4 Ways to Make the Transition from Summer to School Easier

Saying goodbye to summer vacation is always a tough time for college students as we begin a  new semester. Swapping out the beach for a classroom or going to the library to study instead of going to the movies with friends can be a little sad to think of. BUT, it’s always exciting to think about what’s to come for the upcoming semester : ). Here’s 4 ways that can help you stay motivated + maintain a healthy lifestyle as we transition back to school!


With the start of a new school year, it can be hard to realign your focus back to school work again. Setting smaller, more attainable goals for yourself [educational + professional ++ health wise] can push you to feel more excited + motivated for the school year! Goals like getting all your homework done for the week, hitting a new PR for squats at the gym, writing in your journal for X amount of days straight, or meal-prepping for the week are attainable goals that will promote a sense of progress + accomplishment that can be associated with being at school! Here are ways that can help you set new intentions for yourself!


Doing the same old activities can get boring pretty fast. Challenging yourself helps you bloom into a better, more improved version of yourself + will help you explore more experiences that are outside your comfort zone. Finding a new hobby such as learning how to draw, playing a new sport, or trying to improve a test score in a certain class are just a couple of ways that you can challenge yourself. Not only is this a motivating tactic for school, but it also helps improve your mentality + fosters positive thinking : ).


School + fun? Now, I know we’re all thinking that these two words do NOT go together in the same sentence. But, what if there were ways to start making those two synonymous? Making group study dates with your friends, creating creative games for studying, or exploring new places [coffee shops, libraries, parks, etc.] to do your school-work are to name a few ways you can make school more entertaining + interesting. It is important to remember that although college will, without-a-doubt, be stressful + hard at times, there’s always ways to make things brighter ++ more enjoyable for you as a student!


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget why you are away at college in the first place. Remember that whatever path you choose to pursue, all the work that you strive to accomplish, + whatever dreams you set out to chase — it’ll all be worth the stress + hard work you put forth.  It’s helpful to remind yourself that the degree you choose to obtain will guide you to the direction you want your life to head in.

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