have* travel essential. What’s an item you can’t travel without? Share with us a picture of it ++ make sure to tag @CHAARG + #CHAARGmas + @Softlips. 2 girls will win a $25 Target Gift Cards ++ a 3 pack of Softlips [fresh mint, pomegranate blueberry, + salted caramel. #YUM]. You have until Wednesday at Midnight EST to enter! : )

  +Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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