Total Body Tone

Today’s sweat sesh will tone your entire body — workin’ on the arms//abs//legs//endurance. You will be doing two 30-second plyo exercises, followed by 50 reps of an exercise. The 50 rep exercise should be done with fairly heavy weight [pick dumbbells ~10 lbs more than you’d typically choose] ++ completed as fast as possible, in as little sets as possible. I recommend breaking it into 15 reps + 15 reps + 10 reps + 10 reps. Take 30 seconds rest in between sets! : )


2X30 sec Lunge Jumps

50 Row, Curl, Press

2X30 sec Squat Jumps

50 Bicep Curls

2X30 sec High Knees

50 Double DB Swings

2X30 sec Horizontal Jacks

50 DB Lunges

2X30 sec Bench Jumps

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