Tomorrow Is Always A Chance For A Fresh Start

It’s 3 PM + you can’t stop yawning despite having just finished your favorite afternoon pick me up. Rather than looking forward to your post-workday SoulCycle class, you’re dreading putting on your workout gear. So what should a CHAARG girl do — attempt to sweat out the exhaustion of a long day or go home + curl up for a nap? We’ve got a few suggestions to make that decision a lot easier : )


Have you been on the night shift grind all week? Do you have an early morning//busy day coming up? Maybe a #sweatsesh isn’t the best choice. Rather than worry about your to-do list throughout a tough workout, give yourself the night off to reCHAARG! Put your comfy clothes on, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea [or wine ; )] + indulge in a relaxing evening to help you wind down. A little *me time* goes a long way — you’ll be able to start tomorrow productive + refreshed!


Busy CHAARG girls know how important a good night’s rest is to crushing the day ahead, but that can be easier said than done. Those late nights of studying + socializing can catch up to us ++ eventually we start to feel like a zombie, no matter how many cold brews we drink throughout the day. If sleep hasn’t been your strong suit this week — skip the gym! Our bodies can’t perform optimally during a killer #sweatsesh when we haven’t had enough rest. Catch up on some serious zzzzz’s — that CHAARGBOOTYCAMP workout will still be there tomorrow ; )


Maybe we’ve been skipping the gym all week [it happens ; )] + need to get moving. Rather than pumping out heavy supersets or pushing through incline sprints, take it down a notch. Give your body a chance to ease back into a routine. Flip today’s HIIT 5K with the CHAARGBOOTYCAMP core workout later in the week. Head to your favorite hot yoga class with a nearby CHAARGie [don’t forget to check out the location page to find CHAARG girls in your area ; )]. Maybe step outside for some fresh air + take your pooch for a leisurely walk. Treat this workout as a warm up + you can get back to those box jumps + burpees tomorrow ; )


Ultimately the only person who can tell you to get your sweat on or persuade you to binge watch Netflix all evening is you. When our bodies are begging us for a break + our sore muscles can barely get us up the stairs, we need to listen. It’s better to rest + relax than risk an injury by overtraining. ++ just as we should treat our bodies with respect, the same holds true for our minds — spending some time to work on our mental health is just as important. Take a day [or two ; )] off so you can come back not only physically strong, but mentally focused!

Whether you decide to turn in or turn it up, remember that this supportive + motivating community will be there for you whichever you choose : ) Remember — tomorrow is always a chance for a fresh, reCHAARGed start. Do you have any tips we missed? Share them with us in the comments below or tag us in a post on your #inCHAARG Insta!

++ Jackie [@jackie_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Cleveland

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