‘Tis the Sea-Sun: 5 Tips to Transition Your Skincare Routine to Summer

Winter has finally passed + sunny days are ahead! You’ve probably already swapped out your heavy parka for delicate tanks + long pants for flowy skirts, but have you thought about how to transition your skincare routine along with the seasons? A healthy skincare routine isn’t *one-size-fits-all* — it needs to change along with the weather + meet the demands of its outside environment. Don’t stress too much! Here are 5 simple tips to transition your skincare routine to summer.


As in our winter skincare post, you’re going to want to continue exfoliating all throughout summer. Exfoliating helps to clear up clogged pores + with all the sweat + grime experienced during summer adventures, your skin will thank you for not skipping this step! We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week with a gentle scrub. Try our favorite DIY face scrubs here!

2] SPF

While you should be using sunscreen on your face year-round, this step is extremely important to incorporate in the summertime! We recommend finding a moisturizer or primer with SPF built-in to save yourself some time + steps! Not only will a daily SPF decrease your likelihood of a sunburn — it’ll also decrease your likelihood of fine lines, wrinkles, + skin cancer down the road. We recommend reapplying 1-2 times a day, depending on your sun exposure.


Switch out your heavy face creams for lighter oils + foundation for BB cream//tinted moisturizer. During the summer, there’s more heat + humidity, so your heavier products are more likely to cake up + clog your pores. If you can’t completely replace your products with lighter options, try using less product! Check out our favorite natural + affordable skincare brands for summer here!


Rosewater is a great antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory product to add to your skincare arsenal. A few spritzes to set your makeup or as a midday refresh will have your skin glowing all summer long! We love cult-favorite Mario Badescu rosewater spray that contains aloe which is great to calm irritating sunburns!


As girls that love to get a good sweat in, we’re familiar with finding the best sweat-proof products! Whether you’re headed to an outdoor wedding, the beach, or another sweaty, summer adventure, now is the best time to switch to a waterproof mascara or setting spray. We understand that these products can be a pain to remove, so we love the Makeup Eraser cloth for those tough formulas! Not only is it effective — it’s eco-friendly, too!

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated! Incorporate what works best for you + listen to your skin. Have any other summer skincare tips? Share them will us below or on Instagram using #inCHAARG!

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