My 12 Favorite Episodes Of The CHAARG Podcast… So Far!

It’s been almost two years of The CHAARG Podcast! Elisabeth has interviewed some incredible guests + to celebrate The CHAARG Podcast’s two year birthday, I’m sharing my personal top 12 favorite episodes of the podcast… perfect to listen to while traveling over the holidays : )

#1] The Story of CHAARG

Why I Love It — Whether you have been a CHAARG girl for years or are new to the movement…this is the perfect episode to learn everything about how CHAARG came to be!

Mic-Drop Moment — “CHAARG was so much more than my work.  I didn’t even call it work.  It really was my baby in my life.  I had a mission that I needed to accomplish + I was going to do whatever I could to keep it alive + to change girls’ lives.”

#4] Starting The Conversation On Body Image

Why I Love It — In this episode Elisabeth [@elisabethsinnott] + Sarah [@sarahkclem] talk about body image + how they work to eliminate negative thoughts + comparing themselves to others.

Mic-Drop Moment — “Our minds distort our mirrors… Acknowledge that our minds can really manipulate what we’re seeing in the mirror + take those times to be present with yourself in the mirror + allow you to really see what there is rather than allow your mind to play these games.”

#16] Simi Botic: Healing Your Relationship With Food

Why I Love It — Simi [@simibotic] chats all about intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, + what it’s like to be a holistic health coach! Ps — check out her book Letting Go of Leo!

Mic-Drop Moment — “Intuitive eating is a set of principles that guides us back to the way that we are before society told us how we should eat.  Essentially it’s a set of principles that helps you tune into your hunger, fullness + satisfaction to honor your body in very normal natural ways that diet culture can take away from us.”

#19] Melissa Manilla: Functional Medicine, Essential Oils, + “Imaginary Friends”

Why I Love It — Melissa [@thewellness_space] is a chiropractic doctor + functional medicine expert.  She shares her experiences with essential oils, cupping, + the power of the mind!

Mic-Drop Moment — “You have to work to re-establish a relationship with your body… or with food… or with exercise ++ realize that your mind works in harmony with your body.”

#25] Cat Aldana: Ayurveda — The Oldest Medicine System In The World

Why I Love It — Cat [@cataldanasager] is a three time guest on the CHAARG podcast [she was also on Episode #7 + Episode #49]… soon to be four — stay tuned for January 2020 ; ). This episode is my fav because she breaks down the ancient science of Ayurveda + how to find your mind/body type.

Mic-Drop Moment — “I like to describe being balanced in your Dosha as when it feels like life is giving you all green lights.  When you float through life like you’re able to respond + not feel thrown.”

#30] Kate Lemere: Getting Real On Calorie Counting, Fasting, + Botox

Why I Love It — A Barry’s Bootcamp LEGEND.  Kate [@katelemere] keeps it real about all things fitness.  I  love her advice to, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself “Would my 80 year old self care about this moment?”

Mic-Drop Moment — “Self care is this, like gift wrapped bow, we wrap around choices that we make to justify behavior + face masks are not going to solve your problems.  You don’t need some label to make yourself feel better.”

#39] Anna Wassman: Breast Cancer Warrior At Age 25

Why I Love It — Anna [@annamazingjourney]’s story of surviving breast cancer at age 25 is incredibly inspiring, the epitome of strength + a great reminder of the gift of health.

Mic-Drop Moment — “You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have… I didn’t know my body could go through all of this + I could still be okay ++ I could amazingly bounce back from so much stuff.”

#42] Alex Mazzurco: Diets, Macros, + Gut Health

Why I Love It — Ever wondered what the deal is with gut health? Alex [@almazzurco] shares how she realized her gut health was off + her year long journey to heal!

Mic-Drop Moment — “Out of each diet, women come to me + they are all eating 1200 calories for some reason.  Then they’re like, I’m not seeing progress.  You’ve been so low for so long that none of the machinery inside you is working.  You have no gas in the tank.  So the moment we start giving gas there you are happier + more energetic.”

#51] Romantic Relationships: Marriage, Conflicts, + Compromise

Why I Love It — Laura + Adrian [@adrian_on_spaceshipearth] talk to Elisabeth about marriage, compromise, + accepting your significant other! Biggest lesson: listen + be curious : )

Mic-Drop Moment — “I started to look at my chores as not chores, but almost as offerings.  How can this be my expression of love to Adrian, but also an expression to myself?”

#55] Tara Leggero: Medical-Grade Skincare, Having A “Picking Problem,” + Sunscreen

Why I Love It — THE skin care celebrity of Chicago [+ the secret behind Elisabeth’s glow!] — Tara [] gives advice about choosing medical grade products, Accutane, retinol, + of course, how to stop picking at your skin ; )

Mic-Drop Moment — “Less is more.  It’s not about how many products you’re using or the most beautiful packaging, it’s about what works + keeping it simple.”

#89] Colleen Bordeaux: Am I Doing This Right?

Why I Love It — Colleen just released her first book, Am I Doing This Right?, ++ is FULL of knowledge about careers + how to know if a job is right for you.  Ps — She wrote a blog post about how she figured out what to do with her life. 

Mic-Drop Moment —Never run from a job, only run to a job + be very clear on what you want

#93] Alissa Becker: Anxiety, Therapy, + Career Transitions

Why I Love It — An OG CHAARG girl, Alissa is now a mental health therapist in Chicago! She talks about her experience with anxiety + what therapy tools she finds to be the most impactful on her day to day life.  

Mic-Drop Moment — “It’s never about the actual action, couples will come in all the time saying things like ‘He didn’t do the laundry.’ It’s never about the laundry, it’s about not feeling loved, seen or heard. So you take whatever the the top is + just take it deeper + deeper + deeper until you figure out the core of what is being hurt or wounded.”

++ as a bonus I had to include Episode #69 AKA the live recording of CHAARG’s Mental Health Panel in May! It’s an inspiring + vulnerable conversation with 7 experts talking about all things mental health from when you need to see a therapist to how to support a friend.

. . .

What’s your favorite episode of #TheCHAARGPodcast? Who should be on the show in 2020? DM @CHAARG + LET US KNOW! : )


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